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Full Version: 2 Kitties Gained 1 Kitty Lost
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Hello All,
Dave and I finally adopted 2 kitties. Crash and Bumbles. They both have CH disorder. They are going to be a joy to have around.
Unfortunately, I came home tonight only to find out my Piper has not returned home. We never let her stay out after dark. But she did not return. It is after 130a and I've been around the yard several times.
I'm worried. I've got a bad feeling about this. Please say prayers she is safe somewhere.
I'll be sending photos of the new ones soon. Please stay tuned...Ann
I will pray for Piper.
every morning and every evening i pray for everyone on this site, and for everyone not on this site, suffering the same terrible pain we are all going thru. ann i am praying for your sweet one to come back. please keep us posted...
After being on this site for a year now, I'm convinced the energy connects to each and everyone of us.
Piper does not stay out after dark. When she is called, she is always in ear shot. I totally thought last night was it. She was last seen at 430p. She likes to sleep in cars if the window is open and the nieghbors had a lot of people over, so I thought that's what could have happened. I fell asleep around 430a. I got up at 6a, made the kiss kiss noise out the window and presto, meow meow. She waltzes in and stretches like nothing ever happened, the little s**t. Needless to say, she was grounded tonight. She fell asleep around 7a and woke up a 5pm..Not a happy camper, but too bad!...Thanks for all the support, it worked, as always..

OK, unfortunately I forgot my camera at Dave's..So pictures of my new furkids will be on soon..They were at my shelter for only 2weeks b4 going into a foster home, so I felt bad not taking any from there.
Because of their disablility, they felt it was unfair to keep them caged up. But they knew my interest in them. When I told them I got the cats, they were very happy for me. I told them how I felt bad about it, but technically they were there and probably wouldn't have gotten adopted for a while elsewhere.
But like they said,, all those shelters do work together. So I'm pleased that they are pleased.
I will let everyone know a little more about them after I post photos...Ann
Hello Ann,

Sorry I didn't check sooner. Just something has kept me away more lately. I am so glad your Piper is home safe and sound. I would ground her too. lol

I hate that feeling when I cannot find mine. She likes to spend her time in the overgrown lot ACROSS the street. I worry all the time.

Again glad she is home!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the headsup. Will be looking forward to your pictures..wherever they get posted.

Will be waiting to see them. I am so glad for you and Dave.

yeah!!!!!!! so glad shes back safe and sound. patricia
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