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Almost 3 months after my beloved Squidge passed away, another little cat walked into my life today, and I'm now her new mummy. I feel happy that I have my new baby to focus on, guilty that maybe my other cat Mitz maybe would of preferred to stay an only 'child', and i feel guilty and upset incase Squidge thinks she's been replaced cos that could never happen, I'll always love Squidge more than anyone else, and the biggest part of my heart will always belong to her. I'm so worried that my new little cat, Braith, came into my life too soon, I'm still all over the place and havent dealt with losing Squidge yet, between my baby girl passing away and last week, I have forgotten not only my late grandfathers birthday and the anniversary of his death (i ALWAYS go to his grave - esp on these dates normally), I also forgot my step mums birthday and my little brothers birthday! That is soooo unlike me!

Braith came into my life yesterday, I went back to my car after work and there was a kitten under my car (no older that 4 months old), i got her out from under my car, opened my door and she jumped into my car, i got her out of my car, shut the door and she went back under the car, in the end i sat in my car for 15 mins with the door open wondering what to do. The kitten had no collar and looked skinny and i so didnt know what to do, it hadnt looked like it had eaten in a while and also it was way too young to be out on its own - esp on a main road!!! but then an old lady walked past and she commented on the kitten, laughed at the situation (that i couldnt drive away as everytime i shut my car door, the kitten ran back under my car), she stroked it, walked off and the kitten ran along with her and she said she couldnt keep it as she'd just had to have 2 cats put to sleep and wasnt ready to have another cat yet. the kitten then vanished and i drove home, a few hours later i still couldnt get the kitten outta my mind and was worried, i drove back and it was still there and looked sooo thin and lonely, so i came back, got my best mate and pet carrier and came back, but we couldnt find the kitten. then this afternoon, i parked on the same road to go to work, i got out of my car, heard a meow and the kitten was running towards me!!! and followed me virtually into work. my bf then called me and he came and got the kitten and took it back to mine, it ate and drank LOADS!!! I dont know how long i'll be her mummy for, i think she got out of her home and travelled too far and then got lost, she's too little to be out plus she has no collar and looked like she is well looked after, but too skinny!! also the amount she ate and drank in one go as soon as my bf got her back here makes it seem like she hadnt eaten properly in a while!

Mitz didnt seem happy at first, and now keeps trying to go and sniff the kitten, but Braith keeps hissing and growling at her and she does it back! but Braith is sleeping happily enough and looks comfy and settled! x
Wow maybe Braith was ment to be your owner!!!!!! lol
Reminds me of something I did last summer. We were driving down a road at the edge of town. Was by a field and ditch was overgrown with weeds. I see these little eyes glowing. As we got closer I saw more and more eyes. It was a box turned on it's side with kittens in it. Someone had thrown them out. My 7 year old daughter and I drove on home. About 2 miles away. The kittens stayed on my mind for a couple hours. My daughter finally asked me. Mom are we really gonna leave them out there all alone? That's it-thats all it took. Off we went. Yes they were still there, but this time there were more eyes. 5 baby kittens. Found them all homes the next day. Thank goodness. Sorry about the story, but that just made me remember.

I hope everything works out for you. I am sure your Squidge doesn't think you replaced her. I worried about that also, but finally decided that Sissycat would have wanted me to share my love with another furbaby that needed me.

Hugs and keep us informed how things are going.
I have seen that sometimes after a loss, Life sends someone who needs us. And with your rescue it almost seemed the game was rigged! Well, if you do not find the person who lost the kitten, maybe you will gain a Special Cat from it. It seems all mine came from circumstances.
Awww Sissycat that story made me smile and helps confirm that fate does step in and help x
And ty Von x im half hoping that i do get to keep her (i managed to look yesterday and Braith is a little girl) She is soooo cute, she lying on my lap last night, lying on her back and i was tickling her belly and i was telling her about Squidgy, and when i got upset, she came up and nuzzled into my neck x i just wish her and Mitz would get on, they either pretend the other isnt there or hiss at each other, also i got a feeling that Braith is guna end up top cat - just like Squidge was x any tips on how to get them to like each other??? x
WELCOME LITTLE BRAITH!!! smile.gif How wonderful it is that Braith and you have found each other. New furry loves never replace the special ones who have passed before them. I'm sure Squidge would only wish for happiness in your life and knows he could never be replaced. Bringing a new baby into our hearts and homes also brings another flavor of joy and happiness.

Here's wishing you and little Braith many happy and healthy years together! wub.gif
How wonderful to hear about Braith. I remember talking to you after Squidge passed. Thanks for your personal thanks. Sounds like this new baby found you..and I wouldn't be surprised to hear maybe Squidge had something to do with all this.

She sounds so sweet and I'm sure Mitz and Braith will do just fine. Take everything one day at a day and enjoy.

Hugs to you and your babies,
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