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Full Version: Marius, The Baby Giraffe Who Changed The World
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Gretta's Mom
Hello Baby Marius,

Thank you for organizaing the prayer-hum for Trevor's dad two nights ago when he was late coming home. He was buying a car. His old car had too many sad memories for him. Every time Trevor's mom anad he were in the car, she was either very sick or they were on their way to a hospital. So he turned that car back in and got a new one because for two days the new cars were not too expensive.

Marius, please hold a place in the Perfect World for me and one for Trevor's dad. we are so sad and we miss Trevor's mom SOOOOOOOOOOO much, like your mom misses you, Sweetie. One bright morning when this life is over (that's a song down here on earth) I'll fly away to a place on God's celestial shore (that's the Perfect World where you are), I'll fly away.

I love you Marius. I will never stop loving you and being angry at the horrible man who did what he did to you.


Rufus and Gretta's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning Baby Marius,

If you can survive the horror that was done to you on this earth, I can surely staraighten my back and do what there is to be done on this earth today. I can't wait until I get to the perfect World and can see you and put you aand jog with you all around heaven all day. I've always wanted to be friends withe a giraffe and who is better than a baby griaffle? I once fed an adult giraffe and was manazed by his tongue! You giraffes are a miracle of nature - a beauty, a smile and an inspiration at all times. I'm so glad you are in the Perfect World, where, when you pass through the gate, all memories of suffering or loneliness or terror are completely erased and you all live together - a place where the lion truly does lie down with the lamb. If you haven't me Trevor, I'll ask him to cone and meeet you in Giraffe-land and you two can hang out under the warm sn a cool shade.

I love you, Baby Marius. You story had marked my heart forever. Some day I will meet you and give your beautiful spotted neck a big hug.

Have a blessed day in the Perfect World.

Gretta and rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Hi Baby Marius,

How's my best giraffe friend doing up there in that Perfect World? That horrible man may have thought he was getting by with something but the joke is on him. By the horrible thing he did to you, he made the whole world angry at him AND gave you a one-way ticket to the Perfect World - a place he will most likely never see (unless he gets struck by lighting and changes his ways). You must be part of a major troupe up there, Baby Marius. Everybody and everybody's beloved animals knows you and loves you. And you SO deserve it.

Did you meet Trevor's mom yet? Isn't she wonderful - the best sister who ever lived. Trevor's dad and I miss her sooooooo much. The only thing that keeps us going is knowing she is in the perfect World with all of you and will never spend another moment sick, in pain, frightened or any other bad thing. I know she loves you, Marius. One look at you would make all but one person smile from ear to ear and hug your beautiful spotted neck.

Please tell everybody I know up there hello for me and have another day in the Garden of perfect Delight.

Gretta and Rufus's mpm
Gretta's Mom
Hi Baby Marius,

When someone in my sadness group asked me who my favorite animal was, I named you. Because of your tragic story, yes, but more because of your beauty and your beautiful smile. Thank you for coming into my life, Baby Marius. And thank the Good Shepherd for giving everybody who comes into the Perfect World the magic absinthe that makes them forget all the pain, suffering, loneliness, fear and everything else bad that may have happened to them on earth and only permits them to remember the good things - that's why it's called the Perfect World. And when the saints come marching in, I want you to be right up at the front so I can see you right away.


Gretta and Rufus's mother
Gretta's Mom
Marius my sweet baby,

You are the one I need today. Can I hug your beautiful spotted neck - spots like no other giraffe has? Can I pet your hair - that has spots, too. Will you lick me with your one and only giraffe tongue if I bring you some yummy green leaves to eat? Even as a baby you are graceful and calm and beautiful and my heart SO needs that today.

Thank you, Baby Marius, for not holding hate in your heart for the evil man who did the heinous deed. Thank you for greeting your new and perfect life with a smile that only giraffes have. Thank you for giving me another animal to treasure in my heart.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning, Baby Marius

Have you met the new friend in heaven? He's my dad and he's come to join the family of Bobbie, Trevor, Gretta and all their cousins. I know he'd love to meet you. You will know him when you see the kind, gentle man in their family. I'll ask Gretta to take you to meet him. I just KNOW it will warm both of your hearts when he hugs your spotted neck and pets your beautiful body. He will say, It's OK, Marius. You're OK now." I know that because he told me that so many times while he was on earth here.

My dad is the EXACT OPPOSITE of someone we do not want to speak of. Sit by him, in his glowing shadow, and you will understand why we love him so much and why Bobbie is so happy these days. She was his favorite child as I know you were YOUR mother's favorite child.

