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Daisy's Mommy

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4 Apr 2008
A long time ago, people posted happy, nice or funny things that they remembered about their furbabies. It was very nice to read. If you would like to share such memories, please add below.

Here's mine - When I called Daisy, she didn't always come. She came if she felt like it. However, if I pretended that I was crying, she always came running to lick my face and make sure that I was ok.

(Sad note - I felt badly that in the end when I cried for her - she could not come and lick my face.)

One other thing - Daisy was such a cute tiny dog that every time we went out, people always commented. We couldn't walk 10 feet without hearing "Look at that cute little dog," or something to that effect.

Daisy's Mommy
1 Apr 2008
Today is the second anniversary of Daisy’s death. She passed away in my arms in the morning, exactly two years ago. The years have done nothing to diminish the pain of missing her. The only differences between now and the days immediately following her death are that now I can talk about her without crying and sometimes I find myself smiling when thinking of cute things she did.

I miss her so much. I want to pet her, hold her and tell her I love her one more time. I cannot believe that I will never see her again on earth.

Daisy’s Mommy
Forever in our hearts
31 May 2007
With all of us on this site, suffering grief at the loss of our dear friends, I found it shocking to hear that one of my neighbors was planning to euthanize her lovely sheltie because she was moving and had new rugs in her fancy new condo. The sheltie is elderly and has accidents from time to time.. Imagine killing a living being rather than cleaning your rugs or even having no rugs for a period of time! How could someone betray a little soul who trusts and loves her like that? Anyway, although it would be very hard for me to take a new pet since I have a toddler and also babysit my mother's incontinent poodle, I thought I would have to take in the old sheltie rather than hear that she was killed. Fortunately, the neighbor's grand-mother, who also lives in my building decided to give the dog a home. This is good since the dog knows and likes the grand-mother. I am friendly with the grand-mother and know that she was ashamed of her grand-daughter's heartless att*itude.

With people like the grand-daughter in this world, no wonder so many pets end up in shelters or dead.

Daisy's Mommy
9 Apr 2007
I came to this site when Daisy, my beloved Yorkshire Terrier died. She was the first dog that was ever mine. Her death was devestating to me, and I have said much about it. I have also talked about Debbie, Zoe and Nicole, the dogs of my childhood. But Glitter, the cat of my earliest childhood I have only alluded to. I now feel the need to talk about her horrible death over 35 years ago.

I was two years old and my sister was 4, when my parents brought Glitter home, a black cat with a spot of white under her chin. I am sure that I did not treat her properly since I was two and my parents were not the type to care about this sort of thing.

Anyhow, when I was around 7 or 8, we used to go to Cape Cod for summer vacation. Glitter was an indoor cat, but somehow she got out. She was missing for awhile and then came home, having been badly hurt in some kind of fight with a dog or cat. My sister and I begged my parents to take her right to the vet, but they said it would have to wait until later when they went out for dinner. I don't know how long it was, but Glitter lay suffering in the bathroom between the toilet and the bathroom wall, until they were dressed and ready to go out. The next morning they told us that they had taken Glitter to the vet, but she could not be saved. I have no doubt now that they simply had the vet put her to sleep without trying to save her, if they took her there at all.

I never talk of this because the memory, which involves Glitter suffering and my parents being cruel is too painful. But, I felt that this was a supportive place where I could mention it.

Nothing can really help now and Glitter has been gone many years, but I feel so bad for her. She had a terrible life and a worse death.

Daisy's Mommy

Remembering also Debbie, Zoe, Nicky and Glitter
5 Apr 2007
A long time ago, I started a post where people put down happy or funny memories about their beloved furbabies. I thought it might be nice to do that again since so many new people have joined this site since that time.

As for Daisy,

- she was so small that wherever we went, I always heard people say "look at that tiny dog," or "she's so small," or something like that.

- she loved to roll in the grass. She got so into it that when she got up, she always looked disoriented for a moment, before she found her bearings

- as a puppy, she was so fast, that I could not catch her. She had an egg shape ball that she would hunt. As it skidded around the floor, she would pounce on it and make it skid again.

- she was extremely protective, despite her small size. Once she went for the ankles of a deliveryman who raised his voice (while speaking into a cell phone) Fortunately, he thought it was cute, when she grabbed ahold of his blue jean bottoms and growled fiercely.

- when she wanted something, she would bark at my husband whom she seemed to think could understand her better. He would then "translate" for her.

- when I came home, her greetings were endless - tailing wagging, jumping around, licking.

- sometimes she would not come if I called, but if I pretended to cry, she would be over in a second to comfort me.

She was a wonderful dog and is muched missed.

Daisy's Mommy
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