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Well its been just over 4 weeks since we lost our beloved Rufus. I have cried everyday as I miss his so much and I think it would be expected after having him in our lives for almost 16 years. The house has been so empty without him, I miss everything, his snoring, his clattering of claws on the floor tiles, I even miss mopping all the water drips from his mouth.
We knew we would get another dog but were after a recue dog, we visited 4 dogs homes yesterday but saw nothing. However today we did see something and I can`t believe it but we have actually got a puppy. OMG I keep saying to myself all the hard work starting over again. We have called him RALPH and he is an 8 week old Border Terrier, we only collect him on Friday and we are both really excited but on the other hand I keep asking myself have I done the right thing?????
I just hope that Rufus would approve, my friends all say Rufus would as he wouldn`t like to see me on my own so I just hope we have made the right decision.
I will try to post pics when we have him.
Debbie ***
hi, Debbie
I am waiting for the pics of RALPH
You did the right thing
Rufus will approve
feeling with You
Hi Debbie
I am very happy for you that you have found a new puppy to help fill the void. I totally understand having an empty home myself. I have had dogs for 22 years first 2 labs and then 1 lab one rescue and 1 bullmastiff. Then my baby smokey which was my lab had to be put down 4 years ago then in Dec my rescue had to be put to sleep then less then three months later our bullmastiff died suddenly. So I can relate to every single thing you said you missed. I know you probably are having mixed emotions just as I am searching for another puppy myself but havent found the right one. At times I feel guilty like I am trying to replace them and feel very upset even though I know we can never replace your Rufus or any of mine. I know they would want us to give the love we gave them to another dog. Keep us updated and post pictures when you can. I will do the same as soon as I find the right puppy.

Take Care and give ralph a kiss
Sorry I have been so late getting pics on but as you can imagine I have been busy. He is a little terror HAAA!!! but I have to say that we love him so much. I still talk to Rufus and have told Ralph all about him. He has helped to heal that gaping hole in both mine and hubbys hearts and I did feel a little guilty at first but know we have done the right thing. I had just forgot how much hardwork it was having a pup as its 16 years since HAA!

He was 10weeks old yesterday x
Dear Debbie:

What a beautiful bundle of love you have found in Ralph wub.gif . He looks absolutely PERFECT and I am certain that your beloved Rufus wub.gif is gazing down from Heaven smiling and giving you the "paws up" sign biggrin.gif .

Wishing you and yours much happiness & love,


Ken Albin
Congratulations! What a beautiful little guy Ralph is.

Ken Albin
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