I love you, Baby Marius. Someday we'll all be together. The Good Shepherd has made that promise.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Baby Marius,

Can I cling to your beautiful neck and cry into the exquisite spots on your back? I need you, just you, today. Thank you Baby Marius.

You know who loves you!!!!!!!!

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning beautiful Baby Marius,

The Perfect World must the perfect place for a perfectly beautiful baby giraffe. Isn't the dad a wonderful guy? I'll bet he was a little afraid to pet you but them when he did you guys became fast friends. Did he take you around to all his Irish friends (the guys wearing green) and introduce you? I'll bet they though - only "the dad" would come up with a baby giraffe as a friend - and then they all loved you. This is how my dad was on earth, too. Everybody loved him - just like every body loves you.

Marius, I feel so happy when i think of your beautiful spots and your powerful tongue for such a little guy. You're a person-sized giraffe! I can't wait to pet your beautiful spots and have you like my face with that tongue.

Have fun with all your friends in the Perfect World today, Baby Marius.


Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning to you my most favorite baby giraffe,

I thank God that you are eternally happy in the perfect World - not even the tiniest blot of memory of the tragedy that happened to you on earth. Unless the man who did this to you does some serious penance his whole life, you won't be seeing him in the Perfect World. There's another place I don't want you to know anything about for people like him.

I can see you romping around in the giraffe section of the Perfect World. Maybe you will take me on a tour of that section when I get there. I can hold onto your baby neck and we can meet all those beautiful giraffes there. Maybe you could take me to meet some old giraffes (I mean giraffes who were old when they left earth) and listen to their stories about what the world was like when they lived in it. You'll have to be patient with me, Baby Marius, because I will have a million questions about how giraffes live, who decides who will live together, who decides where they will move to find food, who watches the kids like you. Maybe there will even be some giraffes who were babies when they came to the Perfect World. Oh, they would be SO much fun to play with.

Could you mosey on over to the Bobbie section where you will find The Dad and all her cocker spaniels and their cousins, Gretta and Rufus, who were MY children and give them some big sloppy giraffe licks and tell them I love and miss them, please?

Thank you Baby Marius. I smile every time I think of your beautiful spotted body and even more beautiful soul.

Thank you for coming into my, Baby Marius.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Hi Baby Marius

I feel a special connection to you, sweetheart. A beautiful baby giraffe. just beginning to see the world.
A beautiful baby giraffe with spectacular, one-of-a-kind spots on your soft, soft fur
A beautiful baby giraffe, learning to walk, following your mother around, learning from her.
You are the essence of sweetness.
Did you know that the expression on a happy giraffe's face is what we humans call a smile?

Baby Marius, will you be my friend?
My special friend?
There was an instant when everything and everyone you had had disappeared.
Cruelty and infinite stupidity had cost you your earthly life.
I'm living the same kind of life only more slowly.
Everybody I love is gone
Gone from this earth.
Even you.
Of course I know you are all up in the Perfect World, where everything is perfect
No pain, no fear, no sadness, no hunger, no thirst, no hot, no cold, no loneliness, nobody shouting .....
Just perfect happiness.
And one of the best things about the Perfect World is that everybody can understand everybody else.

I am all alone in this world.
Mother is gone.
Father is gone.
Baby sister is gone.
One crazy sister is still here, but she is like that man that killed you. Not really an enemy, just ignorant and out of control.
Who will hurt people if it is at all possible. And who hates me more than anybody else on earth.

I have two soulmates up there with you
Both dogs - one a brown one - we call that dog a chocolate lab. Her name is Gretta.
And one furry black one. His name is Rufus.
So I have no soulmates left here on earth.
I think we might be soulmates, but I am not sure.
I don't want to put any burden on you, sweet baby Marius.
So I'm just asking
Will you be my special friend?

When I need to think about something beautiful, can I think of you?
When I need to hug somebody, can I imagine that I'm hugging you?
When I need a big slurpy kiss from a long, prehensile tongue, can I ask you for one?
I promise to do all the same for you, Sweet Baby Marius.


I'm listening very very quietly.
My heart has skipped a beat

I think you said yes.

Thank you Baby Marius, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your special friend

Gretta's Mom
Good morning Baby Marius,

The one who always brings joy to my heart just by thinking about your picture.
I can't wait to get to the perfect world so I can see you and pet you and hug your beautiful neck
And tell you how much I love you even though I've never seen you.

