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Mugsy Princess (Bassett)
Aug.10,1979 - Mar.24,1990

Annie (Maltipoo)
1989 - Mar.23,2001

Mickey (Maltese/Pekingese)
Sept.20,1996 - Feb.22,2011

"IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY SWEET FURBABIES" wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Tom's Dad

What a handome group of doggies! I'm sure they are all up in Heaven looking over you and frollicing with Sir Thomas and all the other fur babies.
Thank you for sharing these beautiful fur-babies with us. I'm sure they're all having a lot of fun together at the bridge smile.gif

Take care, Cheryl
Thank you Cheryl and Tracy. When I get the time I would like to share some stories about them. smile.gif
Oh, we would love to hear all about them, when you get the chance smile.gif
Gretta's Mom
Love My Mickey

Thank you for sharing these incredible pictures of your "pack". Each one of them radiates that special love that comes from having found a soul-mate and a forever home.

Thank you also for your words of comfort, care and support for me over the past year. It's been a ride for both of us. I send my love, care and what strength I have to you today and every day.

Gretta is so lucky that she has these three incredible friends up where they all live.

Take care,

Gretta's mom

1979 - 1990....Mugsy Princess, (purebred Bassett)
We got her from a divorced couple, a relative. They had two Bassetts, the wife took one and soon afterward it got run over and died. We took Mugsy, had her for about 9 years. She was so sweet and good natured. One afternoon she and I were sitting side by side on the back porch steps, (different house than where we live now). All of a sudden she put her big paw on my leg while looking straight ahead as if to say, "are we having fun yet?"

She loved to eat, but one day while outside, I gave her a raw oyster. She smelled it, then kept rolling on it. She probably said to herself, "that's nasty." She did gain weight after we got her and our vet always teased us about our big Bassett.
We had a fenced in back yard, so we let Mugsy out one summer night to do her business. All of a sudden she started barking and chasing a opossum. The opossum sat on top of the fence with Mugsy underneath. Mugsy scared the poop out of that opossum and it landed right on top of her. Good thing it was summer because I had to use the water hose to give her a bath.

One year Mugsy got real sick with pancreatitis. The vet gave her an IV and meds. She got well, but had to take digestive enzymes the rest of her life.

She also loved to ride in the car with her right front leg perched on the passenger side window like a person. She got a lot of attention from people. When we told her to speak she would say Grrrrrrrr.

A few months before she passed away, we noticed a bulge on her backside, some kind of growth in the muscle. It pressed on her intestines and spine and made it hard to go to potty. She had surgery, but the vet said it was too large to remove. She recovered from surgery and did okay for a few weeks. Then she lost her appetite and went downhill from there. One morning as we were getting up, we heard her moaning in pain and couldn’t get up. We knew she was in a lot of pain and the decision had to be made. So on that cold March 24, 1990 morning with snow flurries, my husband laid her on the front seat of the car and drove her to the vet. The vet came out to the car and ended her pain. We buried her in our back yard.

This was interesting, the person that gave us Mugsy just happened to be driving by our house that morning and felt something was going on because our car was parked close to the front door. He came back by later. Needless to say, we were all heartbroken and I still get tears thinking of “Mugs”, my big baby girl.

And then came little Annie a few months later.

1989 – 2001……Annie, (Maltese/Poodle)
A neighbor who lived across the small creek behind our house gave us Annie. They both worked during the day and had to leave her at home alone. She had separation anxiety and would chew on things while they were gone. So they would tie her up outside but she would often get loose. I would talk to her over our back fence. One day I saw Annie all curled up in their next door neighbor’s yard looking sad like she had been fussed at. Anyway I went around in our front yard and was trimming a bush. I looked down and there was Annie sitting and looking up at me so sad, as if to say, “will you help me?” I made her a bed on the back porch and she slept the rest of the day. When her daddy owner came home we told him what happened and he said they wanted to “get rid of her”. So we gladly took her.

Then in 1997 that little creek overflowed and flooded our house, lost almost everything. Anyway Annie was always a sweet little girl, went with us everywhere and, even in the furniture store to buy new furniture. She even lost most of her separation anxiety and learned to like riding in the car. We lived in a motel and an apartment for a few months until we found this house we live in now.

