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I love all the tributes, stories, poems, etc that everyone puts down for their beloved pets. In order for me to deal with my dear Smokey being gone, I've been trying to think of all the things he did that made me laugh, smile, or feel so incredibly loved by him. I was hoping I could start a thread where we could each in turn share something amazing about our passed furbabies.

I'll start..

Smokey used to give me what I called 'smokey-kisses' he would actually give me a kiss on a spot on my arm or leg, or sometimes my face if he was sleeping on my head (he usually did) These weren't licks, but much more humanlike kisses, and they were so sweet. I could even request them from him too!
Smokey would also sing in the bathtub, join me in the shower, and sleep on my head.

Ever since Smokey passed, Kramer has started his version of Smokey-kisses, he's not able to give them the same way, but he does a random one or two licks that he NEVER did before Smokey left us, a little odd ??

Iggie was a polydactyl tabby I had for a short 3 years when I was a teenager, he actually taught himself to pee in the toilet !! We thought my little sis wasn't flushing the potty - lol then I walked past the bathroom one day, and there was iggie, half in / half out using it!! It was such a trip! laugh.gif
That's such a great idea. Ironically enough, I woke up yesterday morning and remembered something that Duffy used to do when he was younger:

I used to do stomach crunches on the living room floor. He would come right over to me and start sniffing my face and then licking me. I would be on the floor, and I remember looking up at his sweet little face as he was probably wondering what the heck I was doing, lying on the floor. I was never able to finish a set of crunches after he would start licking me because I was too busy laughing by this time. What a wonderful memory that was and it was nice to remember out of the blue yesterday morning. Of course, these memories are bittersweet, because what we wouldn't do just to have that happen one more time, right? It still left me in a better mood all day afterward. I was lucky to have shared that with him.

Smokey sounds adorable. I'm sure his kisses were sweet too.
John B
I remember times when I would frantically look all over my small apartment for Sadie and not be able to find her. I usually found her under the sink but the doors were closed. I would open one of the cabinet door and there she was just sitting in the dark under the sink. I couldn't understand how she got in there until one day I was at my computer, which is in the kitchen, and I saw her pull the drawer next to the sink with her front paws while kind of hopping backwards on her hind legs. When the drawer was open she would hop in and over the back of the drawer which led underneath of the sink. It was so funny to watch.

The open drawer should have been a clue but I have the bad habit of leaving drawers and cabinet doors open, so it never occurred to me. rolleyes.gif
LS Support
hi, great topic. i have 'pinned' it to the top of this forum area.

one of my fondest memories of tribble was that he would get all riled up and pace around the room meowing when i made a kind of huffing-puffing noise. he and i used to wrestle when he was a young cat (he would win, i had what i call 'hamburger arms' after some of our matches smile.gif. he had lots of personality, wore his emotions on his paw. i still miss him fondly, and doubt i will find another animal that could ever compare.
Simba's Daddy
Simba had so many things that made him so unique...

I would give him a treat everytime he jumpped up on my lap and let me pet him. After a while he caught on to that so whenever he wanted a treat he would jump on my lap and let me get 2 or 3 pets and then he would hurry up and jump back down and the look at me as if to say "hey, where's my treat?" LOL

I would put my hands up like a zombie and say "I'm gonna get that kitty!" He would look at me and moew really loud...

It was amazing how he knew what things meant... I would ask him if he wanted to look outside and he would run over to the window and wait for me to open it. If I looked at the cupboard where I kept the catnip he would beg for catnip.

If I ever had a piece of mint gum or anything minty he would chase me around the house until I gave him some of it. He was such a mint freak just like his daddy!

I'll never forget how he rode with me in a car from Michigan to California and then back to Michigan without any troubles at all... It just seemed as long as we were together that was all that mattered to him...
John B
Okay, I'm gonna tell another one biggrin.gif .

Sadie had names for all of her favorite toys and things. she would whip her head around whenever I mentioned one of them. She also knew what eat, food, treats etc meant.