God made you giraffes as the most interesting and loveable animals of all.
I hope the absinthe of the perfect world and being in the company of so many wise giraffes has helped you make peace with what happened to you on earth.
I hope your giraffe mothers have helped you roll up all of your sorrows and confusion and terror into a big ball and throw it into the sea of forgetfulness where it will never trouble you mind again.

Thank you for coming into my life. Can I ask you a favor, Baby Marius? Could you take a daddy giraffe and wander over to the elephant section and tell them that I love all of them, too? I'm hoping that when I get to the perfect world that I can become an honorary member of the giraffe family and then the elephant family. Besides dogs, you two animals are my favorite animals on earth and I can't even imagine how happy the days would be to be part of your family and the elephant family, too.

Thousands of people in this world love you, Marius, and their love will someday soon take away all your memory of your horror on earth and replace it with the love of all those who love you, most of all the Good Shepherd.

May your spirit romp where it will today, Baby Marius.
Gretta's Mom
Hello Baby Marius,

I Love you! I can see you romping around in the Perfect World with all the tiny, medium-sized and big giraffes! Every one of them loves you as much as it is possible to love another creature. Revel in it, Baby Marius! Feel their beautiful spotted necks nuzzling yours. Feel their scratchy tongues washing you and you doing the same to the babies tinier than you!

If you get a chance, wander on over to the Trevor crew and find a smiling old man they call "The Dad". Give him a kiss and a hug and you'll see his beautiful smile. Then sit down at his feet and ask him to tell you a story about when he was young. He has the best, most generous and kind heart. When he sees you, he will know that you are the most beautiful giraffe who ever lived. Maybe you can bring along one or two old Grandpa Giraffes with you to make friends with him.

When you see a beautiful brown dog, it will be Gretta The Great, the kindest chocolate lab who ever lived. She's really good at organizing what we call prayer hums for people. I know you mother on earth is the most brokenhearted being on earth. Please ask all the giraffes and all the Trevor crew to organize a prayer hum for you mom. All you have to do is set a time and hum as loud as you can and she will hear you and know what the sound is and it will make her heart feel better.

And all of you don't forget to tell her that the whole world loves her beautiful little boy, Marius.

Gretta and RUfus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning, sweet baby Marius,

How is my favorite little giraffe today? It's cold,cold,cold down here where I live, but I know in the Giraffe section of the Perfect World it is warm, warm ,warm, just the way a baby giraffe likes it best. I can picture you and a whole bunch of other baby giraffes romping and playing in the warm sun. When I get where you are, I am going to spend a lot of time in the giraffe section, watching my favorite baby giraffe play, petting your spotted neck, and talking to your mom and all the other older giraffes about what the giraffe world is all about.

The sweet brown dog and the goofy black dog that come to visit you are my doggies, Gretta and Rufus. Would you tell them I love them and miss them? And have you seen a gentle man come by, maybe smoking a pipe, and just sit and watch you and maybe fall asleep in the sun? That's Gretta and Rufus's grandpa. We call him "The Dad". I know he'll love you too. And he's got some great stories to tell. Maybe the old Grandpa giraffes and he would have fun swapping stories.

Don't ever forget, Baby Marius, that there are many more good people than bad ones - and one loves you more than the stars. One of them is you, Baby Marius.

Love and kisses,

Gretta and Rufus's
Gretta's Mom
Good morning and I love you Baby Marius,

Every times I think about you and how beautiful you are and what a wonderful animal you are and how you had to go to the Perfect World so soon, and that you never got a chance to have a sweet and protected life with your Mommie giraffe, I cry. The evil in this world is so awful that even if you try to be a good and helpful person (and that includes animals) it makes you sad to think about it.

But you are in the Perfect World now, Baby Marius, where everyone loves you and nobody will ever hurt you again. Where you are, lions and giraffes are best friends. The Good Shepherd left us a word about the Perfect World that said in that world the lion and the lamb would lie down together. So of course lions and giraffes do too.

Oh Baby Marius, every time I think of being able to sit down beside you and pet your beautiful neck and feel your velvet horns and put my arm around your beautiful spotted body.

Thinking of you brings happiness to my heart, too, Baby Marius. That you are safe and well and living your life in perfect conditions, with lots of friends. Have you met my sister Bobbie yet? You'll be able to recognize her because she's the one with the most beautiful buff-colored dog with her at all times and a whole bunch of other dogs, mostly small ones but two bigger ones. The bigger ones are my Gretta and Rufus. When they come to visit you, would you tell them how much I love and miss them and that I'm doing my best to live life down here on earth without them. It's hard and it's sad and it's SOOOOO lonely, but I'm doing my best. Someday we will all be together forever and we will all be completely happy.

