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Full Version: Scout!
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I've been posting pictures of her in my thread about the loss of Winston but I think something that's happy belongs here as well. smile.gif

This is Scout.

Scout came home last Friday... she's a 4-ish month old Doberman/Hound/??? mix that absolutely stole our hearts when we met her.

I do, however, have a question as far as my other two dogs. For the most part, it's been pretty harmonious... Takoda absolutely loves her and plays with her but Miya has snapped at her twice, catching her once on the snout as Scout walked past her on the floor (Miya didn't have a bone or anything else, as far as I remember) and once yesterday, getting her ear. Of course, each one of these times Scout yelps and cries like she's being tortured but settles down fairly quick, but both of these bites have drawn blood.

Miya, for the most part, is okay with Scout... she sniffs her when she passes her and when these two instances have happened there really hasn't been any warning, especially with the bite on the snout, and for the most part Miya seems okay with Scout; they can pass each other fine and this morning I had Scout on a leash and my son brought Miya out and put her on a dog run to potty and when I brought Scout in Miya sniffed noses with her, tail wagging. And then when I brought Miya in the house Scout, who had been brought in before Miya, saw her and jumped on the couch with my son. So Scout is learning to stay out of Miya's way.

I'm hoping these are isolated incidents that are going to resolve, especially now that my wife his home with her for the next five days and my wife is clearly the alpha of our pack. But I was wondering if anyone else has seen behavior like this when introducing a new puppy. All three are spayed females, if that matters.

Any advice? smile.gif
Hi, Clay, I responded to your query in the Death and Dying section. Scout's pictures are wonderful!!! She is such a sweetie, and those haunting eyes - -eyes that just draw you inward to her heart and soul. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful time with us.

Please let us know things go, okay? Many good thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always.

Peace and blessings,
Scout is doing well... we had to take her to the vet yesterday because we were concerned that her spaying incision was becoming infected; turns out it's fine... it's come open a bit just like a cut will on a part of the body you use frequently. The vet told us to dab some betadine on it during the day and if it's still looking weird in a few days they'll give her some antibiotics.

She also got her nails cut, a distemper booster and they put her on five months of heartworm preventative (generic Heartguard). She weighs 24 1/2 pounds and is healthy as a puppy can be. I also found out from my wife she came into the rescue groups that ultimately got her to us when someone dumped her on the side of the road. I swear, people make me sick.

As far as how she is at home, her and Takoda are getting to be buddies and like to rough-house together. Miya is getting better with her but she barely tolerates Scout... if Scout gets too close to her she's liable to get growled at, but then other times the two of them are sitting side-by-side as if they've lived together for years.

She's appears to have bonded with us already. I took her with me to pick my wife up from work yesterday and while we were waiting Scout looked out the car window and when my wife came out she got very excited; tail wagging so hard it shook her whole body.

No dog will ever replace Winston but our house feels complete again. smile.gif
Hi, Clay, just saw your post, and am so glad to know that Scout is doing so well. By now her incision should be healed quite nicely, thanks to your and your wife's "nursing" skills. I'm so o o glad that your home is feeling more complete, and I know Winston is very happy to see his family happy. I know the holidays may be tugging at your hearts a bit. Just know that we are here for you, thinking of you.

Sounds like Miya is declaring herself to be the "alpha" female of the lady trio. I'm glad Scout has Takoda to turn to for companionship when Miya is being a "diva." I'm thinking of the candy bar advertisement - - I'm sure you've seen it -- perhaps when Miya is in one of her "moods" she's really needing a treat.

I'm smiling about your description of Scout's excitement when she sees your wife. My Oslo would get so very excited, too, when we would go visiting patients. His whole body would just wag in excitement. Thinking of this - - do you think Scout would make a good volunteer?

Clay, thank you so much for sharing the news of how well Scout is doing. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Clay, and will look forward to knowing how things are going whenever possible.

Peace and blessings,
Scout is just adorable, Dobermans are faithful and loving dogs, my parents have had several of them over the years. Miya is being a normal dog establishing the pecking order and hopefully they will learn to get along eventually and become friends. Dobermans as mature adults rarely back off from a fight and rarely lose one either. My parents always had the pure breeds, so maybe being a X breed Scout will not be all that aggressive. What X is she? do you know? her ears are adorable, could it be beagle? xx

madi xx
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