Annie was afraid of thunder and would shake. She also couldn’t stand any clicking sounds, but she didn’t mind me trimming her toenails. She always loved her baths and brushing. She was a great kisser too. She loved to take walks and play with her toys. After dinner I would say, “go computer” and she would follow me into my computer room. She would fluff up one of her beds and go lay somewhere else. When we told her to speak, she would sneeze.

She had a good life here with us and then her kidneys began to fail in 2001. She got an IV at the vets and I helped her eat and drink here at home, but she went downhill pretty fast. So in the afternoon of March 23, 2001 we knew we had to release her from her pain and weakness…We brought her back from the vet, fixed her real nice in her little bed with a blanket, toys, and her collar with my name on her name tag. We put her in a heavy duty plastic container and buried her in our backyard flower garden. She was my little “baby girl” for about 9 years. It still hurts as I write this.

And then came Mickey 5 months later.

1996 – 2011…..Mickey…(Maltese/Pekingese)
Our neighbor who worked at the vet clinic brought us a picture of 5 year old Mickey and said the couple could no longer care for him because of their health problems. I was still grieving for Annie and after I thought about it for a few days, we went to their house and got him. He made no fuss and sat in my lap as if he had known us for years. We all were in tears when we left their house. We fell in love with Mickey immediately.

We brought him home and fed him. He jumped up in his new daddy’s chair and took a nap as if he had lived here forever. He would sleep with us on our bed just like Annie did. But of course we bought him other beds also. I have written a lot about him in other threads but what really made us laugh was when he would make funny noises while fluffing up his bed and then sometimes go lay somewhere else. He was a little gentleman, he would never come in the bathroom when I was in there, unless he was getting a bath. He would stretch out on the hallway floor and wait for me to come out.

I have made a few craft items over the years, mostly stuffed animals and pillows. I have them laying around in a spare room and Mickey would go in there with me, sniff the animals, and then look at me as if to say, “I know these are yours mommy and I won’t bother them.” (he never did)….. He loved to lay on newspapers. When we would spread the Sunday paper on the floor to read it, he would lay down on it. Also we have a small hallway closet we keep newspapers in to be recycled. When we opened the door he would jump in and sit on them……..Of course, he loved his walks and playing with his many toys. He had a small soft football that he really loved and almost wore out. Pupperoni doggie treats were his favorite, but he liked other kinds too. When we told him to speak, he would sneeze or bark, sometimes at the same time. He spoke English one time. He was in the other end of the house when I called him and he kind of barked and howled out, “I ow awnt to.” (sounded like I don’t want to). He loved baby talk. One day Mickey and I were close to his bowl of water, so I said, “Git chew a nank”. So after that, if we both were close to the water, he would look around at me until I said that. Then he would drink. Thunder or fireworks didn’t bother him, but he didn’t like for us to trim his toenails. He loved to go in the basement with us during a severe storm warning. He would cuddle between us on the couch. (Oh , it is so lonely down there now.) He knew what “go computer” meant and we would share a snack in here. He also knew what “go bed now” meant and he liked for me to tuck him in.

One year he developed Mediated Immune Hemolytic Anemia. But with the right medicine we got him well. He also developed a heart murmur and did well for several years, always lively and happy. Then in Feb. 2011, his heart meds stopped working as well and he went downhill in a few days. He had Congestive Heart Failure. Some days were pretty good and some weren’t. The day he passed he had a pretty good day, had gotten up early and ate some hamburger and rice, plus water. He even barked at a neighbor later that day. In the late afternoon, his daddy and I were sitting in the living room. Mickey got in his little bed to take a nap, but all of a sudden he got up and passed out on the floor. We got down on the floor and comforted him until his last breath. He wasn’t in any pain because he was unconscious. We put him in his little bed, in a heavy duty plastic container. We put in some treats, toys, his collar with my name on his tag, and leash. Before we covered him with the little quilt I had made, we left it open for awhile. I would go over and kiss him several times before it was time to say goodbye. That was Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. We buried him beside Annie in our back yard flower garden. We had him for almost 10 years.

All three of these furbabies were special, but Mickey was/is “special special”. I believe God sent us this “special one” because he knew it might be our last. (I wish we could have cloned him.)