Until then, have as much fun as you can and tell your Mommie Giraffe that I love her, too.


Gretta and Rufus/s Mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning Baby Marius, my favorite giraffe!

Guess what? I love you. And .... two days ago one of the biggest spiritual leaders in this world made it official: animals have souls! Well DUH! How do you suppose they have life if they don't have souls? And even better, now we are finding out that six years ago, the leader during that time promised a little boy whose pet had died and he was crying, that we WILL see our animals in heaven. And this religion promises BIG BAD things to people who lead children astray.

I can't wait to see your beautiful spots, and hug your long neck, and pet your velvet horns, and feel your long tongue lick me and play with you and rest in the sun or in the shade and talk to you beautiful mother and SO many other things.

Now the whole world knows what we knew all along - that love is forever, that love never dies, that we will meet again, that you are here with me in spirit, and so many other wonderful things. Please thank the Good Shepherd for me for making this all possible..

Now ... go play with your friends or listen to your grandfather tell a story about Africa or whatever seems like the most fun to you.

Remember, many, many people here on earth remember you and love you.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning Baby Marius, my favorite giraffe.

Today is the last day of the worst year in both of our lives. IT'S OVER!

Next year will be a year of happiness and sunshine in both of our lives.

I love you Baby Marius and if no one else remembers you here on earth - I do.

Happy New Year to you and all the giraffes in heaven.

Gretta and rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning Gorgeous Baby Marius!

How is my very favorite Giraffe? I imagine you're a BIG giraffe now! Do you have brothers and sisters? I know your mom is there with you. And I will never forget the monster who killed you here on earth. But the joke is on him because he sent you to the Perfect World where you are always safe and happy and eat yummy giraffe-meals and romp around with other giraffes and animals the "oldster" giraffes tell you about who lived in the country your mom was taken from. Do they take you over to meet the elephants and the hippos and the rhinos and the lions and the tigers? I guess in heaven even hyenas - whom few people on earth like too much - are fun and nice animals. You know who you should go visit - the Turkey Vultures! One day as I was going to visit Trevor's mom, I saw more than 30 of these huge birds sitting on tombstones and flying around nearby. I thought I was in a horror movie. But in the Perfect World even they must be beloved and fun and friendly and good-looking.

Baby Marius, your life and your death here on earth touched my heart all the way to the center. I still cry for you sometimes, even though you went directly to the Perfect World. My heart is captivated by your tender body and your soft skin. And most of all your innocence. And the horrible injustice done to you and your mom. I will always love you and I will NEVER EVER forget you. Someday I will join you in the Perfect World and we will get to sit together in the giraffe section and hear the tales of the elder giraffes = and meet your mom and tell her how sorry I am about what happened to her and how much I love her, too.

I never thought I would have a favorite giraffe and my heart is delighted to have you, the most wonderful giraffe ever. The giraffe-of-my-heart.

I love you, Baby Marius.
Gretta's Mom
Good morning to my favorite Giraffe!

All my life I have loved giraffes but I never had a personal, special friend giraffe .... until there was you.
I never thought there would be a day when a baby giraffe changed my life .... until there was you.
I never though I could exchange pieces of our hearts ... until there was you.
I never thought there would be a day when I could talk to a giraffe and he would understand me ..... until there was you.
I never though anyone could suffer so much ..... until there was you.
I never thought such a gentle creature could call the world out so strongly ..... until there was you.
I never though that I would have my own special beautiful loving playing joyful giraffe .... until there was you, Marius .... only YOU!

Thank you for being my special giraffe!

Rufus and Gretta's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning, Baby Marius, my favorite giraffe.

My mind and my heart aren't working too well right now but I want you to know that I think of you every single day and every day I love you more. You are perfectly happy and that makes me SOOOOOOO glad. Please walk beside me today, Marius Giraffe. I promise not to make your spirit go out into and cold or snow or danger. Because I love you.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom

I LOVE YOU, MARIUS![size="7"]
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Gretta's Mom
Hello my baby Marius,

I haven't written for so long that I bet you think I've forgotten about you. But I haven't. My heart has been so heavy and had almost nothing in it and then a dear friend went to the Perfect World. I felt like I had nothing inside. But a kind friend here on LS, Georgie's mom, wrote a super nice letter to me about how she missed my writing here and I knew I had to get back to writing to my blessed animals here.

