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Full Version: Visits From Your Babies After Passing On
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Hi everyone. I just wanted to know...has anyone been visited by their furbabies after they've passed on??? I have and it is a truly remarkable experience-it really helps with the grief.
This is such an inspirational topic---so comforting, especially on those days when we need it the most!
I am copying something I posted here on June 27th.

LittleGirl'sMommy Posted: Jun 27 2004, 03:11 PM

Hi everyone,

Having a particularly sad day today. I just miss my Little Girl so so much. I want her here snuggled in my arms, purring, licking my face and gazing into my eyes (when I had her in my arms, all was right with the world). Sometimes it feels like such a desperation, even though this is all part of the process.

It's been just over 3 months and I wonder how I've survived. Well, I I know that the answer to that is thanks to all of you here at LS.

I've gotten some "signs" from my Little Girl---some in the form of rainbows and some in the form of a particular kind of bird whose voice sounds like Little Girl's. First I'll share a rainbow sign and I'll end with one of the bird ones that just blew me away.

After Little Girl passed on, I couldn't picture doing anything fun again, or at least not for a long time. I was in a little dance group and even before her death I wasn't sure whether I'd participate in the recital because I wasn't confident enough in a couple of the steps, and recital participation was optional anyway. About 2 weeks after she passed on, I was getting the feeling---as though it was coming from Little Girl---that I should dance in the recital. So for some reason I went to my closet to look at the outfit (black pants, blue T-shirt with scarf) that I would be wearing... when for the first time it hit me that the scarf was a brightly colored rainbow! And the tag on it said "783 Freedom Rainbow"... And that each dancer's T-shirt would be a different color of the rainbow.... Oh, and after the dress rehearsal, I was driving home when I noticed a big rainbow in the sky! I got several other rainbow signs too.

Now for one of the bird ones: About a year ago a friend gave me 4 or 5 little packages of seeds she'd come across, that I hadn't gotten around to planting. Finally on June 6th I felt like doing a little indoor gardening, so I got them out. I was in the middle of working on them when I heard the Little Girl bird! So I ran to my screen door and looked and listened to a beautiful concert. When the bird was finished, I went back to working on the seeds. That's when I noticed the name on the package of seeds I had been working with when I'd heard the bird: Bird of Paradise. It was Little Girl, reminding me she's in Paradise!!! The message was delivered by a bird who has her physical voice. I immediately felt uplifted. Then, I noticed the date on the package: "Packed for 1987 "..... 1987 was Little Girl's birth year! I knew this was from her, to comfort her Mommy. I am so grateful.

Writing those stories down and sharing them with you has helped me to feel a little better today. I hope they help to comfort all of you, too, as a reminder that all of our furred/feathered/finned babies are in a state of bliss.

p.s. I'll let you know if the 17-year-old seeds come up. Whether they do or not, I got my sign.

BabyHannahsMom Posted: Jun 27 2004, 08:12 PM


Pretty wild! Bird of Paradise and Little Girl's birth date! I'm glad you're getting signs and they are making you feel better. I bet the flowers will bloom too.

karen424 Posted: Jun 28 2004, 06:17 AM

I'm sorry to hear you had a rough day yesterday. Your Little Girl knew her mom needed those signs and
she sent them! Her spirit lives on right there with you - each and every day! I would love to receive
a sign from Buster! I'd better keep my eyes open!

Love & Hugs,

My baby boy Buster - Forever we will be one...mother & Son....02/02/89 - 06/18/04

LittleGirl'sMommy Posted: Jun 29 2004, 10:25 PM

I would be interested in hearing if and what signs any of you have gotten from your babies.

(And even if it doesn't seem that you're getting any, rest assured that their spirits are iright there with you.)
Yes, I have had visits from my babies who have passed on!

The first dog we had to have put to sleep was our miniature schnauzer, Spike (we're not real original with names!). Spike died on January 4, 1999.

I know it was March - something of that year that I had the most intense dream! I was still having an incredibly bad time with Spike's death, crying every night, severely depressed, etc. The dream was I could see the back of my DH and I and Spike was sitting a little ahead and above us - right next to a closed door! Spike was staring intently at me - not angry (5 YEARS LATER I CAN STILL SEE THE EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE!) - just staring intently. In the dream I nudged my husband - he was doing something and not looking at Spike. I said, "Mike - it's Spike!" and he said "Uh huh" - tolerantly but like yeah, whatever. That was it - that was the entire dream. But, there's not a doubt in my mind that that was a visit to me from Spike and I believe he was telling me I had to let him go through that door - he needed to go through that door and somehow my grief and depression were keeping him here. I made a concerted effort after that to get ahold of my grief, because Spike needed me to do that before he could move on.

Spike lived upstairs - away from the other dogs (we had 8 others at the time) because they just got on the old man's nerves. We had a baby gate on the stairs to keep the other dogs from going upstairs and whenever Spike would wake up from a nap, he would shake his head and we would hear his ears flap and would get up to move the baby gate so Spike could come downstairs to get some water or go outside to go potty.

About 6 months after Spike had died, I was unemployed and was sitting here one day watching TV. All the dogs were here in the living room with me and they were all asleep. My back was to the stairs on the sofa I was sitting on when I actually heard Spike shake his head and flap his ears! The sound was so ingrained in me, I had halfway risen to move the babygate before I realized what it was I heard. I looked over and Phoenix (my lab baby who died last April) had actually woken up and she was looking up the stairs!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not! I looked at Phoenix and I said "Okay, you heard it too! I'm NOT going nuts!"

