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John S
About six weeks ago I posted about four stray kittens that were near our home. Well three out of the four will not let me anywhere near them but a little yellow one, the runt was not as shy. I worked on him for a week or more with food; he would get closer and closer and finally let me touch him. Last night I caught him and brought him in. He is a wonderful little kitten, he is so happy and affectionate. We took him to the vet and he checked out good. The next step is to introduce him to Tucker; I'm not sure how to go about that yet. I wasn't ready to go get a kitten but this one came to me. I had lost my love Nikita and he need somebody to love him. This is a new beginning that I'm not sure I'm ready for but I just couldn't leave him out there any longer.
That's great news John. I hope all works out fine with the new little Kitty, and that Tucker takes to him ok. Good that you persevered with him. Please let us have more news and photo if possible when you can.
Jan and My Angels and Pixie x
John S
The kitten got a short introduction to Tucker today. That's the only thing I'm worried about; Tucker is so high energy and being a terrier I'm afraid he'll hurt the kitten. I've always had cats and dogs together and after the initial introductory period things were always fine. But, Ive never had a terrier and being they are both young I don't know what to expect. I hope they become friends as they grow up together.
John, that's great news. Isn't it strange how it was the yellow kitten that came to you? (considering your precious Nik was yellow) I hope that the kitten and Tucker get a long great. I'm sure with some careful supervised play, they will become great friends. A dog and a kitty family, how lovely! Let us know how things develop. Good luck.

Cheryl x
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