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Full Version: Our Precious Arnie
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Dear all,

It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that we have had to have our lovely Arnie put to sleep aged 10 years and 3 months. He was a lovely, big German Shepherd. We were so lucky to have him.

We rescued him at 5 weeks old after he was rejected by his mum and the rest of the litter. We had to make that terrible decision after his back-end let him down. Two really kind vets came to the house and told us we were doing the right thing.

We feel so lost and low without him, can't eat or sleep and all the other symptoms of a broken-heart.

Two years ago I was telling you about Baby. Moonbeam was fantastic with me, I don't know if you will remember me but I remember you. I have never forgotten how much you helped me. I desperately want to think that our Baby, Arnie and all the countless other rescue dogs that I have had over the years will all be together. We have now got so many in our garden that it is like a cemetery.

He has left such a gaping hole in all our lives. We are now left with only one rescue dog, Buster, who my son rescued from someone who was going to throw him on the railways tracks and four cats who decided they were going to live with us after being neglected.

I send you much love and thanks again for everything that you do on this site.

Lots of love,

Hi, Gloria, please permit me to offer you my sincerest sympathies in the physical loss of your beloved Arnie. As you are all too aware, losing a companion is never easy regardless of the circumstances or how long we are blessed with the privilege of their company. Losing more than one companion in a short period of time intensifies the grief.

Please permit me to try to offer you some comfort and encouragement in reassuring you that all of your beloved companions are indeed together in heaven's perfect garden where they are patiently waiting for your appropriate time to join them in eternal joy. And although this is comforting, at the same time our hearts still feel the heartache and heart break of having to endure the painful adjustment journey of the "new reality" that they are no longer physically with us. It doesn't matter how many times we endure this adjustment journey - - each journey is uniquely painful because each companion with whom we share their earthly journey is unique and special.

The good news in the midst of all this pain is that the love bond you and your beloved Arnie share is eternal - - it is not restricted to the physical laws of time and space. Your beloved Arnie, Baby, and all of your companions who are now with the angels continue to share your earthly journey as they always have and always will. They are always and forever a part of you, Gloria - - they are always and forever a heartbeat close to you.

I know right now there are no adequate words in any language that can soothe the seering pain of sorrow that is in your heart. But once again please let me reassure you that you are not alone in your grief adjustment journey. Each of us here do understand what you are going through, and we are here for you for as long and as often as you need us.

Thank you so much for sharing your beloved Arnie with us. What a handsome boy he is!! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers, Gloria, and that I look forward to knowing how you're doing.

Peace and blessings,
kestle, I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Arnie. My condolences to you.
QUOTE (Jake'sGrandpa @ Jan 7 2013, 02:22 PM) *
kestle, I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Arnie. My condolences to you.

I read about your very sad loss and it made me cry. I could feel your pain and can relate to everything you say you are going through. It was the hardest decision for us too and it leaves you with such feelings of yearning, guilt and helplessness, just wishing you could have them for one more day. When you have no choice and you have to make the decision for them it makes it so much harder to accept.

I like you feel like I will never be the same again and don't feel as though I know where to start with any recovery process even though I have dedicated the last 25 years to rescuing dogs. I have never got used to this feeling of overwhelming grief.

I can see him everywhere he used to lay, the emptiness is just too much to bare. It makes you feel that your heart has been ripped out and a part of you has gone with them. Even if we could have them for 30 or 40 years we still couldn't have prepared for the time when we lose them.

One of my sons said to me that "surely after all these years and all the dogs you have lost you should get used to the dogs demise, knowing it is going to come sooner or later", but I can tell you that it is something you can never take in your stride when you love them so much and they have given you so much, it is like losing a child. They are not a pet as some people call them, they are a part of the family and a big part of your life.

Lets just try and hope that they have gone somewhere really nice and are happy now.

I am so grateful that you have come on to me with your kind words, I do hope that somehow we can prop each other up and support each other knowing that we are both suffering the same pain and heartache.

Please write to me again if you feel like you can because people like us need each other so much at this time, as we understand each other.

And Moon_Beam, thank you for your words of comfort for both our Arnie and our Baby. I don't know how you do it. I know you will help Jakes Grandpa and all the others who are suffering as you always do.

I just hope and pray that we can come to terms with this.