Our 2nd dog that died of old age was Duke, our 16 year old ##er spaniel. He died on August 22nd, 2002. Last Thanksgiving (2003), my husband and I were in the kitchen making Thanksgiving dinner and we heard a growl from up here in the living room. I stopped what I was doing and I said "That sounded just like Duke!" and my husband said "I just thought the same thing". So, we wished Duke a Happy Thanksgiving - I think he visited us then.

I have not had a visit yet from Phoenix. But, I know I will at some point.
QUOTE (dixmuffin @ Sep 18 2004, 05:46 PM)
Hi everyone. I just wanted to know...has anyone been visited by their furbabies after they've passed on??? I have and it is a truly remarkable experience-it really helps with the grief.

Will my precious baby Angel cat visit me?? Everytime I close my eyes, all I can see is her lifeless body on the vets table - would she want to visit the person who put her there????
QUOTE (Toni @ Nov 21 2004, 06:07 PM)
Will my precious baby Angel cat visit me?? Everytime I close my eyes, all I can see is her lifeless body on the vets table - would she want to visit the person who put her there????

Toni, I feel pretty certain that somehow, some way, Angel WILL visit you!

Angel still loves you - you know that!!

It will happen when you least expect it!!!
[COLOR=purple]I'd been looking for my cat, Sprite, who was v. sick and had disappeared. He had gone away to die. I went home and lay down on the couch and went into a sleep-like state and I saw him. Very clear images, and in them he was a lot younger and looked perfect. He was lying there, just looking at me. I saw him in different poses. My imagination? Or did he really show himself? One thing, the experience felt very intense and felt like stuff I couldn't handle - I'm just a mortal and don't know what happens when we die. The next day I had another image, and in that I saw that he had finished here, and it was time to go. He was more than a cat. I'm not explaining this too well, but his spirit felt powerful, and definitely not mortal. Whereas, I'm just a dumb mortal and felt afraid. I'm left with the impression the spirit is not a wisp but a powerful presence. In life, he had a powerful presence too. He was very social and very determined and very loving. [/COLOR]
My closest friend of 30 years has had kitties all her life. She has lost maybe 10 in all. But there was one very special one called Sam.
On Wednesday night she was sitting quietly in her front room with her 2 cats, and she distinctly heard the sound of a cats paws padding down the stairs.
One of her cats also heard it and his ears went alert and he jumped off her lap to see who the intruder was. He stood at the bottom of the stairs and started acting in that cat behaviour that they do when there is another cat in the vicinity. He was staring at the stairs.
My friend went out and there was no one there. Her cat kept acting in the same way but there was no other cat in the house and the house was locked and all the windows shut.
She glanced up at the kitchen calender and realised it was the anniversary of when Sam had died. She truly believed he had visited her.
I know her very well and know that she truly believes what she heard.

I wish I could have an experience like that, but I never have.
I had a dream 2 wks after Moose passed. First I must say I dont dream much at all and have never dreamed about my family members....Well in my dream, my son who is still alive by the way..(i think it was my son in my dream") my dream.......i opened my front door and there in front of a pile of dead grass laid Moose (looking dead) my dad and my son standing there, Moose saw me and jumped up and ran to me, I was petting him saying oh your okay as I stroked his back and noticed it was fine. Then for some reason my father and I pointed our fingers at my son and scolded him (i do not know for what) Then there has been a bird that mimic's Mooses whine, I first heard it about 2wks before moose passed and about 2 wks after it is gone now i havent heard it. I was skeptical about these things but mother bought a house in 1989, she loved this house, used to talk about how happy she was and content in her HOME. About 2 months after she passed I was sitting on her back steps when I noticed an ethching in the said July 13, 1957, I was shocked and stunned,,,,you see my mother died on July 13, 1994. Pamela
I keep reading about people receiving visits from their pets and I totally believe in that sort of thing. I talked to 2 other dog lovers at work who've lost pets and said they received visits....but I have yet to get a sign from Jazzy. It's like she never existed and I'm left with memories (that feel like they are receding in my mind) and pictures and a few physical objects. She left me and Bailey. sad.gif
I will never forget a sign that I received when I was in college and my mom put my childhood dog, Candy, down. That morning I was getting ready in my dorm and 2 mourning doves landed on my window sill at the approx time my mom was back home at the vet to put her down. They stayed for a few minutes (I even was able to snap a picture) and then flew away. Nothing like that ever happened before or again. I believe Candy was telling me she was free from her ailing body. When I came home that summer, I heard her in the middle of the night, moving from my room to my mom's room, as she always did. It was a comforting sound and when I woke, I knew her spirit was there. It happened for about a week and then it stopped. I knew she stayed to help comfort me, and then she went over Rainbow Bridge.

So where is Jazzy???????? She and I were bonded SO close and she just up and LEFT ME?? mad.gif
SJ J & S
Hi Jazzygirl,

Anger is good it means you are moving on through the mourning process. smile.gif

There could be number of reasons you are not getting a message the main one being that you are in a fog of despair and until some of the negativetly around you clears she will not be able to get through.

