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Full Version: Is It Wrong?
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Is it wrong to love my pets as brothers, call them my brother, think they are sentient, loving people and care for them more than humans...even humans in my own family i love very much?

I don't know if i could ever look my partner in the eye and honestly say i will love our child as much as Pierre as Takhisis or that i want a child as much as animals.......

I think deep deep down I'd rather have animals than a child because he wouldn't be able to share them with his parents and they wouldn't have human failings or be as easily influenced in bad habits that matter in human world.

people don't understand. i have a christian 'friend' who believes the bible but thinks god is ok with gays but animals have no souls and are less than humans (we are all LGBT its not a gay issue i just think its awful he as a gay christian adapts that bit for him sekf but animals are nothing?)

he also loves kids. i notice most people who really like others people and kids aren't big animal people. why is this?

Hi, Carissa, thank you so much for sharing with us how you're doing. Unfortunately, most organized religious denominations hold to their interpretation that humans are the be all and end all of God's creation BECAUSE Christ died on the cross for humanity's salvation. Well, of course He did - - it is because of humanity's tendency to royally screw things up that has our world - - the environment, relationships, governments, etc. - - so screwed up.

I personally have found this universally accepted interpretation to be inaccurate. The love bond we share with our precious companions is, in my experience, a glimpse of God's love for all of creation. Our companions give to us their unconditional love and undivided attention. They KNOW how we're feeling and do everything in their power to let us know that they love us regardless of our circumstances - - regardless of our social status, our financial wealth, and lack thereof, what kind of job we do, where we live - - be it in a royal mansion, a structure of more modest means, a tent, a cardboard box, or freeway underpass - - they solely live for us. We, in turn, surrender ourselves to them completely without reservation and knowing that the love we share with them - - the eternal love bond we develop with them - - will never be rejected.

Our relationship with other people can never be like this - - BECAUSE we as humans have "expectations" in our relationships with other humans - - to be loved, to be taken care of, to be accepted, to be treated fairly, etc.. With some human relationships we can know this but with other people we meet in our lives our relationships with them are not as fulfilling.

Having human children is similar to taking care of our precious companions, with obvious differences. Human children grow up, develop their own ideas, live their own lives, and this is as it should be. They decide if they want to remain close to the people who nurtured them or block them out of their lives. Our precious companions remain totally dependent upon us for their every need every single day from the moment we embrace them into our hearts and home to the moment they precede us to the angels.

The love bond we share with our precious companions is on an entirely different level than the love we share with other human people in our lives. Different is not bad or negative - - it is merely a reflection of the different types of relationship.

Whatever you decide about having human children, Carissa, will be the right one for you. The Good Lord did not enable me with the physical ability to have human children, and it took a lot of time for me to adjust to this in my younger years. He has blessed my life with the gift of love with the sweet furkids He has brought into my life, and for this I am eternally grateful for His abundant mercy and love. I believe that being blessed with the precious gift of a human child AND precious companions, if possible, can enrich all the lives living in that family unit.

I hope this helps, Carissa.

Peace and blessings,
Hi Carissa,

Is it wrong to love your pets as much, or more so, than humans? In a word - No. Love is love, and your heart is your heart. Nobody can tell you how to feel and don't worry about society's views. I loved my bunny as if she were my child. People used to laugh when I told them that but I didn't care. I too don't feel the maternal need for any children. A lot of people think that I'm crazy for this -- how can a woman not want to have children? My answer to them is that just because I'm not aimlessly following what society expects from me, does not mean I'm crazy. I'm my own person, I think for myself, and I'm not afraid to stick two fingers up to "society's norms." My point is, Carissa, don't worry about what is normal, or what is right or wrong. Go with your feelings and your own heart. You only get one life, so make sure you live it how YOU want to.

Hope this helps.

Cheryl x
thanks guy. its nice to find people who aren't baby crazy and who don't think humans are all sperior.

Humans seem royally nuts. i know two vegetarian supposed animals lovers one of them quote 'hates pandas and thinks they should die' because they are bad at breeding.......ok thats not insane at all. but if i said yuk babies their sounds make me want to punch them I would be considered a monster.

my best friend does like animals but can't understand how i see them as people and my bond with them far outweighs what bonds i have with humans.

when i thought my rabbit was dying mum got mad at me. she loves him too but couldn't handle by stress or distress and the fact i was screwing up my essays and in tears and suicidal but my cat Pierre just lay with me and comforted me and let me cry and accepted nothing of me.

I know you guys are right and I shouldn't care what people think but the more time I spend with the more I dislike humans. The things they say are awful and many of them are grosteque to me not beautiful like animals. when people say they are just animals or treat me like I'm bad or stupid because i value non humans more it makes me want to punch them.And the majority, vast majority of people seem to hold those views even many supposed animal lovers.
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