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I lost my Puck back on 1-9. It was devastating because he was so young, but also because it was something that might have been fixable if I had more money.

I knew my Puck would have wanted another kitty to have a chance, so the next saturday, my friend Anna sent me a picture message of a little grey cat. I asked her what the pic was about, and she told me it was my new kitty.
I had discussed with her that I thought I knew the kind of kitty that would fit into my home (I have another cat, Batman. He was an orphan that Puck helped raise and they were so so close.). I wanted to get somebody who wasn't going to be too pushy/too alpha because my poor Bats had been through enough losing Puck and I knew I just couldn't take the discord.... the day that I lost Puck, I let my mom convince me to take one of her kitties, Steve, home so that Batman wouldn't get lonely. And it was horrible. Batman was upset, Steve was excited by his new home and WAY pushy and obnoxious... It just made everything harder, because with Puck and Batman together, there was never a hiss or a growl. I couldn't take it and I ended up taking him back to her the next day.

I had my reservations about bringing another kitty home after the failure with Steve. But this guy needed a home. He was born to a feral mother in the horse trailer of a trainer that I know. They got momma and the kittens into the tack room. The other kitties found new home, but he was apparently too shy. was then about 8 months old and was past cute kitten stage. My friend saw how scared he got when the kids at the barn for riding lesson would go in the tack room and bug him, and right away she thought of me.... I agreed to take him with the understanding that if he didn't fit in, I could bring him back. It felt like fate because I still had my kitty carrier in my car with me for some unknown reason....

Brought him home, and right away I knew that it could work out. Batman chirped and sang to him constantly. I think I could count on my fingers the number of times any hissing or growling happened, and it was all pretty minor... generally the result of Clark following Batman into the litter box.

Puck and Batman used to sleep curled up together. On my bed, in the chairs, on the floor... Everywhere.

I was worried that Batman wouldn't ever have that good of a friend again, but it looks like they're on their way.... Batman and Clark were just laying cuddled up next to me- batman in a little ball, and Clark stretched out, adjoined at the forehead and front legs, purring away after a nice session of grooming each other. wub.gif

I still miss Puck terribly, but I'm so grateful that Fate brought Clark into our lives. He doesn't fill the hole that Puck's loss left, but it does help and I just love the little fellow to bits.

Will try and get some pics of him to share. Going to be better about taking pictures of things. I never realized how few pics I had of Puck until he was gone and there could be no more.
Dear Pucksmom

I'm so happy for you and Batman as it's looking like you have found some joy in your lives again with the addition of little Clark. I do hope it all works out for you. As you say we can never replace our dear lost fur babies, but we can love again, and there are so many precious fur babies out there who need to be loved and cared for.
Please post some pictures when you can.
Jan and my Angels x
Here are a few pics I've snapped with my phone (keep forgetting to bring my camera back from the barn)
First pic is the one that my friend snapped before telling me she had the perfect kitty for me.
The next couple were taken in the first few days that he was with me.
he figured out very quickly that Gushy food is gooooood stuff, and belly tickles are fabulous things.

Black and white kitty is, of course, Batman...

Apparently I'm collecting superheroes... Because I have Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) .... and maybe Clark's last name is Kent?????
Dear Pucksmom,

First let me send you hugs on the loss of precious Puck. My heart breaks for you.

Batman and Clark are so lucky! In sooo many ways!! God Bless you for giving Clark a new chance at life in the perfect home. I'm crying for Puck then I cry happy tears for the new babies! You at least need to write a short story or childrens book. What a bittersweet story. wub.gif
Thank you Nickels (what a beautiful kitty!). I'm so grateful for the little furballs left in my life. Batman is feeling icky tonight (I ran out of his usual canned food and grabbed a different brand... PUNKY tummy!) so is having a little quality time curled up in my lap...
Clark was a punk this morning. It was definitely a Simon's Cat style wakeup call... with the addition of chewing on my fingers when I dared to continue to ignore him.... followed by batman barfing his whole breakfast all over my bathroom....
Luv em anyhow...
First picture is what I woke up to on saturday. It ws so cute, I had to roll over and grab my phone off my nightstand and take pictures;id=546608476
Second picture is Batman moving in for a snuggle... awwwww;id=546608476
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