The other is that you are missing or dismissing the signes.

Try to relax one evening and meditate, this is not easy to do when your hurting so much but keep trying it helps to relax the brain from all that stress.

Love Sue
Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for your post. I feel like I'm in a whirlwind of I'm feeling ALL the stages of grief at the same time. I'm sad, then I'm not = denial. Then I get angry, then guilty for everytime I ever yelled at her or scolded her or got mad at her. (She was an incouragable spirit! LOL) But she was my girl. She was the best of me, hell she even had my facial expressions. LOL It's coming to the one month anniv tomorrow. It is my hope that I'm strong enough to be able to post more about her in my thread. I haven't been able to post a eulogy or tribute in that area of the forum.
I think the first thing you said might be the answer. I'm TOO full of dispair right now. Although others on this board are too so what makes me any different?
Thanks again for your thoughts. smile.gif
SJ J & S
Keep looking for signs (but dont get obssessed with it) they can be as simple as a certain record coming on just when you need it, light shining through the window onto her photo or your face.

sometimes the secret is in how that moment made you feel, and you just know it was sent from her. - dont dismiss it by thinking oh im so desperate for a message, take it and send her thanks then the next one should come through more stongly.

After loosing Jude i walked into a carpet shop and 'hey jude' started playing, i walked out and into the shop next door and found the perfect carpet for my bedroom laugh.gif Thanks Jude
I don't necessarily think this is a "sign" but today I was outside in the backyard with Bailey. I noticed that only in one spot there was 2 short dandelions. There were also a few little purple flowers, close to the ground. They were on the exact spot that Jasmine liked to stand, and look up into the adjacent evergreen trees for birds and squirrels. We used to think she was crazy, because she would stand and stare and bark. It wasn't until months later that I noticed there actually was a few sparrows hiding in there. So she wasn't crazy after all. She LOVED to run around these trees and then stand in front of them in the same spot. It is where those 2 flowers grow.
This is our first spring here in this apartment so I have no way to know if dandelions have grown there before or not. But I do think it's a little weird because usually dandelions sprout all over the place, not just in one little spot.
Even if it's not a sign, I'd like to think that nature is trying to make me feel better by giving her own place as a rememberance. wub.gif
I got a sign today....and I'm a mess. LOL I can't stop crying.
I was out in the yard, looking at the dandelions that I mentioned in my post yesterday. It is so beautiful out today and I kept thinking how much Jasmine would have LOVED to be outside today.
So I stood quietly, and started talking to her. I walked over to the dandelions, and said "Is that you babygirl? Are you trying to cheer me up with flowers?" Then I walked away, and stood at another part of the yard. I took a deep breath and said "I miss you Babygirl...please give me a sign."
About 15 seconds later, I was looking down and I heard the sounds of a mourning dove's wings. That high pitch noise they make when they fly. I looked up and there was a mourning dove, sitting on the metal grapevine holder. I almost fell over. If you recall from my earlier post about the sign from my other dog, it was also a mourning dove. I have always believed these birds were signs.
So I started talking to it. I said "Is that you Jazzy? I miss you so much." The bird turned its head and looked at me. Then it started preening. Now, mourning doves are ground birds, they prefer to be on the ground, not perched. So I KNEW it was her. I started telling her that I loved her, and I missed her. I told her I was sorry that I wasn't the one who was holding her in her last moments. I told her I was so sad without her. Bailey was with me and I said to him, "Look, Jazzy came to see us." He sat down and looked up at me very calmly. Then I asked her if she was okay, and that I hoped she was. Then I said "Be free, like you have free and happy and know that I will always love you and I'll see you again. Thank you for coming to me." The bird turned, and flew away.

Man, I'm a mess right now!!! I'm going out in a couple of hours to see Phantom of the Opera and I hope I can pull myself together!!
Thanks for helping me have faith, Sue. Maybe now she'll come see me more often. wub.gif
Rusty's Mom
Dear Audrey,

I'm a "mess" after reading your post!! wub.gif . Happy for you and crying at the same time because that moment must have been so emotional. That Mourning Dove was a sign from your Jasmine........I have no doubt. I'd bring alot of kleenex tonight. You'll need it with the beautiful Phantom music! So happy that you receivd a sign from your sweet baby.

I think in our waking moments it is much harder for us to interpret whether or not our babies spirits are present. I know that Romeo visited me once while I was sleeping. It would be easy to pass this off as just a dream but those of us who have had these "dreams" know that they have a different feel to them. I dreamt of Romeo once before he really visited me, and it had that surreal quality to it, you know the way dreams are sometimes weird? In the dream I knew that Romeo had died and that it couldn't really be Romeo, and it was later confirmed in the dream. The dream also had an emotional, frantic feel to it. The real visit from Romeo was very different. It was not dream-like at all. He was laying in bed with me the way he always did and it just felt real, no sense of loss or grief, just very comforting. It was as if he had never left me. When I awoke I was not sad or emotional but rather I was thankful. He has not visited me again since and unfortunately I don't think he will again. I never got to say goodbye to him while he was alive so I think that is why he came to visit, to lessen the pain and guilt I felt for not being there when he died. I wish he would come and visit again but I think that is selfishness on my part. I have a friend who has lost a number of animals over the years and none of them have ever visited her, at least not in the way that Romeo visited me. She loved these animals with all her heart and I know a visit would help her, but for whatever reason they don't visit her in that way. She does believe their spirits have been present at different times and for that I hope she is thankful, even if it is not as settling as the way some of our babies have visited us.
SJ J & S
Its amazing what we just know if we just stop and listen.