“Mickey, Annie, Mugsy, you all made our life complete. I know you all are enjoying Heaven’s Beautiful Garden, the Perfect World. We hope to join you all some day. We love and miss you so much.”

XOXOXO Your Mommy and Daddy XOXOXO

Dear LoveMyMickey,

What an amazing and loving tribute to your three incredible children! From your descriptions, I feel that I know all of them! Oh, I can just feel the love and joy you gave to each one, in their own special ways. Only you and your hubby could do that. I tell you, there are some pretty proud doggies in Heaven right now, who have all the bragging rights for several days!

For some reason I did not remember that Mickey died on the same date as Trevor, only 5 months earlier. There is a reason for the special bond they have. What gorgeous and wonderful doggies! They are the lucky ones because they have you as their mommy and daddy.

Again, thank you for your precious poem that will be laminated and read to Trevor next Sunday (July 22nd). Plan to laminate my new letter to him, as well as anything his daddy or his grandparents wish to write. His grave will be covered with Beanie Baby dogs (the whole thing, not just around the edge) and he will have lots of flowers, too. We don't have a camera that would record that much space, but there will be pictures and so many memories.

LoveMyMickey, you are truly an angel on earth! Every Tuesday, I think of Mickey.

Have a good day tomorrow. I get my CT scans done in the morning - I'll prbably glow in the dark tomorrow night!

Dear Bobbie,

Thank you for your kind words....It was an honor to write Trevor's poem and that you read it at his anniversary celebration...I hope it's okay with you for me to put Trevor's Tribute here along with my doggies.........Bobbie, you have been a good friend and helped me so much during the worst part of my grieving process. As long as this old brain functions, I will never forget you and Trevor......Love and Prayers, LoveMyMickey...

2008 – July 22, 2011

Ode To Trevor

The sweetest, bravest, kindest, Buff Cocker Spaniel ever.

One year ago today, sweet boy,
The angels took you away
To that Perfect World called Heaven
Forevermore to stay.

You were rescued to your forever home
Carrying so much fear and pain.
But with tender love and gentle care
Your mommy always helped you
Feel better again.

Everybody knew you had
Such a pure and loving heart.
But it was such a short time
Before you had to depart.

You taught us humans
So many meaningful life lessons
Before you had to leave,
But we never did quite learn
How not to grieve.

Your Sweet Living Spirit
Will help your family along the way.
Their pure undying love for you
Is in their heart to stay
Forever, Trevor


Dear LoveMyMickey,

You are such an amzingly kind and thoughtful person! You know just when to pop in and say hello to Trevor and/or me and I always love it!

THANK YOU so much! especially today.

Love, wub.gif

Dear Mickey,

Now I know why you are always bragging about your mommy (and daddy)! Incredible! You are so lucky and I'm so happy for you and your brothers and sisters.

Have FUN in Heaven today!

Love, wub.gif
XOAuntie BobbieXO


FROM: Mickey, Annie, Mugsy, Trevor and Gretta


We knew you were special from the first day each of us saw you. So we just want to shout it out loud (are you listening?): YOU ARE THE BEST! laugh.gif wub.gif
Oh My Sweet Angels!!! wub.gif

I thought I heard a Heavenly Noise and it was all my Angels. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! You all are the best too!!!!

Thank you also, Trevor's mommy, for helping with the message. smile.gif

I Love You All!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

XOXO LoveMyMickey XOXO

OK, kids!!!!! Let's say it again and again and again................Mommy, you are the BEST!!!!!!! happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif

We'd say it louder, but Ms. Bobbie doesn't know how to work any of the settings on this site. So just close your eyes and you will hear all three of us:

WE wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif YOU, MOMMY!!!!!!!

XOMugsyXO, XOAnnieXO, XOMickeyXO

Me, too, Auntie LoveMyMickey!!!!!! XOTrevorXO
Don't forget me! XOGrettaXO
Gretta's Mom
Hi Love My Mickey, Annie and Mugsy,

Thank you to a special friend. No wonder these three miracle dogs all chose you for their mom. Have a blessed day, my friend.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Dear LoveMyMickey,

This past weekend exhausted me, although I am proud that I could live through most of it! You are on my mind and in my heart constantly - forver! wub.gif

I LOVE YOU, MUGSY! wub.gif

I LOVE YOU, ANNIE! wub.gif


Everybody gets a wub! wub.gif

With love,
XOAuntie BobbieXO
Hello Everybody!

