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Full Version: Special Cat <3
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I just wanted to pay tribute to my dad's cat Lennon who passed away on Saturday at he age of 14/15 very suddenly.

He was a very special cat. He was brought up in our family and spoilt rotten by my mum and he was quite a selfish cat to start with as he pushed his sister away to another household. But then 4 years ago my mum and dad split up and Lennon was left in the house with my dad.....who has never been a true cat lover. He met Chewy when we had to live there for a bit and Chewy helped bring out his playful side and change him into a different cat. My dad then moved......Lennon was used to playing in fields and now he had a communal garden but amazingly he took to it so well just sitting on the bench in the garden and then spending most of the time in with my dad. He helped my dad through the divorce......was his friend......and made my dad for the first time ever love a cat. He really was a special cat and he will be missed by us all especially my dad. I wish I had known this was your last week and then when I came round the weekend before quickly I would have found you in your hiding place and given you one last stroke. RIP Lennon. I hope you have met Chewy and Danny and Tina and all the other special cats up there.


xxForeverxx, I am sorry for the loss of your dad's cat. And what a sweet story of how Lennon turned out to be such a comfort for your dad. Chewy must have really taught Lennon a lot, what a sweet kitty boy! These little fur-covered angels really teach us so much and give us so much love when we need it the most. I'm so glad that Lennon was there for your dad and that he had a long life with him. It reminds me of my dad who has been gone almost 13 years now, but he also was not very fond of cats...until he met "Turbo" who was just a quiet boy kitty and loved to sit next to my dad as he worked. My dad was sad so see Turbo go back to the States with me as he had grown so fond of him. It just goes to show you how these little fur balls affect people and change their hearts.

I hope your dad will be okay.
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