Then we have to continue to beleive and not let doubt set in. biggrin.gif our first impressions are always right.

Love and Hugs
Hi Lynn. Thank you for your post. Yes, it was hard to listen to Phantom, especially "Wishing you were Somehow Here Again". But I forced myself to hold back the tears because I didn't think it would be wise to let loose in public. LOL

Yes, it is amazing. It still feels surreal to me.
I'm so happy for you that you had such a beautiful experience. I am beginning to realise that the more we acknowledge these special moments when our furbabies attempt to let us know that they are still with us, the more frequently they seem to occur.

I had a small "moment" the day after Ellie died, but could not be truely sure of its significance. A rose bloomed in my garden on the day following her death, in December, on a rose bush that was seemingly dead. Then there was a period of 6 weeks with nothing at all.

Approx 6 weeks after she died I felt the sensation of her jumping on the bed one night and snuggling into the small of my back. It was a very real feeling and lasted 5 minutes.

Then at about the 4 month mark, as I passed the door of my back room, I clearly saw her standing looking out into the garden. By the time I registered what I had seen my footsteps had already taken me past the door and on into the kitchen, I backtracked quickly and looked again and all I could see was a kind of fading translucent mist in the spot where she had been standing.

Since that moment my grief resolved, and now I feel her prescence around me all the time. I know she is alive and well and healed and living on a plane of existence somehow parallell to our own and that at times she may even give me physcial proof of this, even though I now no longer need it.

My cat Tiggy who died the previous year has never visited me.

I hope your wonderful experience has been a comfort to you.
with love
Those are beautiful signs Jilly. I especially love the rose. smile.gif
I had a beautiful Collie Dog that had to be put down when I was 16 years old. I grieved so hard for her. Many many years later I had a dream that I could reach out and touch her under her Ruff and I smoothed her fur the way I did when she was here on earth. I swear it was her way of saying Good-Bye and it was okay to go on. I woke up sobbing but I was very comforted and I have never worried about her since. I swear I felt her fur as if she was alive and in person.
My ffolx' cat, Spooky, was 19 when he died on December 11, 1983. Seems odd it was that long ago! He was a huge, black longhair (not Persian), tho' at the end he was more brownish. He is buried close to Nicky's resting place.

A year ago to the day of Spooky's passing, I'm sure I saw a black cat sitting in that spot in the garden. I believe my mom saw it too. So, yes, I believe there's definitely something to the notion of our kitties paying us a little visit. I haven't seen Nicky yet, but we were so close, I'm open to it.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Hugz, everyone)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Jazz's mommy
Hi, I'm new here, but I had to share a story about my Jazzy's visits. Jazz loved to sit on the washer. I'm not sure if he liked the motion or what as he always sat there. Anyway, if I went to the restroom when he was there, Jazz would reach out to you with his paws and hold your face in them. Well, after he passed, I was extremely depressed. One day, shortly after he passed, I heard a huge thump on the washer. I went to see if it was one of my other two cats (though I don't know why as neither of them sat on the washer). There was nothing in the bathroom, but I know Jazz was there.
Another thing. Jazz loved to chase his Jessi Bessie (lol, our other cat). When we got ready to go to school, he'd start chasing her. She seemed to love this too. Well, after Jazz had passed, I woke up and all of a suddent Jessi starts running through the house as though her tail was on fire. I laughed because I knew that this was Jazz's way of saying goodbye to Jess.
Now, that it is almost a year since he left me, Jazz doesn't visit anymore. But, I know that he did because I was severely depressed, and he wanted me to feel better. Now, I have happy images of him instead of the visions I had of how he died. His visits were a way to tell me that he still loved me and that it wasn't my fault that he died. I love that cat.

Just last night, after having a very sad day of tears, and missing my Mo, I swear that I heard his meow. I even turned down the T.V., and told Aaron to hush, because it sounded so real. I dreamt of him a couple of weeks after he died, and that was great, but that sound of his cry stopped me dead in my tracks. Aaron didn't hear it, but I KNOW I did. It actually made me cry harder, as I was already having a bad day, and the sound reminded me of how long it's been since I heard him talk for real. He had such a special voice, and I miss hearing it everyday, but thanks to that sign last night, I remembered just how beautiful he sounded when he talked.
I didn't have it in me to type a post about it today, so when I came across this thread, I decided to share it here.
We are so grateful for their lives they shared with us, and even more grateful when they give us signs in the midst of our grief.
I love you, baby boy, come visit me again.
Ken Albin
Several weeks had passed since we euthanized Daddy Cat. I was lying in bed one night and suddenly I heard a thump sound at the foot of the bed. There was some light from the next room so I could see the covers as a depression was made near the end of the bed. I felt a movement across the bed and then for a moment I felt a warmth next to me and heard a deep purring sound like Daddy Cat used to make when he would lie next to me in bed. I looked beside me and could see nothing but I felt a sense of love and acceptance from that spot next to me on the bed. A few moments later the sensation left me and I sensed that he had gone back after saying hello one last time.
Oh yes. Rushie seems to like it so much here, he's not leaving. Go figure. smile.gif

We heard him alot in the days right after he passed. But every night since, his dog bed in our front hallway moves. Every morning I move it back against the wall and every night, he slides it out where he likes it. Haven't heard him in a few days, but that bed moves like clockwork. I know when visitors come, they're going to ask where the dog is, since there's a bed there, but I'm not getting rid of it! I don't care if some think it's weird, I haven't even washed it. The cat won't sleep on it (she sees him sometimes, I swear). I'll just have to say "Oh, he's around here." with a mysterious smile.

