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Full Version: Trevor Forever
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Dear, sweet, wonderful Trevor,

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since we had to part. It feels like has been forever. I hope you like it in Heaven and are making all those friends you didn't have a chance to make here on earth.

I miss you, my baby, more than ever. I didn't know that could be possible, but it is. Now, I don't want you to worry about mommy, because I can take care of myself andyou did send Dreamer to be with me. But I know what it feels like when someone says they've missed you and I want you to know that I DO miss you 24/7. You are the BEST and no one will ever come close to being as wonderful as you.

Grandmom and I are going to visit you tomorrow.

My little, wonderful boy, I love you with all my heart, soul and ans forever.

Mommy's still sad, so she's going to go get a Kleenex and lie down with your picture for the night. Sleep well, if you do that up in Heaven, and I love YOU!

Gretta's Mom
Oh Bobbie

I'm so sorry your heart is breaking all over again. And I'm sorry I wasn't more help last night on the phone. It's even sadder writing on this "Tributes" section than it is on the "Death and Dying' section/ There you're talking to people. Here you're talking to your missing one. How e long to be able to say these word directly to them, to be petting their heads and stroking their silky fur. I've come to the conclusion that this special grief NEVER stops.

Moon beam once said (I think) that our words of love to our White Buffaloes in the Promised Land it is like music to their ears. And a mother's love is a protective cocoon around them - always letting them be secure, never afraid, never sad, always calm and secure. Even if they don't need it in the Promised Land. But WE do!

I hope all goes well with Dr Sorrells today. Yeah, hope he doesn't need a urine sample! Let me know if/how he gets weighed - or how Dr Sorrells examines him to determine whether his weight is OK.

How many hours until that horrid yard sale is over? Keep counting down. Life will be SO much simpler after that.

I love you, sister, and Mr Trevor - REALLY forever!

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Dear Sweet, Precious, Wonderful, Perfect Trevor,

Today actually marks 8 weeks since you passed from this earth to the Perfect World. Your Grandmom and I spent quite awhile with you in the cemetery and she brought you some beautiful flowers. We both miss you like crazy.

I wonder if any one else noticed?

Love you more than ever, money bun! See you tomorrow.
Gretta's Mom

Oh yes. Gretta noticed. I noticed. Linda parsley noticed. Even Rufus noticed - although he was confused about what he was noticing :) And most important, Trevor noticed and God noticed. Everybody that counts noticed. We ALL love Trevor!

Your sis
Hey Mr. Trevor,

We've been physically apart for over 9 weeks and I miss you more today than ever. I know you love me and you know I love you. That's all that counts. The pain of losing you continues to sear my heart and crush my soul, but, for you, I will do anything to make you happy.

To that end, I'm learning to love Dreamer and I'm trying so hard not to compare what he can do to what you were not able to do/enjoy. That's very difficult because you are such a good boy and deserve(d) only the best. I am coming to realize that you are happy, among lots of friends and don't hurt at all. That makes me feel so good. But I'm a slow learner with just about everything else.

I feel that, as each day passes, it becomes more and more just you and me. And that's fine, too. YOU are the one I love. WE can make it together, alone.

Sleep well, my love. I'll see you in the morning. I LOVE YOU, TREVOR!

Gretta's Mom

Please don't forget about Gretta, Rufus and me. We'll ALWAYS be with you and Mr. Trevor Forever.

Gretta's mom

Can it be 11 weeks already? It doesn't seem possible that we parted that long ago. It feels like I lost you just today and, yet, it feels like an eternity.

Stay in peace and love and happiness in your new home, my love. Mommy will join you one day and then there will never be another Good-Bye.

Your candle will always be lit, as a reminder of the brilliant light and life you brought to our lives.

I miss you, Trevor, more than ever before. My eyes are leaking all over the place and the sobs are not far behind.

Have a good night, my sweetheart!



Hello Sweetness!

How I miss you and hope that every day for you is filled with joy, fun, tummy rubs, running and jumping, all the wonderful thinga you so richly deserve!

You are the bravest little dog that ever lived on this earth and I know that you don't have to be that any more in Heaven.

Sleep well, tonight, my Trevor. I'll be thinking of you all night.



Thinking of you and sweet Trevor tonight. I hope you are able to find some comfort and peace in knowing that Trevor is free of any pain and that you will be reunited again one day. He is always with you in your heart. Much love to you and Trevor Forever.

Cinder's Mama
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