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Full Version: Puppy Question
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Hi all
Not sure where to put this question. So I'll start here. First off I want to thank you all for your suppot when I lost both of my freinds Jay- dog and Goose. Bless them.
Its been 2 years on Jay and 18 months on Goose. And its time to get another bubby. We have been looking for good breeders and think we found one. We put a deposit on a beautiful puppy total cost is $1000.00. We went down and saw the parents and grand parents and also the puppies at 2 weeks of age. We don't live close so the breeder have kept us updated with pictures.
The problem is after looking at the puppy pictures and comparing puppies. I saw what looked like a swimmer puppy. They are now 5 weeks old. I went back over the pictures from birth to 4 weeks and kept seeing this puppy. We get last pick of the males and there is 3. I'm worried we might get this puppy. We do not have to accept it. But this would be very disipointing as we have been waiting. The last round of pictures at 5 weeks showed only 5 pups at a time. There is 6 pups
This makes me worry. I did call the breeder and he did say I saw right. They did have a swimmer pup. But he said its all better now and running with the others. But I could not count all 6 so I really don't know. I don't know anything about swimmer pups. But started to check on the internet. can anyone help me make the right choice about this pup. I'm I right to worry about it or does it really matter???
Hi Victoria

You did not mention the breed. I read your post and have been doing some research on the web. It does say it is more common in some breeds verses others.

Its a lab
I did call the breeder and he said yes they have one puppy that is a swimmer.
Thanks for answering my post. I been reading on this for a long time. I'll check back tomorrow. Time to go to bed...
Hi Vicoria

I just found a good link which may help you.

Having read information on that website, It would be wise for the breeder to confirm diagnosis to rule out any other conditions, and if the puppy is a 'swimmer' physiotherapy should have been started to try and correct the abnormamilty.
I feel for you, it's such a wonderful thing when you feel ready to bring another darling fur baby into your life, but maybe you should make sure that your new baby is healthy and thriving. Definitely worth the trip to actually see all the 6 puppies I think although you say it's some distance.
Sorry I can't be of more help.
Please let us know how you get on.
Jan x
We have all this weather comming our way. I wish I could get there before any of the pups are picked up. I do know which one it is. I don't think we are going to get that one. there is a possiblity we may not get that one. In that case we will take one. We will not be breeding. I'm just bothered that there is on 5 pups shown in the last picture update. Here is the link. What do you think?
Hi Victoria,

Though I know nothing at all about swimmer pups, I did want to stop in and say "HELLO" to you. smile.gif I have't seen you for a very long time, but remember you very well.

Good luck with the pup hunting. Wishing you all life's best.

Glad to hear from you too. Yes its time to get a new puppy. We are so excited. We still have Dinky and she is doing great!!!!!!!! She just turned 15 years old. She is amazing... Still no health problems. We thought it was a good time to get a puppy so she can show him the ropes. I think she will enjoy correcting

The breeders did contact me today and sent me some more photos of the pups and lots of the pup in question. I feel much better now that I have seen with my own eyes that he's ok... When we get him I will show him off....
The breeder has been very good and truthful with us so were good with this litter.
Thats great Victoria, I am so excited for you all getting your darling puppy. Please keep us posted, and can I please be Aunty Jan to the new baby.

Love Jan and my Angels xx
QUOTE (Victoria @ Jan 17 2010, 03:14 PM) *
Glad to hear from you too. Yes its time to get a new puppy. We are so excited. We still have Dinky and she is doing great!!!!!!!! She just turned 15 years old. She is amazing... Still no health problems. We thought it was a good time to get

A new puppy sure brings new and joyful sounds to the home and brightens a heart......THAT'S FOR SURE!!! I know when we brought Browser home, nearly 2 years ago now, was a Godsend for us and for Gidget. Browser put some pep in her step that brought us so much laughter and helped heal the heart wounds we suffered when Goliath passed away so suddenly.

Now we're in the midst of helping Gidget recover from her spinal surgery, which she had on Dec. 17th. Up one day and down the next. If you wish to read about Gidget, she is in the sickness section of this forum.

Good old Dinky is still hangin' in there. I'm so happy for you. smile.gif You had so much going on when I last heard from you and my heart just cried out feeling your sadness. It's great hearing about your excitement now and I'll bet Dinky will really be surprised too. A new pup will brighten her days and you can be sure that pup will pester the livin' daylights outta her laugh.gif

Please keep us updated Victoria. That is.....if you find the time. With new puppies two sets of eyes are necessary!!! laugh.gif

Hugs of love from my heart to yours,
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