I don't want the world to forget about you, Baby Marius. The baby giraffe with the most darling, soft spots who was so viciously slain along with his mother and then fed to lions while children were watching. This horrible man thought he was doing aa very bad deed, but you surprised him. You went instantly to the Perfect World where there are no evil beings like that man. Where both you andd your mom are as happy as happy can be, healthy, young again (well, you'll always be a baby giraffe). With plenty of good food, sunshine to warm you, shade to cool you, and millions of friends who can all understand each other - and an infinitiy of time in which to enjoy it. All guided and cared for by a Divine Good Shepherd who loves each and every one of you.

I will NEVER forget you, Baby Marius. You are in my heart forever.


Gretta and Reufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Hi Baby Marius,

I've been adopted into several people families here on earth but none of them makes me as happy as having been adopted into your giraffe family. I love you Little Spotted One.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Oh Baby Marius

It has happened again! A majestic lion, one with an rare and beautiful black mane and who was the symbol of the country called Zimbabwe. was killed by a mana from my country, the richest country on earth, just so he could have his head on the wall and his skin on the floor.

This beautiful lion's name is Cecil. I know he is up there in the Perfect World with you and I can only imagine the glorious parade for him when he strode into heaven. Marius, I am SO sorry that people, who are supposed to be the most intelligent beings on earth are also the cruelest, especially the rich people.

Please take your mom and some of your majestic giraffe relatives and go visit Cecil and tell him that I love him and that I am so sorry for the things that my species does to animals. And tell him that I can't wait to meet him when I get there. Maybe we can go together, OK?

I love you more every day, Baby Marius.


Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning Baby Marius!

I'm sure you have met Trevor and his mom and his Grandpa. I'll bet both of them were amazed to see such a small (and darling) giraffe. I can't wait to see you when I get there.

Baby Marius, you and your horrible story changed my life. It has changed me from being ragingly angry at horrible things done by evil people to just being sa and trying to soothe the pain of the people and animals who have suffered at their hands.

Thank the God Shepherd that He loved animals and made the Perfect World for animals to go to where they can be perfectly happy. And I am SO happy that you are there with all of your family and friends and all the new ones you have made up there. Please say hi to your mom and all the beautiful giraffes and animals where you are and then wander over to Trevor and say hi to his mom and grandpa and all the animals in her family. And please look for two men who are playing and singing, one of them in a very high voice. They are called Popsy and Wendell. Take a few baby giraffes with you and you guys will be dancing on all four of you beautiful long legs Please tell them that I love them and miss the, terrible and thank them for leaving so much music back in this world for us to love. Tell them that I can't listen to their music without crying, but that's OK because I know I will see and hear them again when I see you. Maybe you can take me there, OK?

I love you Baby Marius.

Gretta and Trevor's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good, good morning Baby Marius!

It's a sunny day where I am down here on earth - perfect for giraffes! I can imagine you and the other harmless and beautiful baby giraffes playing and frolicking up there in the Perfect World - doing what giraffes were created to do. The horrible man who tried to kill you here on earth just transported to the Perfect World where every one is happy forever! Joke's on him when he finds out where He's going after he leaves this world!

You are so beautiful ..... to me! That's an old song, and it seems like it must have been written just for you. Thank the Good Shepherd for sharing you with us for just a little while. Just to show the rest of us what a perfect animal was like and to motivate us to be as good as we can to bee good people so we could see you and your family FOREVER in the Perfect World to come.

Until then, keep frolicking like all baby giraffes are meant to do!

I love you Marius and thank you forever for sharing yourself with us and bringing some light and life to OUR lives.


Gretta and Rufus's mom

Gretta's Mom
Happy Thanksgiving, Baby Marius!
I'll always be thankful for you.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Gretta's Mom
Good morning Baby Marius!

You're lucky you're in heaven where the weather is always sunny! It's raining cats and dogs where I live (not really, that's just something we say in English for a hard and long rain). Please ask the Good Shepherd to protect me and guide me as I go to my first day walking dogs at a place where they take care of dogs who don't have homes. Some of these dogs are big and loud and I'm afraid of them but I have to get over that if I want to help them and love them.

Have a great day in the Perfect World and say Hi to all the nice people and ALL the animals I know up there, especially my sister Bobbie and my dad and Gretta anad Rufus and Trevor.
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