She loved to play with pipe cleaners. She was like a maniac with those things the way she would stalk them and jump on them and throw them up in the air. It was so fun to watch. I didn't have to do anything. lol. We called pipe cleaners twisties (she liked wire ties from bread bags too). When I would walk toward the desk drawer she would run to the desk and look at the drawer. When I would say "show me" she would get up on her hind legs and pat the drawer with her paw several times. She would do the same with the kitchen cabinet when I would ask her to show me where her food was.
Aw so cute, thank you for pinning and thank you guys for sharing your fond memories. It's these memories that get me through the days and times when I miss Smokey so bad it feels like I'll just crumble.

John you reminded me of one of Smokey's favorite games. I got a laser pointer one year for Christmas, and in playing with it found the cats fascinated. Smokey chased it across the room and up to the wall, there I turned it off. He stared at that spot on the wall for DAYS miaowing loudly, waiting for the spot to come back LOL!

It got to where he knew the sound of the laser pointer (it was a keychain one) and if I moved the chain just a little bit, he'd come running from wherever to play biggrin.gif - was really sad though when the batteries finally gave out, and I never did get replacements sad.gif
John B
QUOTE (iggiecat @ Oct 22 2007, 10:37 AM)
Aw so cute, thank you for pinning and thank you guys for sharing your fond memories. It's these memories that get me through the days and times when I miss Smokey so bad it feels like I'll just crumble.

John you reminded me of one of Smokey's favorite games. I got a laser pointer one year for Christmas, and in playing with it found the cats fascinated. Smokey chased it across the room and up to the wall, there I turned it off. He stared at that spot on the wall for DAYS miaowing loudly, waiting for the spot to come back LOL!

It got to where he knew the sound of the laser pointer (it was a keychain one) and if I moved the chain just a little bit, he'd come running from wherever to play biggrin.gif - was really sad though when the batteries finally gave out, and I never did get replacements sad.gif

The laser pointer is great. I liked to turn it off just as they slapped their paw down on it. Sadie used to think it was under her paw and would slowly try to lift it without letting it escape. lol.
Moose Mom
My Moose kitty would floss. He loved to, he knew the word. I'd say "do you want to floss"? and you could hear him purr all over the room. I'd hold the floss for him and he'd take it in his mouth and then put one paw up and pull it through. He'd do it over and over. He liked cinnamon flavor best.

He loved to be held like a baby. You could pick him up and cuddle him for hours. He liked it best if you tickled his tummy at the same time. He would put his big feet on your face. Sometimes he would use a paw to pull your face over and give you a little kitty kiss.

I love this thread. I read, I think in Cat Fancy, years ago, that cats have scent pads on their feet. When they touch you they are marking you as "their human". Nickels used to slap me on the behind when I was washing dishes.

He used to sometimes go over to Grandmas for the weekend. One weekend she fell asleep in her chair with him on her lap. I hope she forgives me for this but she can snore. Anyway, she woke up and Nickels was sitting on her lap patting her mouth gently with his paw as if to say, "That noise has gotta stop!"

I've got to try the floss with the new kitten! I had no idea some of them liked mint and cinnamon! I'm learning so much from all of you. Thought I knew it all after 35 years of having them around.

One of my happiest memories of Goliath is the little ritual he went through each and every night of his life.

Just before it was time for us to go to bed for the night, he would go through what my hubby and I called "The Last Hoorah."

Goliath would bring one of whichever toys he chose and drop it in either my hubby's lap or my lap. It was though he had this last burst of energy for the night. Then he would go absolutely nuts running around like he was on a race track like a tazmanian devil grrrrrrring all the way.

When this burst of energy and display of his rambunctioness was finished, he would bark at us and head for the stairs, telling us it was time for us to go to bed.
So we would go to bed where after he heard the click of the closing of my eyeglasses, he would snuggle in as close as he could to me in my arms, give me a soft little lick on my face, and fall asleep immediately with his soft snore.
One of my favorite memories is of Goliath and my husband having their evening play time together.

The two of them would wrestle on the floor, play fetch, and whatever other playful things they chose to do together. I loved watching the 2 of them play like that, so free and easy and just enjoying each other so genuinely and lovingly. I would watch them from the kitchen and take in each and every moment, and give thanks to God that both of them had such great fun when they were together.

When play time was over my hubby would take a dog biscuit and place it in his own mouth, holding it fast between his teeth. Then Goliath would jump up in my hubby's lap and bite the other half of the dog biscuit off. The two of then would sit back and Goliath would enjoy his half of the biscuit, while my husband chewed and enjoyed his half.
The laser pointer is great. I liked to turn it off just as they slapped their paw down on it. Sadie used to think it was under her paw and would slowly try to lift it without letting it escape. lol.