You're right too, it really helped with the grief to feel his presence and know he was here looking after us.
Bird girl
T-bird has been paying me visits ever since her death. They're less frequent now, though last week when I was going through a really bad time, she visited again. I was sitting at work, looking out the window. Tears were running down my face. I was thinking of T-bird; missing her so so much! I was also hoping we wouldn't get any customers for the time being. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her sitting on my shoulder! It was very distinct.

For the first month after her death I'd hear her in the forest outside the bathroom window. She'd make a very distinctive whistle that no wild bird in the area makes. Every now and then I'll still hear her cluck from somewhere in the house. It's all so strange but is also reassuring. I like to think of her flying outside in the forest instead of just in the house.
The day we put Seth down i came home and cried myself to sleep on the couch. Whenver i layed on that couch and slept, Seth would climb on my back and sleep on me. The day that he passed, i felt him climb on me, arrange himself just so, and then went to sleep with me. When i woke-up i could still feel him there! I know that he was just trying to tell me that even death couldn't seperate us!

Two months after we lost Seth, we got Tommy from the vet. The vet figures he was born around the last weeks of Seth's life. For the first few weeks it freaked me out because Tommy was doing things that only Seth ever did. Our other two cats, Benson and Savannah, took to him right away! These are two cats that FREAK out when another cat is even in the yard! Tommy even steals my husbands glasses the same way Seth did!

Two days after Seth passed, i asked my husband if he really wanted to come back, would Jesus let him? My husband said i think so. I than asked how would we know that it was Seth? My hubbie told me that he would take off his glasses, show them and when the Kitty grabbed them, we would know that it was Seth and take him home with us! Tommy was so skinny and weak and beat-up in the Vet's office when we first saw him, the vet warned us he was not moving a lot. He jumped up and grabbed the Glasses!!! Now, i don't know if Seth has come back to be with us or if he is just talking through Tommy too us, telling us it's okay. But, i know something is going on between Tommy and Seth.
I have been visted by my Misty a couple of times, I hear the jingling of the tags on her collar, First time I had to make sure MY new dog was on the bed, and he was, sleeping... The second both dogs were there, but Bernie, Misty's sister was looking out into the hallway like she could sense her presence. I am sure MIsty was stopping by to say Hi to her sis and let her know she is near, not that Bernie is ready to go... maybe Misty is planning on living some more through her, whatever the case I hope Bernie finds having her there contenting.
Daisy's Mommy
A few days after Daisy passed away, my husband and I had the same vivid dream at the same time - between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning. In our dreams, Daisy came back and we both wanted to wake the other up to say "Daisy is back!" The dreams were so real and so identical that we felt sure that it was more than a coincidence. Daisy came back to help us with our terrible grief. She wanted us to know that she was o.k. She was a dog that could not bear to see us unhappy, so it makes sense that she would be the same after her death.

Also, right before she died, my husband had a dream in which she was running towards him with tears in her eyes. I believe that was her soul telling him that she would be leaving soon and would miss him. She was his special baby.

We still miss her terribly, but the dream did help.

Daisy's Mommy
Oh, this thread of posts is making me cry. In the last few years I lost two cats who both visited me in dreams a few times. You're right, they're not like other dreams. In fact, in one, when I saw Tin, I yelled to everyone else to hold on a minute. Then just like pausing a movie, I rushed over, scooped her up, and had a joyous hello. Moments later the dream picked up right where it had left off.

My recent loss was Mink, 4 weeks ago today. Two days after he was killed (at age 3), Willow and I woke to a thwapping sound on the bathtub. Loud, rapid, thwap, thwap, thwap. EXACTLY the sound of Mink's tail flicking back and forth as he excitedly watched birdies at the feeder outside the window. (Kitty TV, I called it.) It was loud, it was there, and both Willow and I heard it. Because it was SO loud and real -- no barest wisp here, I immediately dismissed it as being Mink. The only thing I could think of was that an animal was under the house and flapping around under the tub area. Structurally, this makes no sense, but to scare away the animal, I thumped my fist on the side of the tub. It still kept going. Odd, if it were a bird underneath, that should have scared it away. So I stepped into the tub and stomped my feet. It stopped. I haven't heard the sound since. And the only thing it sounded like -- the ONLY thing -- was Mink's tail, thwap, thwap, thwap. It's hard for me to believe that Mink's spirit could make such a loud physical noise, but now with reflection, I feel it was him. And I REGRET stepping into the tub to make it stop. I hope he doesn't think I was trying to scare him away -- I'd be horrified if he thought that. I wish I'd just listened, and watched the birdies with him.

