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" Where do you people keep the ducks, anyway"?
Wonderful picture! Thanks for sharing. More pictures, please rolleyes.gif
Your pic of Amos looks like a postcard. Did he just love the outdoors? It looks as though you may live in a rural area. You tell me where the ducks are, I sense there may be a lake not far.

Thanks for sharing your smile and memory of him with me tongue.gif
He is tooooo cute! He has a very dignified stance.
"Honey, did you say re-boot iPoodle?"
Do ya think Amos could learn to relax just a little bit more? laugh.gif What a clown he is Dayna! Seeing this picture of Amos started my morning off with a good laugh. Laughter does my heart so much good! THANKS!!!

QUOTE (goliath @ Jan 18 2009, 08:36 AM) *
Do ya think Amos could learn to relax just a little bit more? laugh.gif

Beth ... just for you.

Mr.Handsome wub.gif
lots of hugs from
with Jimmy Klinger
and, yes, with Felix
my x-mas-angel
Furkidlets' Mom
Heeheeheeheeheehee......*chortle* *snort*..........YUM! TUMMY-dive! *SMOOCH*!!!!

Our neighbour's cat lays like this, too. Anima-Yoga -- what could possibly look more relaxing?!

[I'd missed seeing the "duck" one last Feb. - TOO funny...]
OMG Dayna!!! Amos is too too funny. laugh.gif I thought Browser was the only one who laid around letting it ALL hang out like a beach bum. If I ever get my pics uploaded, I have a few goofy ones for you too.

Give the couch potato lots of lovin' from me. He sure is the clown you have described to me so many times. laugh.gif Thanks for the hearty laugh, which I sorely needed since I just got home from a very busy day at work.

Hugs to you, Charles, and the furries!


Despite the well-known intelligence of his breed, Amos, our Mister January, can be a laid-back, mellow homebody.
Furkidlets' Mom
Ummmm......shouldn't he have a fireman's hat on or something? laugh.gif
Flossie's Mom
Ummmm......shouldn't he have a fireman's hat on or something?

Stragically placed of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
......shouldn't he have a fireman's hat on or something?

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif Red is most definitely his color. laugh.gif

Mister January plans to pursue a career in counter cruising.

His big turn-offs...being yelled at for counter cruising, and toys without squeaky things.

Amos' goals are world peace, the end of squirrel domination of the treetops and chocolate eclairs for everyone...mostly him.
We just thought we were going to get to watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Mr. Mellow and and Laid-back went into orbit. Between barking at the tv screen and running around behind it looking for the dogs, he created havoc. This went on for a good 10 minutes after we changed the channel.

I've never had tv watching dog before. Well Mack liked horse races, but that was all. He never seemed to notice dogs on the tube.
Furkidlets' Mom
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif That'll teach you to think you're the ones in control of the remote around there!
(okay, just gotta add this....sorry, guy members, and Amos' Daddy..........

............and we thought MEN were the worst culprits! (gets you men off the hook, though)
Worse he barks at cartoon dogs on tv commercials. It is as if he actually extrapolated between the two. I had heard of the legendary intelligence of I'm starting to wish I had had one to do my calculus homework for me.
Furkidlets' Mom time is coming up!

And better not let him see any squirrels on the tube, either! You didn't really need that TV anyway, right?

laugh.gif Squirrels?! Uh OH ! !
This is Amos' dad, Jasper. This wonderful old gentleman adopted him when he retired from the kennel. It looks like they are having a great time together.
WOW! What a great picture! Thanks for sharing.

Give all your babies a hug!

My Farley bear was a tv watcher. He always barked at the dogs on the television. He used to go looking for them in his younger years, but I think he caught on after a while. He would bark at the cartoon ones as well. I was always told my bulldog had switched brains with a "smart" breed because of his intelligence level. laugh.gif
When my older brother got married he gave his bride a bulldog puppy; they named her Happy. And that was doubly appropriate since she both was happy, and she made all around her happy. She was sweet, and smart, and beautiful, and we all adored her. So, I can well believe your wonderful Farley was a smart boy.

Amos has a waistline! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Since I have been cooking for the hounds, Amos has developed a waistline. After the vet told me he was starting to look like a coffee table ( I would have said aircraft carrier) I got concerned, especially since he didn't seem to be eating any more than he was when we adopted him.
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