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Full Version: Introducing My Two New Girls
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I've posted all about my furbaby's death in the pet loss forum and now want to post my two new girls pictures in this forum. I adopted again quite quickly. It just seemed like they came along and were exactly what I had hoped to find at a later date. One look at these sisters and I knew they needed to come home with me.

This is a picture of Sophie
Click to view attachment

And here's her sister, Bella
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Ahhhh, sisterly love!Click to view attachment

They are just precious!
So good of you to open up your heart again so quickly. Not only to one, but two furbabies that needed you. Twice the pleasure and fun.

Much luck to you!!


Keep us informed how they are doing.
Congrats!..Double the fun and love. Best of luck with your new furbabies. I'm sure you will give eachother loads of joy for years to come...Ann
Yup, they're cuties! I know it was a fast adoption but I found them at a no kill shelter and couldn't resist. I knew I wanted two kittens, both female and sisters and different looking from my Jason. I haven't regretted adopting them for even one moment. That doesn't mean I'm still not sad about losing Jason but these two have wormed their way into my heart and that of my husband too. He's just a big marshmallow with these two.
Your pictures show them to be too precious for words! I am so glad you and your husband opened your hearts and home to these two cuties. This is what I say is a win-win situation. They need a home and have love to have a home and have love to give.

When I adopted my boy from a no kill really helped me and I can tell by these pictures just why these two siblings stole your hearts.

Keep us updated, especially since they grow fast. It is nice to smile and in New Beginnings is where I always come to do that.

Hugs those cuties for me, please. And a special hug for you and your husband and your boy Jason who must be watching everything, pleased to see you two smile again.

Oh they are so precious! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif What beautiful babies! Congratulations!!!


Look at the cute little black dot on her nose...
"Press button to start purring motor"
They're so cute I just want to squish them with hugs.
I always have siblings. I don't know why, but it always works that way. lol

I would squish them too!!!!

They are just too cute for words! biggrin.gif

More pics of the babies please! wub.gif
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