Oh, I ache with missing him! He was my baby, my child, my light. I so desperately want to have another visit with him, so I can show him how much I love him and never meant to chase away his presence last time. sad.gif Sometimes I feel like I'm coping okay, and then a bubble of the most crushing grief surfaces and I'm sobbing all over again.
Yes, the day after I put my beloved Rocky down I was standing in the hallway in my house. All of the sudden the strongest smell of of cat chow came over me. I was not near the food bowl so I know it wasn't that. The smell was actually overwhelming. I knew it had to have been him as I never experienced that smell before or since.

Last week a couple of times in the house I'd catch a dark shadow out of the corner of my eye. Moving like it was following me. Very strange but I felt it was him. No dreams yet but I keep hoping he comes so I can see him, hold him and of course give him a million kisses. wub.gif
When I went to walk in the Race for the Cure not too long ago we stopped after the walk (my mom and I) to listen to the speeches from the various survivors and local tv personalities. Anyway, amongst the ppl in the crowd was a woman holding a chihuahua that looked EXACTLY like my Tia who I lost about a month was so uncanny I started to cry (thankfully I was wearing sunglasses and I think no one noticed or thought I was crying about the survivor speeches....oops). for a split second I was filled with relief thinking "she didnt' really die! it was a mistake there she is!" but when I realized just one second later that wasn't the case I cried all over again to realize her death was true...not something I could talk myself out of as being a bad dream or something....Anyway when I saw her I noticed fireflies...probably 30 of them..flying around above the heads of the ppl in the crowd. Fireflies traiditonally symbolize the spirits of the deceased...So I feel like it was a twofold was that Tia was telling me it's ok (cuz I saw a dog just like her AND fireflies at the same time) and two it was a sign from the loved ones of the ppl who were at the walk who had lost loved ones to breast cancer. This was a truly touching moment.

The next day I was browsing an internet video site, just looking at the most recently posted videos not browsing anything in particular and on the last page I decided to look at before going to bed I saw a video of a chihuahua that also looked just like Tia. mind you, this is the day after I just saw a chihuahua just like her at the Race for the Cure! I was so shocked cuz I never really saw (or didn't notice) chihuahuas like her all around me like that before until recently. I felt, perhaps foolishly (to make myself feel better...but, hey, perhaps not...) that this was a sign.]

Also, I won't go into detail cuz it would take a long time but I dream about Tia almost every night. I had a VERY realistic dream that had the same surreal feeling and instant memory recovery to it like some dreams I had in the past of my deceased cousin who visited me in dreams after her death (and told me things only her mom knew...I later confirmed when I told her my dreams). I refer to the instant memory recovery because these dreams, unlike my usual ones, I don't remember as soon as I wake up. I remember them in a sudden flash like something just hit me and I went "oh....where is this memory coming from?" and I realize...I dreamt it last night..but it wasn't like a dream at all it was so real. I had a dream like this about Tia just a week or so ago.
I keep wishing for another sign from Mink. After that first experience the day after he died (thwapping tail in the bathtub sound, see above), there's been nothing. He hasn't shown up in my dreams, where I desperately want to visit with him. Sometimes I get the feeling he's sitting on the back of my recliner, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

A friend of mine at work has given me pause, though. Starting the week after Mink died, before she'd heard about it, she noticed a ball of purple-blue energy tagging along at my heels. When I told her about Mink, she was relieved, "I wondered why the heck I was seeing that." It doesn't really have form, but the movement of it is cat-like, "and it's happy and loving, but that's about all I can tell you." She's a pretty grounded person, not astral-foo-foo, but she's training in bodywork and is becoming more intuitive/sensitive to energy around us. Last week she said that "oh it's still there, but now there's two of them." She added that it feels like there's some really big changes coming soon, and they're here to support me. Not necessarily bad changes, but big ones.

I'm guessing the second presence would be Tinsica, a life-companion dear-heart kitty I lost 4 years ago, at the ripe old age of 18-1/2. Her death was wrenching, but not unnatural. Mink died at age 3 by being hit by a car -- a wrongful death. The grief has come back full-force. It's been over 4 months, and I was doing better in July and August than I am now. For a while there I was able to talk about him, and show pictures, but now I can't even think his name without crying. I cry every day again. I feel like a crazy woman.
Precious' mom
This may sound too good to be true but I receive signs (not actual visits) from my Precious all the time, though not every single day. He chose to come to me as a rainbow last week. I was listening to a song while on hold with an insurance company (True Colours by Cyndi Lauper) and saw the rainbow outside my office window. I had just been thinking of Precious -- what a wonderful, comforting thing he sent!
I don't think of him with sadness, it's joy because he still sends little signs like that, still communicating because of the strong bond we shared. I miss him physically but he still remains with me in so many other ways. It's such a blessing that he still wishes to remain with me!
Lisa biggrin.gif
I wait and hope every day and night that my Alley will visit me soon. it has been over three weeks and I keep waiting for one of these experiences. I just want to be able to know that she is somewhere and that she is happy and doesn't blame me for not being there with her at the end.

I miss her so much.
I just lost my Molly on 1/15. Today I was picking an avatar and the chair in the dining room creaked liked it did when Molly sat in it waiting for me to get off the computer. I did a double take. Yesterday I kept hearing her collar. A friend said it is her spirit. I cried to Molly tonight and asked for her spirit to stay with me. It gives me a little comfort. If only I could quit crying.