(Sadie is one of the most beautiful cats I have seen in a long time. What a pretty face!)

Poor old Miles sniffed at the laser dot, realized it had no flavor or calories, and never looked at it again! She was a very smart cat, but often used her intelligence to avoid work, or other things that may have been undiginified.

My other cats love the laser and beg to play with it. Sam the Siamese stops outside my office door and STARES at the wall where it sometimes appears. Her magic works because after a while I am obligated to reach for the Lasermouse and make it happen. Both will chase it tirelessly.

Sam is so far doing fine and still acts like a kitten, but she is no Spring chicken. I try not to think of her age any more. It is more than ten years, and because of Mile's loss I cannot face another for a while.

She and Miles got along well enough, but Miles kept everyone else from getting tool close to her "Husband". Sam KNOWS that something is wrong around here.
Monkey's daddy
I remember one morning Monkey woke me up, as she usually did if I slept too long, which was most of the time. She would walk back and forth over me until i got up, when she did that I knew she was hungry. So I start to head downstairs and she runs past me and about 3 steps down she stumbles. All I could do is gasp and watch wide eyed. Somehow, though, she ended up with front arms streched straight out, as if to break a fall, and back legs tucked under her and skimmed over the edge of the remaining steps on her feet all the way to the bottom. She was like in a sitting position and just skipped off the lip of every step with all four feet all the way down, like it was a slide. Man that was funny, and strange, and a great relief that she didn't tumble all the way to the bottom.
Monkey's daddy
I have another quick one. Monkey would, ocassionally, sit on the toilet and unroll the toilet paper and bite big chunks out of it. She would sit there and paw at it and just unroll, unroll, unroll it, and it would be in a neat pile on the floor. She always did this at night so I would rarely catch her. So in the morning I would roll it all back up, maybe I should have just thrown it away but there was so much I hated to waste it. So anyway, needless to say, this made going to the bathroom a challenge until I got past the parts with all the holes in it. That darn prankster!!
I can hardly believe it's been a week since Butkus has been gone. I've cried more tears than I care to think about and still mourn his loss deeply. His dear best friend Taz walks through the house crying, picking up toys and searching for Butkus. He scratches at the front door knowing that was the last place he saw Butkus. I wish I could make him understand that Butkus is in a better and peaceful place now. We only had Butkus 6 months of his short life yet he gave us a lifetime of love and memories. He was the Best Dog Ever! I'd like to share a few of the happy memories of him. As I write this I can feel a few of his toys under the desk. He loved to grab a toy when anyone came into the room as if to present each person with a gift in exchange for a loving pat. If no toys were available, he'd grab a shoe, a sock, a towel or even a blanket. Anything would do. His toys are everywhere. When I would be at the computer, he'd grab a toy and crawl under the desk and fall fast asleep. If we went outside, he'd grab a toy and bring that along with him. Sometimes he'd even drop it in the pool and wait for us to retrieve it for him. Speaking of pool, the first time he fell in the pool we were shocked to discover he sank like a brick! He had no concept of swimming. My husband and I spent a great deal of time this summer teaching Butkus how to swim. Even his final few days he stood on the step to cool down and watched as his buddy Taz took a quick swim around. How I wish now I would have gotten the video camera out. What a treat it would be to see my boys swim together one last time. I just loved when Butkus would share his jutting jaw grin with me. He loved to present himself as the good boy! Even the vet's condolence card to me stated what a good boy he had always been. He was so patient and well behaved. I love my 4 yr. old Taz dearly but have to admit he's a real pain to take to the vet. It requires a tranquilizer, a muzzle and amazing patience. No, he's not vicious. He's a big scardy-dog when it comes to the vet! Anyway, it was always such a pleasure to take Butkus out because he was so well behaved and fun to be around. I miss that fun! When we had a summer thunder storm, Butkus let out a howl like I've never heard before. There was no calming him down. I was so worried about this coming winter and wondered if I would have to give him calming medicine to get him through the storm. Would he have enjoyed laying near the fireplace this winter? I'm sure I will think of him everytime the thunder claps now. No more loud noises for Butkus!
Be at peace my dear loving pup! Thank you for blessing this family with your love and may I someday get the opportunity to share a toy and loving pat with you again! I'll love you forever and always, Butkus.
When we were first married, we had a big fat half-Siamese named Nico. She was a very smart cat, who allowed us to live with her for about 18 years.

