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Full Version: Charlie & Dusty
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It has been a while since I have been on the site. It was the saving grace when I lost my best bud BooBear. I could not stand the quiet anymore with BooBear gone. I went on Craigs List and found a woman who had adopted 2 brothers and right after that her mother had passed and she received her mom's two cats bringing her total to 6. She had posted that she had brought them to a shelter and they had told her the chances of placing them together was slim to none but if she found a home for them they would return them to her to place. I was luckily the first to see the ad. I welcomed home Charlie (he the smaller one) and Dusty. They needed to be placed together because Dusty was very shy, he really relied on Charlie. Today they are happy and healthy balls of destruction. They love to tear up the rugs. I don't have the same relationship with the boys as I had with my BooBear. I still miss him. I really planned on getting two this time to keep each other company while I am at work. I spoiled BooBear to much and I believe that it shortened his life. To many treats and to much people food. I thought I was making him happy he loved junk food. He begged for it as soon as he would hear the bag krinkle. The boys do not beg for food at all. They have their soft food and their dry food, no treats and to my suprise they are happy without them. I have learned my lesson. They are cats and not people as much as I make them a part of my family they are in fact still cats. I know I will never have another Boo and that will always hurt and I lost him way to young (he was only 8). I can say now that I am so thankful I had him for the time that I did. He helped me throught alot....One day I will cross the Rainbow Bridge and see him again. Until then Charlie and Dusty are my light. They are who I come home to...Charlie & Dusty will celebrate their first Birthday on September 2, 2010. I just want to thank everyone that helped me get through the pain.
Aww, they're adorable. I'm glad you found them and that they've managed to bring a light back into your life. smile.gif

- Cheryl x
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