This is both a Memorial and Tribute to My Molly

Molly is/was a yellow Lab, Born October 1997 put to rest August 25,2012 we had 15 great years with Molly.

I remember bringing her home as an 8 week old little ball of fur, she was perfect. We tried several names for her on the ride home from the
breeders house but Molly seemd to fit the best. There were trying times at first, 3 o'clock howlings, the teething nothing was safe, stereo wires, mommies shoes,
hey she was a puppy.

Her new partner in crime, my parents Golden retriever named Goldie. Goldie showed Molly the new trick of surfing the counter for treasures and Molly showed Goldie
how to protect us from the dreaded sock monster that lurked within our house. Since Goldie was older and her health failing she soon crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Dakota the beagle, Dakota was brought into our family a few years ago and became Molly's new partner in crime. Uncooked rice and uncooked popcorn were no match for these criminal materminds. Molly also showed Dakota how to protect daddy and mommy from the dangerous sock monster and the new even more dangerous
underware monster. During quiter times Molly and Dakota could be found cuddling each other on one of the many dog beds we had around our house.

As is always the case father time seemed to creep up on Molly. First during a romp around the front yard she blew out her knee, a kind vet gave us the option of surgury, which we chose to have done, it worked great. Than is common with Labs the fatty lumps appeared, only one really concrened us, which we had removed, although not all of the fatty tissue was removed the vet did her best.

Then during a routine well pet check up the vet told us that Molly had as I call it the stupid "C" word. We new she had issues with her breathing but the vet told us not to worry. We also found out her liver was damaged as well. We new that she was fighting arthritis in her hind legs, but as her daddy it was my job to help her up and down the stairs at our house.

I know this is kinda fast, but it hit us like a ton of bricks this past Saturday. Molly became restless, I tried taking her outside and she just dropped to the ground and would not get up, I brought her into the house, where she just dopped to the floor again and would not get up, I knew it was time.

Although I know that it was for the best and that she is no longer in pain, my heart is sill broken. I miss my Molly girl, the best alarm clock a daddy could have, the vigils she would hold at the back door when she heard that I was on the way home from work and her just sitting by my side always looking too me.

Molly I hope you are not in pain any more, I hope you and Goldie are side by side, and you will remember your daddy will always love you till the end of time and that I will never forget you !!