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Walk Alone
Just over a year ago, I lost one of my youngest pets, Jet. It was a terrible illness. I have other cats, so I didn't feel the need to adopt another right away. I hung Jet's picture on my bedroom wall so I could see him each day when I went to bed and woke up, just as I always had. I missed my boy.

Dasher (another young, black cat) was Jet's very best friend. They were always together. After Jet's passing, Dasher played with the others, but none were as young as Dasher and none played hard like Dasher and Jet liked to play. I knew Dasher missed his brother.

There was a young, black cat named "Black Jack" that I had seen at my local Petco. Black Jack had been adopted as a kitten by a family that was not allowed to have cats in their apartment. When the landlord found out, he was relinquished to the local humane society. So, he was at Petco as an offsite location for the humane society. There was just something about Black Jack.

One day, Petco had a professional photographer at the store, and I took Dasher there to get is picture taken. Dasher cried the whole way there in the car and was completely beside himself by the time we got to the store. As we waited for our appointment, I asked Dasher if he wanted to meet Black Jack. We went into the adoption room for a meet and greet. Dasher went over to the corner and sat there crying and panting. He was not happy about his road trip. One of the associates opened Black Jack's cage for us, and Black Jack jumped out, ran over to Dasher and put his head against him as if to say, "It's okay, friend."

So, Black Jack came home with us. As we were on our way home, a friend called and had a medical emergency in his family and needed me to pick him up ASAP. I ran in my house with Dasher and Black Jack. I looked at Black Jack and didn't know what to do. I didn't have time to set him up in his own room like I had planned. Black Jack was a very calm cat and my cats are very polite and used to strangers (I foster a lot), so I just let him loose in the house and ran back out the door to help my friend.

When I came back home an hour later, Black Jack was nowhere to be seen. I was angry at myself for not setting him up properly, and assumed he was hiding somewhere in the house. After a quick scan downstairs, I went upstairs. I found Black Jack sitting on my bed and staring at Jet's picture on the wall. I sat down beside him, petted his sweet face and asked, "Do you know him?"

At night when I am trying to sleep and brace myself for the stampede that is Dasher and Black Jack, there is no doubt in my mind that Black Jack was at my local Petco for a reason. Jet had guided him there.
Hi, Walk Alone, CONGRATULATIONS on your new family member Black Jack. Thank you so oo o much for sharing this AWESOME journey that has brought Black Jack into your heart and home. There really is NO MISTAKE that your beloved Jet guided your and Black Jack's paths to this new earthly journey you now share. May your journey together be a happy, healthy, and long one.

I hope all is well with Dasher - - were you able to get his picture taken after Black Jack had comforted him? I hope life is treating you and all of your fur family kindly, Walk Alone. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers, and that I look forward to knowing how you and your furkids are doing whenever possible.

Peace and blessings,
What a wonderful story of a new beginning. It does sound as if Black Jack was meant to be with you and Dasher.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Walk Alone
QUOTE (moon_beam @ Nov 25 2011, 05:51 PM) *
were you able to get his picture taken after Black Jack had comforted him?

Yes, moon_beam. I got Dasher's pictures taken and some of Black Jack, too. smile.gif I should have my friend scan them so I can put them on here.

Thank you both for your kind words. smile.gif
Dear WalkAlone, What a great story - like the others I just know Jet sent Black Jack to you, looking forward to pictures when you get to post them!! Leejaye
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