There are people who have a genuine fear of cats, though it has always baffled me. Once we had a friend who could not face driving home late, so he slept on the couch. He did not tell us he was afraid of cats.

To hear him tell of his night kept everyone laughing for years!

"It was horrible. I was drifting off to sleep, and there was an enormous weight on my chest. At first I thought it was a heart attack, but the purring clued me in, and I turned on the was HER. I did not dare to try to pick her up and put her on the floor so I laid there in terror..I did not want to shout and wake you up, and I was afraid if I startled her she would attack me. I think I eventually drifted off to sleep.

"At sunrise, I woke up to find her still there. She looked me in the eye, and stood up.

She turned around.

Then, Nico began to SLOWLY lower her hindquarters onto my face. IT WAS WINKING AT ME!!
That's when I screamed and woke you up...."

Strangely, after that he claims he did not have trouble with cats any more-Perhaps after that horrible night there was nothing left to fear. He actually got to like the cat, but it took years.
Happy memories! There are so many! Callie was such a fun dog! I gave her so many nicknames;
"Bongo Dog" because when we were ready to head out for a ride she'd bounc up and down as if she was on 4 pogo sticks under my horses nose. It was so funny to watch! If I told her to "back up" she would bounce backwards! Such a clown!
"Stinky Feet" for obvious reasons! She had the smelliest feet and not just because of the stuff she like to walk in!
"Fuzzy Butt" because she had a funny curly coat and the hair always fluffed up on her butt.
"Laughing Girl" because she had such a sunny outlook on life. Always looking for fun with a big smile on her face and shinning eyes.

Smudge's Mom
chele, interesting you used to call your dog Bongo Dog. We had a dog named Bongo when I was a kid! (yes I realize this post is a year or so old).

Here's a happy memory:

My kitty Smudge used to always wait for me to come in the door from my morning run. When I walked in, she would jump off the radiator by the door and lead me upstairs so she could be in the room when I had my shower. It seems like such a silly thing. I really miss her doing this. She was such a sweet little cat. She would also sleep on my pillow curled up in a little white ball.

I still see her out of the corner of my eye sometimes. Sleeping in the chair, accompanying me to the attic. When I look more closely though, I see that she isn't there.

Her ashes will come home this week. I feel like she'll be coming back home to us. Time for more tears, I guess. Happy memories as well though.
I have so many happy memories of Charlie, it's hard to know where to begin. One that occurred fairly recently was during the last election. I was watching Sarah Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson on ABC and, some of you will recall, she received a bit of a ribbing from the late-night comedians for repeating Gibson's name so many times. Well, my Charlie wandered in while this interview was taking place and, hearing his name, walked to the TV. After a minute he walked away again, but the next time Palin said "Charlie" he walked back and the look on his face was terribly puzzled, as if he was thinking, "Why does that lady keep calling me and what does she want?"

Something similar happened a few years ago when Hurricane Charlie was raging across Florida. Now, one thing you have to know about Charlie (the dog) is that, whenever mischief was afoot, he always seemed to be somewhere in the vicinity, but by the time I came in to investigate suspicious noises he would be far enough removed from the scene of the crime to offer plausible deniability. He also had what I liked to call his "I didn't do it!" look, an expression of such abject innocence that only a fiend would suspect him of wrongdoing. Well, one night he was sound asleep on the sofa beside me when an announcer came on screen to discuss the latest on the hurricane, saying, "And now for the latest on Charlie!" The words were no sooner out when MY Charlie scrambled to his feet and managed to get his "I didn't do it!" look firmly in place before he was even fully awake. He was quite a character, Charlie was. laugh.gif

Just wanted to share some memories of my lionhead/lop rabbit, Daisy. Although she was, as some might say, "only a rabbit", she was so much more than that to me. Right up until her final day, she acted more like a puppy. She lived in the house with us, and the dinning room was "her room". Anyone who met her used to always comment that it was like she had "been here before". She was so intelligent, so lovable, and fully litter trained (she never once did her business outside of her house).