Love to all of you out there,


Gretta's Mom
Dear Kestle

What a beautiful dog! How well I know the complete emptiness of looking all over the place and all you can see is .... nothing. Remember Arnie still lives ... in the Perfct World. Where he is a young dog-man again, healthy, happy and braggin all over about his wonderful mom and dad. True soul-mates like you and Arnie have exchanged pieces of each other's souls - you carry a piece of his and he carries a part of yours. The shot-in-the-heart-with-a-high-powered-rifle feeling eventually does subside but the hole - which is the piece of soul Arnie carries and will forever - I think stays with you until you are reunited in the Perfect World.

I say again, what an extraordinarily beautiful dog chose you for a mom!

I know and I care.

Gretta's mom
Thank you so much, kestle, for your kind words. Your kindness and support, and that of the lovely people here like Gretta's Mom, Bobbie, moon_beam, My Doxie and Me, and others, has meant a great deal to me. No one can truly understand the grief and pain we feel unless they have felt it too. We will never really "get over it" and can only hope that one day we are reunited with our beloved lost ones. Thanks again and my best to you and all.
Gretta's Mom
Hello Kestle

Arnie is such an exceptional dog, I can feel his love for you all the way to the frozen north. This amazing dog chose you for his mom - you must be an angel. Take care and know that Arnie lives.

Gretta's mom
Thank you all so much for your kind words of comfort.

We are all the same type of people who have known the loyalties and deep affection that our babies have given us, and know how it hurts to have to live without them here physically. I know it is something you never get used to and like Gretta's Mom says it leaves a hole.

I just wish I could have the faith that some of you here appear to have, I just hope that you are right that we will be together again someday. I so want to believe so. With all the babies that I have loved and lost there will be an enormous pack waiting for me. That would be my greatest wish.

I feel at my weakest ebb, can't even think straight to be honest, so I hope that you can make some sense of what I am saying, I feel like I am losing my mind to be honest.

Once again many many thanks and much love to you all.
My Doxie and Me
Dear Arnie please forgive me for the words i may speak i wish for silence as are friends teach us such beautiful Visions of
Friendship as in your eyes i see who makes the rules of the house seems no deed go's undone without your consent...
as you are the Guardian of a special Human who rescues;..Or a Human has been rescued for a true friend that lays his
head upon your lap with a connection that forms words of understanding and light that shines in are Hearts as they speak....
Click to view attachment
Once again please forgive my words as i have a few storys to tell myself...Let me see I remember the worlds most kind...I think Love my Mickey has heart felt Letters to a friend...

Angel In the Sky

There is a star in Heaven
And on it is a place,
That's been reserved for you since birth
A place meant for your name.

This star has watched you through the years
But it could not stand alone,
It rested high on Angel Wings
Awaiting your trip home;...

You slipped away, I held you close,
Your soul flower through my heart,
I felft your last breath through my tears
I felt your pain depart.

Tonight i looked up into the sky
and there in my view was
One lone star shining bright
Your name was shining too;

You are my Angel on this earth,
You'r my angel in the sky...
Wait for me;. Someday you'll see
Our names shine side by side.

Love My Mickey to find such a Heart felt poem for one that you care for Jeanne Gretta and now the Great Rufus...What a Beautiful Friend Named Mickey...Please For..I followed my own pain..

Mr. Arnie we have another to Thank in are Humans name..Leeyjaye The words and Energy sent to one that has lost all hope..When light was...Leejays words-Very Special words to my...

Hi Todd, I'am so very sorry about your loss of your beautiful 16 year old Jenna, I had my Mischief cat child for 17 years, and like Love My Mickey said, It's never
enough<Thank you LMM> I hope it gets easier for you, this is such a hard road you are on. Sending you some good energy today Leejaye...<Thank you Leejaye>

wink.gif..My Friend Boobie asked for a Poem..She became my...<Bobbie> Thank you for so many Compliments and kind, elegant words..As with you i am inspired and open myself only
to the closest of friends..Those who will understand even if only a few words....<Offers a Piece of chalk to a friend;>

By Jakes Human...

We reluctantly agreed when my son....And was the Picture of Strength and Health...He was Lying under my desk...Although we had spared no effort or expense...
Click to view attachment
I only want my Jakey back..<What a beautiful Human jake has>;..And how i know your words my friend all to well...