Our Sadie girl left us last nite and my wife tells me she already heard her snort while she was taking a nap this afternoon.

For me, she hasn't even left yet as all I hear are her paws on the wood floor.

This is all very raw and I wish I could just feel my baby licking my face.
OH WOW! I JUST HAD A VISIT FROM TWITCH! First one, I've been waiting! I just heard his familiar "thump" as he jumped down off the counter where I fed him. It sounded just like him, and Willow looked up; he heard it too. Then I thought it might be Luna, but I got up and looked and all three cats were lying down quietly. HA! Brings a smile to my face to know he's around. smile.gif
I'm so glad I saw this thread! I have been afraid to post about my visits because I was afraid you would all think I'm crazy. So glad to see there are similar minded folks on here!

The Sunday after Mama passed I felt her brush up against my legs. I was playing with my son so I was not really thinking about her and I reached down to pet her. I then remembered, she's gone but really not gone!

I have had such a heavy chest since her passing and yesterday, I was with my "mentor" who is an extremely gifted individual (as gifted as John Edwards and Lisa Williams) getting my bodywork done. I suddenly felt the weight on my chest lift and sure enough, Mama was sitting on it, purring away. wub.gif
I LOVED reading these stories! The night after we had to put poor Murphy down due to cancer, I felt a weight on the mattress in the middle of the night just like he jumped up on the bed! I thought I was hallucinating due to my grief. The following week my little girl told me she heard his dog tags jingling in the hall. Sometimes I'm sure I hear him giving me little "grrrrfffff" in greeting when I come home from work. It's just the strangest thing but I like to think he's trying to communicate with me!

I miss him so much!!! wub.gif
I would like ideas from anyone on the meaning of a dream I had 2 nights ago. My cat Neo died 7 weeks ago and it's been really hard coming to terms with it. In the dream I saw a black and white fluffy cat laying in the road. There seemed to be another black and white fluffy cat laying on top of it, which got up and walked away. (Neo was fluffy black and white by the way) In the next part of the dream, I was in a queue to get on a plane( I think it was a plane anyway) and in the doorway of the plane was the same cat! I woke up at this point. Maybe he's off to moggy heaven on a jumbo jet? It was rather a nice dream actually.
Maybe the cat that was on top of the other one -- the one that got up and walked away -- was Neo's spirit. That's how it sounds to me. I'm reading a book called "Animals And The Afterlife", byt Kim Sheridan, and there's an account of a woman who's cat died in her arms, and she says she actually saw the cat's spirit leave its body and go towards a door with two people standing by it, and through the door it was all light and a lot of activity.

I'm not one to look for the supernatural, but I had what I believe was a visit from my dog Lucy, and it was a very nice experience. I always thought I'd be freaked if anything like that happened, but I wasn't. There was just peace.

I hope these signs of Neo bring you peace. There's no reason to think they don't live on.

-- Michelle K.
I hav'nt had any visits from Lucy yet.
I sometimes think I've seen her.
Then know she's not there.
The other night I thought I saw her upstairs.
And Evan went to check in the bedrooms.
My Doxie and Me
2 weeks after passing a dream so real as if i'am standing watching myself call to a reflection intime as my thoughts
where of my friend i lay in bed but can not move as Jen stands at the top of the stairs as light shines into are home
I see through my friends eyes as i stare back at myself i'am helpless unable to move..
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I call her name as she looks to me time stops for a brief moment as i fill with panic Please don't go...As i wake with tears as my Heart breaks
This was no dream when are love ones pass these friends have no words they touch are Hearts.

As i can not see properly to form my words forgive me... I have seen my friends sign and i know she is well
it's her Final Goodbye When words have no meaning Hearts speak for us.

I miss you my friend i have spoken with words that are not mine as you guide me to search for every step you have taken
and the endless joy that we share as you speak through me you heal my heart.

Be well Old Friend..

Update 7/25/18

I still celebrate my friend thru following are time by telling her story
As we reconnect and share with others and find joy in life...
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As I stay in this state of Mourning/Searching I have found my own mistakes as I can now
Help my New friends as if not for my journey and truly looking into my own weakness...
I find fault in my care as Iam a better person going forward as I must Kneel... As
I can give a better life thru learning and grieving for a best friend as I follow a path
that she once walked upon sets me free...

Explanation of the physical loss and how we are still connected....
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I live in a friends passing as for many years....
I still live in that moment that fills my heart with sorrow...
I try to celebrate a friend moving past this life as energy is released...
I can't help but wonder if I missed something and if I betrayed my friend in final Hours...

Update 8/20/2018
4 Clear Signs
A Deceased Loved One
Is Close by

1. They Appear in are dreams
A vivid dream of a deceased loved
one is classified as a lucid dream
or vision This is because of the potency of a dream....

2.Quite often these are so intense
That they wake you up in the middle
of the night filled with emotion
you may even be consciously aware of
the fact that you are dreaming and
not realize it.

3. You feel their Presence
Mostly felt shortly after a
loved ones passing, the sensation
of being caressed softly, either on
the back or the hand is clear
sign of comfort from a special friend

4. feeling a presence around every corner
Seeing a shadow a friend with an intense
overwhelming feeling of emotion
as they are always making contact
and with are tears that fall
they speak within us as we can séance
a best friend trying to set are mind at ease....
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I just happened to come across this post, loved reading all the stories. Brought tears to my eyes!