Well, here WE are - all of us! Mugsy, Annie, Mickey, Trevor (and his brothers), Gretta and by proxie, Rufus! I kind of like this area better now - not as much critical scrutiny by those that are still hurting so much that they need to lash out to know they are still being.

Sit a spell, let us read and reread your mom's beautiu tributes to you and let's always check up on each other!

I'm going to write to Trevor later today.

I LOVE YOU, ANNIE, MUGSY and MICKEY!!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
and, OF COURSE, your mommy, too! wub.gif

XOAuntie BobbieXO
Sending some LOVE to my Angel-Babies and our friends....

XOXOXO Your Mommy XOXOXO wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Gretta's Mom
Hello Love My Mickey

What a wonderful person you are to have these three incredible dogs choose you as their mom! And once again thank you so much more than words can say for all the support (and beautiful pictures) that you are giving Bobbie. Every one of your beautiful messages goes straight to her heart and gladdens it. We love you.

Gretta's mom (a Musketeer)
Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading about them.
Gretta's Mom....Thank you so much for your kind words. I thank you and Bobbie for being faithful friends.

JennC....I'm glad you enjoyed my stories.

Sending lots of wub.gif to my babies tonight!
To our three babies who are in Heaven's Perfect Garden, I want to wish you a "Happy Thanksgiving" and that we love you all. I remember all the Thanksgivings we had together, I always cooked a turkey dinner. Mugsy, you're the one that ate too much turkey one thanksgiving. You were a big girl. I learned from that, not to give Annie and Mickey too much.

Have you babies met up with each other in heaven? I hope so, you all would love each other. Every once in awhile mommy and daddy talk about you all, funny things you did and all the unconditional love you gave, no matter what else was going on in our lives.

Goodnight my Little Ones, and as the song goes, "And I Will Always Love You." wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

XOXOXO Mommy and Daddy XOXOXO
Gretta's Mom
Hi you three little angels!
I'm a friend of your mom's - and Gretta's mom. too.
Here's a heart for each of you - and I'm thankful that you three graced our earth for a while and are now eagerly awaiting your mom in the perfect World - where you can eat all the turkey you want and never gain an ounce!!
wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Gretta's Mom
Hey you three little angels (and your cousin Scooter):
Trevir is organizing a cousin chorus this morning to sing (in doggie) the old song "Everything is gonna be alright". (You're in heaven so sombody will know the song and can teach it to you - it's not very hard.)

Sing nice an loud so Trevor's mom can hear you in her heart. She needs a heavenly word today.

Thanks Angels. I love you.

Gretta's mom
Gretta's Mom
Oh Love My Mickey

Thank Mickey for the song (and the picture of him singing)!

And thank you for finding ANOTHER "Everything is gonna be alright" song.

Here's the one I was thinking of

This Heavenly Dog Choir is g-r-r-r-r-e-e-e-a-a-a-a-t!

If we listen reall carefully we can hear them humming in the background. I hope Bobbie heard it too. I know she did in her heart.

Thank you for being such a true friend.

Gretta's mom (Jeanne)
Just sending tons of LOVE to my three Angel Babies!.. wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif ......You all did a great job singing along with the heavenly doggie choir...

We are so blessed to have such good friends here.

Gretta's Mom

We heard them each taking a different vocal part! who's the soprano?

Thanks for being our Musketeer!

Gretta's mom
QUOTE (Gretta's Mom @ Dec 4 2012, 07:25 AM) *

We heard them each taking a different vocal part! who's the soprano?

Thanks for being our Musketeer!

Gretta's mom

Annie is the soprano and Mugsy is definately the bass. Mickey is somewhere in there, maybe a tenor.....It's an honor being one of your Musketeers.

