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Flossie's Mom
In August of 2007 a little kitty hitched a ride home behind my husband's service truck in a small utility trailer. I've told his rescue story on here before. He was given to a friend who is a cat lover & needed a new kitty to keep him company.

That friend passed away last night and Smarty has been taken back to our home by our daughter. This will be a big adjustment for him as he has been the only pet in the home.... she has a dog and an older cat there now.

Smarty was looking for the hospital bed and his friend today and was not happy with the trip to our house. The only person allowed to pet him besides the friend we gave him to is our daughter so I hope he will adjust without too much stress.

We know he will miss his master as will we miss our dear friend but we will do our very best to take good care of him.

Pictures of Smarty are early in our WeeBee thread.

RIP Brooks. Welcome to your new home Smarty!
what a sad story with a wonderful ending. im so sorry your friend passed away. my condolenses. smarty is so lucky and blessed to have had a beautiful home and now he has another wonderful home. he will adjust

you are a wonderful family to take him in.
Flossie's Mom
Thanks Patricia..............

Our friend was a cat lover and had lost both his cats so when this kitten showed up it seemed a perfect opportunity to give him a new companion. Smarty was a lot of comfort to him the last 5-6 months and we are so glad we had given him to Brooks. We had a one month vacation scheduled by car for over 6,000 miles round trip so it didn't seem possible to take a small kitten along. The deal was that if Smarty didn't work out for him, we would take him back. And he knew that when he passed, we would take care of him.

He is actually doing so much better than we expected being in a busier home with other pets. Maybe he knows this is the place he began his new life as a much loved kitty rather than a poor little stray. We only had him for 5 days. Took him to the vet for a checkup got his shots & took him to our friend with all his records and "stuff". Later our daughter took him to be neutered so we've been involved with him all along. Michelle would visit and clean his box & be sure he had food & water the last couple of months.

So we have the cat and are still helping our friend by caring for his cat.............................
it really touches me how much people love each other and our fur babies as well. you are truly a wonderful family.
you are all so lucky to have each other.

i believe your friend is upstairs smiling...
Flossie's Mom
Update on Smarty..................

Boy did he ever adjust!!! Smarty rules the house now.

Our friend had worried that since he'd been the only pet in the house that our home would be overwhelming for him and had asked another friend to take him when he passed. Well, the other person didn't really want him and we did so that is how we determined where he went at our friends passing.

He never had eaten wet food before and now he wants nothing else. So much so that a couple of days ago when Michelle got the dry food out he literally ran out of the kitchen as if to say "He** No.... I'm not eating that stuff!" He is nothing like the laid back cat that peeped out of another room when someone came to his home.

He is out front and wide open. Chases the dog up the stairs & actually tries to play ball with the her. The dog will occasionally come up to him & drop the ball as if to say "here, throw it".

What a joy to have this cat in our family. Who knows how or why he crawled into the trailer and rode to our home in August of 2007. We found him a good home and now he is back with us. Lucky cat, lucky us.
your update just made me so happy. sweet smarty. it sounds like this was meant to be. he adopted you. if only we as people could get along with each other as these wonderful creatures do with us. they just want to be loved.
smarty, be good little one and enjoy your life as it sounds like you are. and remember that your wet food wont run out. balance, little one smile.gif im so glad you are having a beautiful life.

thank you for the update. during a hard work day, it is so nice to read such sweet update. they ARE such joy

Flossie's Mom
You are so right about people Patricia. Our animals are such a joy to us and I know from your posts about Lucy that you have a wonderful connection with her also.

Today I was in the local second hand store and 2 women were discussing their cats. I wanted to break in and let them know that my Mr. Jingles was so much more than what they thought their cats were but I knew soon we'd be 3 women trying to outdo each other with stories like a bunch of kids bragging. I was in a hurry and hubby & WeeBee were waiting in the car.

I wish I had the space to do what Ken Albin & his wife do. I have the acreage but unless I could have them in a large enclosed area outdoors I would never attempt several cats. Mr. Jingles is one too many when it comes to the new bunnies being safe.

Michelle tells us that Smarty has a personality like Jingles so we can't wait to see how they do when they get together. We are currently living closer to my elderly Mother & ill sister while Michelle is taking care of the house so we are missing all the fun of Smarty, Savannah & Hercules (aka Fat Boy).

I love your stories about Lucy's adventures. She sounds like a busy one! Which in turn makes you busy also.................... but it makes comeing home after a rough day worthwhile doesn't it?
Eveything happens for a REASON!!!!

So glad everything is going well!!

you know, ive been thinking that our pets teach us one of the greatest lessons of all time. their love is so immense, it completely floors me. if only we could love like that...

you made me smile as i read about the cat discussion. that happens to me at work all the time. in fact some of my co workers will come over and join in the conversation amongst us animal people, but when they realize its "dog/cat talk" they just walk away. i guess were so proud of our little ones. and youre right lucy makes coming come sooooo worthwhile. i was just commenting that to someone else. after a lousy day at work, coming come to my little buger just makes ending to the day so fantastic. all of them do. even when fred was alive and i knew he needed his insulin shot, picking him up and rubbing his little nose and hearing his happy purring, well, it just makes the day so bright.
i cant wait to hear how smarty gets along with beautiful mr jingles. im sorry your sister is ill. i too take care of my elderly mom. she travels back and forth between my sister and i and i gotta tell you that what makes my mom smile the biggest is seeing her little granddog. lucy lights up her face like noone else can and when we drop her off back home, lucy actually cries. that little girl just loves her gramma and vice versa. my mom looks 10 years younger when shes around her little furry grandbaby smile.gif

well i cant tell you how happy it makes to know that everything has worked out so wonderfully with smarty as the new family member.
hugs to all - and i will continue to post lucys adventures especially the one about having fun pulling up the berber carpet smile.gif
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