Some of the little images that pop into my mind when I'm missing her:

She would be laying sprawled out on the floor, and I would walk past, and she would jump up and hop right over to me. I would stand there and say hello, then she would nudge my leg and keep doing it until I sat on the floor with her and stroked her head. She used to LOVE getting her head stroked, and would happily sit there for hours on end getting stroked. She would make this little "crunching" sound to show how content she was. And the minute I stopped, her head would shoot up and she would find my hand with her nose and "nut" it really hard until I started stroking her again. You would only have to touch her and she would drop straight to the floor in anticipation of a stroking session. She loved attention and affection just as much as a puppy would.

She used to love her "babies" (her teddybears). Of a night I would put her in her hutch, and she would go into her little bed (yes she was a rabbit and slept in a little pink cat bed) and I would pick one of her "babies" up to put next to her and she would go mad. She never, ever bit me (she just didnt have that in her, she was so gentle) but she used to dart at me and give me a warning nudge with her nose as if to say "dont touch my baby". Sometimes she would even make a loud grunting noise. It always made me laugh so much. Then she would drag her baby into her bed and spend forever licking and clean it. She was so protective over her toys. Just the thought of her cuddled up and affectionately cleaning her babies makes me smile. But of course it makes me sad too, cos I miss seeing her do that so much.

Daisy was obsessed with food (as her little pot belly proved). The vet used to comment how strange this was cos he said rabbits were supposed to forage throughout the day, eating little bits then stopping when they'd had enough. Not daisy. When feeding her, she used to dart around her hutch with excitement, and you had to quickly throw her food down cos she would dart at it and start munching away at record speed until everything was gone. Then she would look at you for more! She used to get through a massive full leaf of spring greens in seconds! I used to wonder how such a little mouth could hold so much. But thats when she always looked happiest - when she was eating or getting her head stroked.

There's so much more I could write, but I cant see the screen for tears now. I miss her so much.

Daisy's mommy xx

'To hear him tell of his night kept everyone laughing for years!'

LOL, really funny story, it cracked me up too!!

madi xx
I loved everything about Ulriich, he was so placid, I could take him anywhere and all the children in the area knew him and loved him too. He would wait for the school bus to go past every day and he'd roll around in the driveway as it passed and all the kids would call out to him, he loved that. I used to take him to the school for show and tell and he would let everyone hold and pet him. He dressed up at halloween and wore antler ears at Chrismas time too, just like everyone else. Oh, there are numerous other things he did that made him the special cat he was, but I'll let someone else have a turn.

madi xx
Sadly, this forum doesn't seem as well-used as it could be. I'll post a tidbit from Holly's life, all the same.

When we got Holly mom decided she wanted her to be a breeding dog and maybe used for shows (we later decided against both because my horses took up all my time and mom's goats took up all hers). Mom let Holly's hair grow out and she always put the hair on her head into a little ponytail with a little bow (a traditional Shih Tzu cut, although after breeding and showing Schnauzers for so many years mom still cut Holly's face in a square show-Schnauzer cut as opposed to the rounded cut for a Shih Tzu). The rest of Holly's fur hung to the ground and every time she walked around our house her fur would brush the floor.

She used to love going outside, but the Georgia weather in the summer is very hot and unforgiving so as soon as she came in she wanted to plop down on the linoleum floor in the kitchen with her fur all fanned out. Dad used to call her 'flop mop' because she looked like a little fluffy mop head and he always joked how he wanted to attach a stick to her collar and slide her around the floor. The image itself was a little funny because Holly would've probably just laid there while she was dragged around.
One time, Husker got his head stuck in an empty 12 pack pop box. He was up on the counter, and before I could get there to help him, he backed up too far, fell off the counter, took off running, and ran smack into the stove. I tried so hard not to laugh, but it was pretty funny ( especially since he was okay )

RIP HUSKER Momma loves you and misses you
I had a dog a few years back, he was an Aussie Shepard named Jack. He was about the smartest dog I ever had.

I used to work late sometimes but would always leave enough food for the big boy to get along. Anyhow, you know how some dogs get into the garbage and you end up coming home to the tipped over can in your kitchen and garbage everywhere?