Please forgive me Gloria for my words... seems so many share your Path in life for the ones that lead us to open fields.. We may at times stray as are friends
remind us of One special Light that shines within as we speak from the heart ..We find are friends words to comfort us as we search for....

Mr. Arnie i know you have many storys of a Beautiful life one of walks in the park...Running in the summers light... maybe chasing snow from
the Heavens;...
Click to view attachment
The words from are friends is a true gift don't let them slip by;...Forgive me for my words tonight seems i still miss my own....
That is a beautiful poem, My Doxie and Me, and oh so true. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your kindness has been a comfort to all of us here. My very best to you and Jenna, my friend.
Thank you very very much for the beautiful words regarding my beloved Arnie, who has left such a gap in my life, as have all the others that I have been lucky enough to have shared my life with. What they give to the human race is far more than most humans can comprehend. The understanding that they have is far deeper than human affection.

From being five years old and from my first ever dog at that age I have felt this and have with all the hundreds I have rescued since and I still feel the same 60 years later.

Since I lost my Arnie, Alfie has come to us. He was ill treated for his entire three years of life. Starved for days, kicked and punched, and yet he is so forgiving. He again has nothing but affection and everyday shows loyalty, forgiveness and understanding and has brought so much with him and helped so much to ease the pain in his own way.

Each one I find is special and unique. What would we do without them?

Anyone who thinks to rescue deserves praise doesn't understand the rewards that are far greater.

We had Arnie for ten wonderful years and no one can take his place nor would they try. Anyone who is reading this I beg you that in your loss and heartache try to think of all the poor little souls that need you so desperately.

I said I was having no more due to my age, but who knows at any age? I thought while ever there is breath in my body I will have to carry on having the pleasure of all the rescues I can take in.

So many thanks again for caring so much, it means a lot to me and I am very touched. I hope to hear from you again if you have time and hope that in your grief you will find some comfort.

Lots of love to My Doxie and Me, Jakes Grandpa and all the others on Lightening Strike

Gloria xx
My Doxie and Me
Gloria as i read your words there is so much more as you stand by and rescue as you Evaluate Mankind..Like others on this site may be the few that hold all the lost souls..
wondering why...Again please forgive me i search for Forgivness as i have done nothing wrong...As my last words i speak Huants me...So again please forgive as i see such
a connection with your True heart as to care for so many...I have one rescue Freide means Peace in German you see she found me looking through her cage..Only i could not..
as a old friend lays on my mind..Yet as i hold the one without a friend in a cage I see the true kindness in my heart That other wise might have been missed..Such a small
margine lay between life and are friends;...As i said before who rescues who as your kind heart has so many storys to help so many waiting to Hold a Rescue...
The beautiful words of Arnie Human...

<Anyone who thinks to Rescue deserves praise dosen;t understand the rewards that are far greater>..

Click to view attachment
With my Friends first rescue.... As one's kindness reveals a life time of Innocence..First snow fall as i raise my hand and you no longer cower...
as you rest upon my fallen friends love;..I find joy and a deeper look into who i'am for i..Am not weak just intune with are friends So special words that
they speak..Now if you can in times course... with many that have lost...A look into a life of a Single heart beat of a friend;is priceless as you have had so many..

What a beautiful life you have given to Arnie as he teaches you;..A beautifu Vision of Friendship... understanding followed by true Compassion as we say...

I Promise i will not raise my hand
I Promise i will not raise my voice
I Promise i will understand...
I Promise;....<To speak your words of last>...

The true understanding for a new friend lies within the Honor of an old friend that...Holds are Heart to see the Beauty in every step we take..So soft
Spoken words of the fallen we kneel to find such great hope in there eyes..Like a story to heal the separation of Guilt as we ask...Forgive...

Gloria your story of Arnie touches my heart as i said before i see the winter snow fall with paw prints in life that brings us to are knees..As you see a Hero in time
Such words should follow..For all to See...
Click to view attachment
With Heavens Snow fall we Hold are friends and kiss them good night....

By sharing Arnie Voice so many speak his name with great Honor and a sense of a kind Heart that cares for those without speech..Only for the ones that can not hear...
As you bring light to a friend as he looks into life as within your eyes to say I'am Free;...
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