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Full Version: Meeting Miss Tilly.
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After losing my gorgeous cat, Fefe to cancer after 17 years... I was heartbroken.
One day my mother and I were sitting in the garden when this raggy, skinny (but huge) kitty came over to us and she would not shut up. She'd constantly meow and make us laugh. She'd come in the house and we'd put her back out again so she'd go home. We weren't actually convinced she had a home from the way she looked.
So after weeks of trying to get her to go... we decided to give in and let her stay. We put up fliers in shops, outside, in town... nothing. So she was ours for the keeping!
We got her checked out at the vets and she put on lots of weight, got rid of her flees and we groomed her every day.

We've had her for months now and still no one has claimed her so we're getting her chipped on Monday!

She's about 14 months old according to the vet and she's completely nuts!

omg! those pix are just precious.
welcome to your new home little one.
you have to wonder if fefe was behind that. wanting to make sure you were happy again. im so happy for you and your mom. how blessed she is to have a wonderful new home!

please keep sending pix.
i just love those pics, the look in her eyes in the 1st pic is priceless, our puss has a similar look.
I know your new moggy will be a delight.....hehehe...loooking forward to hearing about some of her adventures.
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