Even though I am still not 100% sure what happened to Bubba after he accidentally got out of the house 3 weeks ago, about two weeks ago and almost a week after he'd gone missing I was outside and a single bird feather was drifting through the air. I just happened to put out my hand, and it drifted right into my palm. I didn't move my hand to meet the feather, it just landed there on it's own. I had a sense of peacefulness then. Even though Bubba never actually was outside to catch a bird, he would sit in the window and watch them for hours. We have since moved, but I sure hope that if that was Bubba and if he did pass over like the pet psychic said he did that he will visit me in our new place. I miss him terribly.
I believe wholeheartedly that our pets visit us to console us when we most need it. My dog Zena, who was euthanized at home last Saturday, hasn’t visited me yet, and maybe she never will. I was there, sitting by her head, and maybe she knows that I was there, releasing her from the pain. I regret not going up to the vet with Zeus, my other dog, when he was put down this past July. He was my first pet who I ever had to put down, period, and I didn’t know if I could handle it. My husband and daughter were with him, and that made me feel better, but still.. I will always regret not going myself. Anyway, that very night after he was put down, I had a brief dream of me facing a counter and hearing him coming up to my left side. He was panting loudly as he always did because he had such thick fur. I reached down and put my hand into his fur, and it felt so real, so vivid. I said to him, “Thank you for coming back to me,” and then I woke up. I believe he was coming to me to tell me that he was okay. I haven’t received a visit from him since.
QUOTE (dixmuffin @ Sep 18 2004, 10:46 PM) *
Hi everyone. I just wanted to know...has anyone been visited by their furbabies after they've passed on??? I have and it is a truly remarkable experience-it really helps with the grief.

Yes I have had visits from Simba who quietly passed away last Wednesday 27th February, that same night I am positive I felt him bedding down between my hubby & myself which he had stopped doing because his arthritis prevented him from doing, also had to stop him jumping down because it clearly hurt him landing on the floor. Also the next day when i was on my own, I heard scratching in the utility where his loo was, in the same way he used to after he been to the litter - thought i was losing it but was so definite he was obviously carrying on as before. Later I was crossing the hallway into the bedroom i am convinced I heard him crying in distress because he could not understand his new form & he realized I was unable to see him so I could comfort him & reassure him. I was in real deep distress more usual for him the rest of day.

Next morning after the usual night of restless sleep since his passing, We both woke up early, & I said to hubby I had an overwhelming sense from him of acceptance of what had happened to him - hubby said he had the same sense of feeling, the feeling we both had was so marked distinct & strong. The house has seemed to creak in his favourite spots too as this was the house we all moved into under 4 years ago with Simba. At breakfast & tea time which was part of daily ritual together with Simba, we feel his presence very strongly & an aura of what is best described as cold air in a fixed spot before us, we both know it could only be Darling Simba trying to carry on as before because he knows he is very much loved & is still a part of this family,I get so desperate most of the time for him, just hope he stays until its time for us to join him.

Hi, gravessa, thank you so much for sharing with us how you're doing, and your and your husband's experiences of your beloved Simba's sweet Living Spirit letting you know he is still very much with you. I hope this brings comfort to you. You may notice as your deep grief eases that your experiences may not be as noticeable, but I want to assure you that your beloved Simba is always and forever a part of you - - for he is always and forever a heartbeat close to you.

I hope today is treating you and your husband kindly, gravessa, and that you both will have a very peaceful evening blessed with your beloved Simba's sweet Living Spirit to comfort you. Please know you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers, and please let us know how you're doing.

Peace and blessings,
My Doxie and Me
I found LS because of my pure and deep pain in the loss of a beautiful friend...
as I have a post with a dear friend Jenna as I was trapped in a moment in time...
speaking with others as they say its Mind Healing Body....

What I have truly learned that some have a better sense of energy a connection that is pure
as you ask how could you know as friends have no speech yet we run in silent words all along...
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I truly can't believe I;am speaking once more;....
My personal Emails I will share with you painful;...

<I have lost my Elsa due to IVDD 3-19-19 Heart Breaking>

This is a copy of a; Email to Valley Animal Hospital...
Dr. Christakos please forgive me I have a question after leaving VAH today I wish to know the time of passing for...
<I choose not to be present as I wished to remember a friend with eye's open...This one hurts to much;.....My
Elsa;... >Click to view attachment
<If you look close enough you will see all of Elsa;s friends in the fence as faces will appear...
I now know who she is singing to in the morning light it's her calling as she has;..Found a true friend.....>
Yes I;am Broken in a good way... as I follow my friend and understand my faults...
A true friend will always lead you out of Darkness.....

I ask because at 9:41AM/42 I was overcome by a sense of calmness and peace....
Could be mind healing body this was very different Thank you once again.

Hi Todd,
I spoke to Dr. Neubert and she said that Elsa passed away shortly after 9:40am, so you are correct that her pain was relieved at that time.

We are all so sorry for your loss.


Dr. Christakos

Thankyou Leejay
I have received Energy
I understand now;.....
Click to view attachment

This hurts to tell a story of my Elsa yet all that wonder you just need to be in tune
and I would never post if....I only know what I felt that day so I shared.....
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I miss you my Nashorn;....
Thank you for this gift;...
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