XOXO LoveMyMickey XOXO
Gretta's Mom
Hi Love My Mickey

Time for the chorus to sing that old song "Hold on, just a little bit longer, everything's gonna be alright" for Trevor's mom. Trevor's dad is having a VERY hard time and if he were a dog, he have crawled under a shed where nobody could see him and cry and nobody could coax him out. We'd have to change his name to StoneFace, but that's not what's really in his heart.

Thank you for sending the angel to Trevor. Someday would you mind teaching me how to post a picture in an LS post?

Mickey and crew......

I'm sure you met the three "moppie" that came to the Perfect World recently. Their mommie is a friend of Trevor's mommie. She has rescued about 30 of these 'floor mops' and works 4 jobs to support them. One of those huge crowns belongs to her.

See ya later!

Auntie Jeannie
Gretta's Mom
Good Morning Mugsy, Annie and Mickey's mom

It's been a while since I visited you here. I want to thank you again for being a friend through thick and thin. For joining our Musketeers. For loving dogs and people so much. You are the best.

Gretta's mom
Dear Sweet Babies,

Mommy hasn't been here for awhile either, but you all know mommy and daddy love you all with all our heart and soul. We're always thinking of little stories that bring a smile.

Have fun in the Perfect World!

XOXO MOMMY & DADDY XOXO wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
We love you, Sweet Angel Babies!!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Gretta's Mom
Hello there you little trio!

Thank you for humming in prayer for Trevor's mom. If we listened real hard we could hear the hum in the air. And, know what? It's working!

Your mom is right: we have to keep the prayer hum going until Crocker, Spot, Squirt, Birney, Kelly, Rudy and Trevor's mom gets well.

Once in a while I hear you guys "humming" in.

Thanks so much.

Gretta's mom

Gretta's Mom
Hi Beautiful Mugsy, Annie and Mickey

How ya doin up there in the Perfect World? I know ...... perfect!

Babies, I got another special request for you today. Trevor's mommie has been very sick and has had a big operation (ask one of the dogs whose earthly mom or dad was an animal doctor and they'll tell you what that means). She's getting better and today they are sending her to a smaller hospital for people who are getting better but who need to get even more better and stronger before they can go home. She is very afraid to go to this new place. She won't know anybody, she won't see her doctor in person every day, just really, really scared. I've asked Trevor to go lie under the My Earthly People Need special Help Today tree and send all his love and strength to his mommie today. I've asked his brothers (he doesn't have any sisters) and his cousin Gretta and little Benji boy to wander over and join him for a while. You Musketeers are invited, too. Your mommie loved you so much that I know your hearts are filled with love and strength. maybe you can spare some for Trevor's mommie. I think I actually saw a ghost of Trevor today in the basement of Bobbie's house!

Thank you my preciouses.

And thank your mommie for being one of our Musketeeers!


Gretta's mom
My Dear Sweet Babies, wub.gif

Something has been tugging at my heart during the past few days. Then it dawned on me that it is your all's angel-versaries.

My Dear Sweet Mugsy: Today, March 24, you joined the angels 23 years ago.

My Dear Sweet Annie: Yesterday, March 23, you joined the angels 12 years ago.

And of course, my Sweet Mickey, March 22, you joined the angels 2 years and 1 month ago.

My Darlings, each one of you took a piece of my heart and left your Sweet Living Spirit with me. (I am speaking for your daddy too, he feels the same.) We talk about you all a lot.


We love and miss you all! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

XOXO Mommy & Daddy XOXO
My Sweet Babies,

I love you all with all my heart and soul.

wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
My Dear Sweet Babies,

We miss you all and love you sooooo much. We think of you every day. I know you all are enjoying Heaven's Beautiful Garden in the Perfect World. Someday we will join you.

Love and Kisses,

Mommy and Daddy.... wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
My Dear Sweet Babies, wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Mommy and Daddy are remembering and thinking of you all on this Memorial Day.....We love you soooo much and miss you.

Mommy & Daddy XOXOXO
My Sweet Little Angel Babies, wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Mommy is just stopping by to say hello and that mommy and daddy love you so very much......I know we will all meet someday in that Perfect World Heaven.

XOXO Mommy & Daddy XOXO
Gretta's Mom
HI you sweet trio

My goodness, you must have loved each other very, very much. I looked at your heavenly birthdays and realized that they were all in the month of March, within days of each other.