Well I think garbage wasn't good enough for ole Jack. Instead of coming home to the garbage tipped over, I came home to the fridge standing wide open and lunch meat baggies and other food packages strewn around the kitchen.
Of course I would look in the living room and see him lying in his bed, looking guilty as sin.

After that I ended up putting a hasp on the fridge door to keep the thing shut when I wasn't home.

Another time with him involving the human food was when I had a friend over for pizza and movies. Well this was a newer friend of mine and he didn't know Jack all too well. He left his plate with a slice of pizza sitting on the coffee table and we went to get some drinks in the kitchen. I turned around and looked in the living room just in time to see Jack, head sideways snagging that piece of pizza right off the plate. We both had a good laugh about that.
I would like to share one of my favorite memories of my best baby Zoe. I called her "Pig" for years because she was a pig. If there was food, she was there. The kitchen was her favorite room and she'd always sit or lay in some spot that was in everyone's way (either in front of the stove, fridge, or sink). One night I was in the basement in the back room and she came in because I had food. Of course I gave her a little bit and of course as soon as the food was gone she left. A few minutes later I heard my dad say "Get going I have nothing for ya!". I thought of something so I went upstairs to where my sister was and asked, "Was Pig just up here begging for food?" and she said yes. Pig would literally trick or treat in my house.

It's only been 14 days. I have my whole life ahead of me and I don't remember how to live.

I love you best Pig. <3
I had to smile at the cute and funny stories here. smile.gif

Erin...that is cute what you said about Zoe going around the house trick or treating. Again, I'm so sorry about you losing Zoe. It is very hard to go on living like we did, we just do everything automatically. After 3 months I still get tears every day, even if they're just small ones. I try to think about the funny things Mickey did instead of dwelling on the day he passed, but it's not easy.

Funny thing Mickey would do, he would fluff up his bed (he had one in almost every room), while barking and making a funny noise. Sometimes he would fluff it up and go lay somewhere else.

Erin, take care of yourself and remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers...God Bless you and your family.

QUOTE (LoveMyMickey @ May 29 2011, 11:29 PM) *
Funny thing Mickey would do, he would fluff up his bed (he had one in almost every room), while barking and making a funny noise. Sometimes he would fluff it up and go lay somewhere else.

smile.gif This is so cute. I can picture the scene in my head so clearly. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're doing okay today.

Thinking of you,
Cheryl x
Hi Cheryl,

I kind of felt extra sad today with a few tears. I think it being Memorial Day made it worse. I hope you are doing well.

Another funny thing that happened, when we first got Mickey, he was housebroken. But he hadn't learned everything about our house. He and my husband were in the basement at the bottom of the carpeted steps. Mickey lifted his leg.........and husband said "shame, shame, shame" (in a normal voice) and Mickey practially flew up the steps. biggrin.gif

Thinking of you too,

I liked reading everyone's memories, I want to share a couple of things Chester did. When Chester was a kitten he was a "wild child". He would get up on our counter and scavenger for food in our sink. As soon as someone confronted him he would act all innocent and give you lovey eyes, or jump down immediately. Another thing about Chester was he had a wild side and a lovey side. I took Chester to the vet once and he acted like the Vet was there to love on him and become his new best friend. Chester would give you his lovey eyes, or when he squinted his eyes happily and that was his way of saying I love you. When we first got Chester he was this tiny orange kitten with this huge continuos purr. Chester purred so much that it seemed weird that other cats weren't always purring. One last thing about Chester is that he had a huge strange appetite. Even as a adult he was this skinny orange cat, but he would eat anything. Cats aren't supposed to like sweets, Chester did, he also ate bread, and once he ate shrimp shells. If you had something Chester would go into a purring frenzy and would try to get you to share no matter what it was. My mom says he wasn't a cat, but actually a dog inside. I miss my baby, but I loved the good times that we had.
When I let my baby, Leo the Lion, off leash at the dog park/beach/school for the first ten minutes he would circle me before running off to play, but about every couple minutes he would always stop and look back to make sure I was still where "he left me." And if another dog came to say hello to me Leo ran back to me as fast as he could and would plop himself on my lap. (He was a 50 lb Siberian Husky, not a light thing to do.) After the other dog let Leo would always turn to me and would give me a look and a whine that pretty much said, "Why am I giving love to other dog?!" And his process would start over again until we went home.
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