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15 Jan 2016
Hi everybody, I am new to this site but I decided to sign up to share my story and get some support. My poor little kitten passed away two nights ago after being through a rough life. They believe he was born in June so he would have been 7 months but he was the tiniest little boy. His real name was Cement (his original owners name him that) I always called him Mr. Mittens. This is a very long story but I hope you will stick with me and read it all):

A man who owned a concrete business found a litter of kittens outside of his shop in July. He didn't know what to do so he left them there one more night. The next day he came back to see all of the kittens were attacked by something and killed. Except for one kitten hiding under a wooden pallet. He took him into his shop, took him to the vet to get the few scratches on his face fixed up, and named him Cement. From then on he became the shop kitty in the garage. One day in September the workers came into the shop to discover a wooden pallet fell onto then poor kitten and he was stuck underneath with just his head sticking out. They rushed him to the vets and he was X-rayed and discovered he had a badly broken pelvis and tail. He was prescribed pain medicine and needed to be on cage rest for 5 weeks. The man that had him was such a busy guy running his own business he asked his cat loving friend if she could take care of him. The cat loving friend was my boyfriends mom, and of course she said yes. She texted my boyfriend to tell him there is a hurt kitten at the house in a cage. And I of course told him we need to rush over there and see the poor kitten, because if there's anyone in this world that loves cats too much, it's me (I have 4 of my own)... I fell in love instantly and tears rolled down my face as I looked at the helpless little kitten whose back legs couldn't move. They said if he did not move his bowels in three days he would need to be put to sleep. I watched Mr.Mittens like a hawk and tried feeding him and giving him water but he refused. He didn't go to the bathroom for 2 whole days. On the morning of the third day he finally moved his bowels and peed! I was so happy he could live!

He had lots of trouble getting up and walking and especially had trouble pushing to poop. When he got turds out they were little and flat. But he was at least going. 5 weeks of cage rest and he was ready to walk all around the house. He had a goofy crooked tail and walked a little funny but it's what made him special! The other 3 cats accepted him immediately, it was strange to me! He loved canned food and kitten milk and seemed to be the happiest kitten ever! A month later we began to notice he was trying to poop anywhere in the house, he would push but nothing would come out. He started to just have little puddles come out, and would have it on his rear end almost all the time. And he would get poop smears all over the house. We thought he had a bone blocking his c&%^. Right before Christmas it seemed to have gotten worse and like he was never getting anything out. We had to wait after Christmas to take him to the vets because my boyfriend and I had no money.

The vets felt him and could feel he was backed up with poop. Lots of it. They gave him an enema and sub-q fluids with some lactulose medication (stool softener). We were given a weeks worth of enemas, fluids, medication, special food, and a high calorie syrup. He was not himself when we brought him home that day, he didn't want to eat or move and he threw up the second dose of lactulose. It was because he was so tired from everything done to him. The next day he was also very tired, but I gave him his sub-q fluids so he would not be dehydrated. We also talked to the vets later that night and she said not to give him the enema or medication and she wanted to see him the next morning. He did eat a little bit and perked up after the fluids. Our poor kitty also smelled so so so bad because this backed up feces were being flushed out of him. She X-rayed him the next day and his bones have healed wonderfully and there was enough room for poop to be moved through and pushed out. But there was a lot of poop stuck in his colon.

For a week he was in and out of the vets for deeper enemas that seemed to be working wonders. We were taking him home afterwards and he seemed to be doing just fine. On Monday the vet said the mass of feces in him is breaking down very slowly and suggested a procedure where he would be put under and they would use a probe to go up into his colon and remove the impaction. We dropped him off Tuesday to get this procedure but his blood work indicated his red blood cell count was too low and he was very anemic and they couldn't do the procedure because he might not wake up. They kept him there that night and gave him an enema. They called the next morning (Wednesday) to let us know he is doing well and ate a lot of food. They wanted to keep him there all day and another night. That day they gave him 3 enemas and did get a lot of poop out but after the third enema at 4pm he was very weak and tired. I visited him before I went to work and he was so so so wiped out. It broke my heart. I went to work and got a call around 7:15 saying he was not doing well and was very weak and tired and he may not make it. They have him pain medication so he was not in pain. I got this voicemail on my break around 8. I called my boyfriend and we both left work to rush to see our baby one more time. The vets office closed at 7 but luckily there were two vet techs left taking care of him and let us in to see him.

The vet tech handed me my little boy wrapped up in a blanket where he was helpless. He mewed at my boyfriend and I about 5 times and moved his head, the tech said he hasn't made barely any noise all night. My heart was breaking so badly and we were both balling out eyes out. We held him for a long time, crying, talking to him, and kissing him. He needed to stay at the vets to receive any medication he needed. I felt so terrible leaving him there but I knew he had to be. The vet techs stayed with him hours after they were supposed to go home. He ended up passing away not long after my boyfriend and I said goodbye and left. They said he was given two shots of pain medication so he would not feel a thing.

I feel terrible letting him be like that that night. I never thought when I dropped him off the stay there he was gonna end up like this. He was so happy that day I dropped him off, walking, purring, meowing. And then I see him helplessly in a blanket. I feel so bad I was not able to put him to sleep that night because no vets were there. He was given pain medication and said that he was not in pain, but I can't seem to believe he wasn't suffering. Were his mews out of happiness to see us or out of suffering? I feel awful that he was there for the last days of his life and not with us. I feel as though that we did not take him soon enough to the vets. He passed away because all his feces were breaking up inside of him and so many toxins were being released into his little 2 pound body and he couldn't handle it anymore. He was recieving penicillin shots to try to fight the toxins but it did not work. I feel like they shouldn't have given him three enemas in one day, but maybe it was necessary because they did almost get all of the feces out of him at this point. I can't help but keep blaming myself for his death and I don't know why.

He probably would have had life long issues where he would need to be on stool softener for life and get an enema once a month. But at least he would be living. Is it better that he is at peace now and doesn't have to live with that? He just seemed so happy at home and loving and he was so young. I wanted him to be with me for much longer. I just can't accept that he is gone and I feel like he left this life upset with my boyfriend and I for doing this to him): I just love him so much and want him back with us. Yesterday morning was the last time I got to say goodbye to his lifeless body and decided to get him cremated. I can't seem to stop crying and feel so depressed. I feel like I failed him..
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