I wish I could have seen you in this world. You must be truly special, because your are soul-mates to a wonderful mom (and dad).

Someday this vale of tears will be at an end and we will all be together in the Perfect World. It's the getting there that is so hard.

Sleep tight tonight, my sweeties.

Gretta and Rufus's mom
Hello My Trio of Sweet Babies, wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Mommy just wants to say hi and that your daddy and mommy loves you all soooooo very much. You all took a piece of my heart when each of you went to heaven. Sometimes I feel like I don't have much heart left, but your sweet memories and spirits will always be with me.

I love you Mugsy, Annie, and Mickey. The flameless angel candle is still lit, shining on your pictures in our living room......Rest your little eyes, my darlings, if you do that in heaven, and have a fun day tomorrow........Mommy's babies and Daddy's buddies.

Gretta's Mom
Hello Love My Mickey

Thank you ever so much for the beautiful "I Love Gretta" heart! It's a very difficult time right now. Bobbie is, as usual, doing much better than anyone expected. After only two months of some very gentle chemo, her lung tumors have shrunk, some by a whole centimeter. The tumors in her liver have stopped growing and have even shrunk a little. The general canter marker in the blood has gone down from 160 when I first got here to 60. (The rest of us who think we don't hve cancer have values of about 1 or 2, since there are always some tiny cancers in our bodies that our immune systems successfully fight off.) She has gained 8 pounds - although I think some of that may be the change from summer to winter chlothes. And she's giving some signals that it is time for me to go and let her and Stan live their lives together as they always have.

My father is now living in a Veteran's Home in Minnesota (he's a private pay until his assets reach a certain level so he's not affected by this stupid government shut-down / dept ceiling rain dance in Washington). Our middle sister, whom someone recently described as severely psychotic, is hovering over him and has decided to move into his empty house with him paying all the bills. I'm in charge of dad's money (financial POA) so every time I have to ask her for some information all she does is curse me out at the top of her voice using words that in my church they call "everything but a child of God."

Oh, how I miss dogs. Bobbie's got two cocker spaniels who are getting to be friends with me, but I don't feel at all comfortable crying here in here house so I don't cuddle up to them and just cry into their fur like I did with my own dogs. The same friend who told me that Miss Middle was severely psychotic also reminded me that I was grieving all the changes that are going on in my family - and that everyone expected me to be their miracle worker. Geez, if I could work miracles I'd bring back all the animals here on LS and give their moms and dads eternal life - NOW! Not in the cards, though.

Thank you for being a true, true friend to us, LMM. There's a song on a cassette I'm listening to as I write (by my favorite group, the Holmes Brothers) where the lead singer decribes his feelings when he had bladder cancer a few years ago (and was treated at Johns Hopkins, same as Bobbie) called "Fairweather Friend". It is THE saddest song, but there is a line in it that says, "True friends always stil until the end" - and that I how I feel about your and our Three Musketeers."

Tonight I have asked that Gretta and Rufus lie down together while it's night here and just send me down some "we love you, Mommie" rays. I know they will. Then I will ask for a love hum for YOU this weekend.

Arf! Arf! ("Doggie" for I love you)

Gretta and Rufus's mom

Thank you Gretta & Rufus's mom for your beautiful words! Love Ya'

Hello My Sweet Babies, Mugsy, Annie, and Mickey, wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

I bet you all had a Happy Thanksgiving up there in Heaven, because that's what Heaven is, love and happiness. You babies gave me 30 years of happiness on this earth and of that, I am thankful. You all didn't know each other here on earth, but I bet you all have met in Heaven and maybe comparing notes on mommy and daddy. You all were very different, but I learned a lot from each one of you. You all were such good doggies, and we have beautiful memories of each of you.

Until we meet again, goodnight my loves. Sending lots of love and kisses.

XOXO Mommy & Daddy XOXO
Hello My Sweet Babies, Mugsy, Annie, and Mickey,

Mommy is stopping by to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I know you will have a beautiful one in Heaven. I remember our Christmases, some many years ago. You all enjoyed your toys and treats. We still miss you all and we hold all the good memories in our heart. Love you all!

XOXO Mommy & Daddy XOXO
wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Hello My Sweet Babies, Mugsy, Annie, and Mickey,

Mommy is just stopping by to wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! We miss you all and we'll never stop loving you.

Hello My Sweet Babies, wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

On this Mother's Day I'm missing you all and loving you all. You played an important part in my life no matter how long it has been.

Love and Kisses and Belly Rubs....

Gretta's Mom
Oh Love My Mickey

What wonderful thoughts and messages to your three sweet babies. One of these days I'll have a surprise for you. I got one for Bobbie but by that time she was so sick she never put it up. Now it is up at her grave and the beautiful butterflies are flying around and around and declaring her beauty and good ness.

Rufus and Gretta's mom
Gretta's Mom
Oh my NO, LoveMyMickey!!!!!!

We have NOT NOT NOT forgotten you and Mugsy and Annie and Mickey!!!!!!

How could we possibly forget all the love you have given us???

How could we call ourselves dogs or dogs' beloveds if we did something as heartless as that?????

I answered your post on Pet Death and Dying forum yesterday.

You are in our hearts and souls now and NOTHING can extract you. We no longer know where one of ends another of us begins.

You, Mugsy, Annie, Mickey, Bobbie, Trevor, Bernie, Kelley, "Bugs-bee" Crocker, Spot, Squirt, me, Rufus Gretta. We're all just one big soul now!

Thank you so much for organizing the prayer-hum for me. I really need it right now. I'm having a lot of anxiety about moving now. Change is almost always hard for me. But for 20 years living in a Baltimore row house has been high on my bucket list and I'm just having a moment of unease about money. That's one of the down sides of being the child of depression-era parents. I know I will feel better when my SOcial Secuity actually starts. I'm just abnormally reluctant to withdraw andy of my private pension money.

We will always love you, LMM.

Rufus and Gretta's mom

Gretta's Mom
Good morning Love my Mickey,

I haven't talked to you and your beautiful trio for a while - my bad! How are you doing in all this heat?

I am still staying with my brother-in-law, and despite the several people - all people I trusted deeply - who urged me to get out quickly and "let him get on with his life - he has to" in my heart I made the right decision to stay with him as we both got past the shock-and-awe stage. We will always have HUGE holes in our hearts where Bobbie should be, but he has repeated his feelings that, as much as it hurts not to have her here with him, he's made happy by knowing that she is in heaven - free from pain, free from disease, free from diabetes, free from fear, especially the fear of dying, free from sadness and loneliness and despair. And full of complete, unadulterated joy, joy that we mortals cannot even begin wot contemplate. And reunited with her beloved dogs and birds, who can now all speak the same language. An as the old hymn says, she now "understands it better by and by." She is buried only about a mile from Stan's house so I make it a special effortt to drive my at least the cemetery, if not stop in and say hello to her, cry, ask for help or whatever that day is bringing.

I miss her so much, LMM. And I have learned well that plans made even those made for 20 years can go wrong in an instant. The only thing that is sure is the love of God.

I have taken an apartment in a section of Baltimore city that I grew very familiar with when Bobbie was in the hospital and nursing hom in 1995-1997. It's so comfortable here that I'm having a bad case of buyers remorse - especially because I gave away or threw away EVERYTHING I had to move here because I though I would be living with Bobbie and Stan. Lesson learned: things are only things. And its corollary: I've live in bamboo hits with dirt floors and earthen (not ceramic) dishes. Surely I can live in a two-bedroom apartment in a major city in America on almost nothing for as long as it takes to get up and running again. The bad news is that, despite the original listing, animals of any kind are NO, NO, NO. Which means this is not my permanent home.

I have fallen in love with Bobbie's two beautiful cocker spaniels, Dreamer and Kelly, and will continue to be the best Aunt I can to them. I don't want these two dogs who has suffered and lost so many things in their lives to have to experience yet another abandonment. I'll try to walk them at least every other day (hopefully more) and come over to feed them and let them out on days when Stan is working.

Thank you for sticking by Bobbie and me throughout all these disastrous and horrible years. Even a moment of peace between storms will be greatly appreciated.

We love you, our Fourth Musketeer.

Gretta and Rufus's mom (and Kelly and Dreamer's aunt)

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