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Flossie's Mom
This little dog came into my Mom's yard while we were visiting her in Montana in May........ really sized us up...... came back a few times a day for 4 days. We would see her running loose in the small town, sometimes carrying food or paper bags so figured she was a stray. She finally wanted to come into our travel trailer, spent the night & went on her way in the morning. Came back often to "visit", check on us & off she'd go. Spent 2 more nights, did her visits during the day & roamed the streets. Then we didn't see much of her for about 4 days & when we did she had an entorage of very large male dogs............. we decided she was going to stay inside with us for her own protection. If someone owned her they sure didn't look out for her. We even began to take her away from the area to do her business by car to keep from attracting every dog in town.

Never did find her owner, no one ever came around looking for her. So we decided she would go with us when we left 2 weeks later. Hence the name....
We be gone with this dog...... I spell it WeeBee for little bee as she is a busy bee!!

For a dog about 1 year old that appears to have been on her own for a while she is amazing. Easy to correct, wants to please, walks perfect on a leash, sticks close to my husband outside. At first she really had separation anxiety if my husband left her inside or in the car. She has now secure when he leaves her in the car but really wants to be outside with him st the house. Just not intense about it if we make her stay inside with me. And she actually comes to ask to come inside with me sometimes.

My husband brags about her to EVERYONE and thinks she is the smartest, easiest to be around most trainable dog he has ever seen!!!! She is PERFECT..... I think it's because she worships the ground he walks on rolleyes.gif

I have to admit that she is a happy & fun dog and helps me smile through my tears for my recent loss of my girl Flossie.

First picture is the first day WeeBee was trying to look us in the eyes and almost looks like she was wondering if we were "the ones" for her. Second is her peeping out of the trees on the farm after the recent snow storm here in ND. Third.... see there .... ATTACHED to her Dad....

Wow, Weebee is adorable with a capital A!

I love the story and the pictures. Just maybe Flossie guided Weebee to just never know.....

Love happy stories...keep on posting stories and more pictures as you can.

I can see in the pictures looking into her eyes...just why she has stolen your hearts.

Hugs and happiness always
So wonderful you were there! She will always be special to you because of the fated rescue!

And I bet she knows she wonn the lottery! What a happy face!
Flossie's Mom

Yes, I believe Flossie had something to do with this...... She even accepted her into the family better than I ever imagined as she was pretty funny about other dogs.

WeeBee's eyes are very intense. She looks you in the eyes all the time as if she can really connect with us & what we're thinking.She's not really a pretty dog but just the way she looks & acts draws attention to her everywhere we go. She gets on the dash or in the window & people walk by smileing all the time.

When we started out on our trip the first time with her she got on the arm of the door right by my husband and has been his co-pilot ever since. Once she knows we are in for a day of it, she goes in back & lays down. Checks back from time to time to watch the road a while.

She is so high energy we thought she may have some Min Pin in her. Lots of characteristics of a Min Pin as well as the prancing front legs but I'm sure there is Chi also mixed in. When we arrived on my husbands childhood farmstead to begin cleaning things up from being vacant for years she was in 7th heaven..... a perfect place for her...... she investigates but checks back within just a few minutes. She runs alongside my husband on a small scooter every night for 2-4 miles. And you'd better believe she will start getting hyper at about the same time every night. She'll go get him wherever he is.

She really has made the loss of my wonderful Flossie more bearable. I miss her like everything but WeeBee & Mr. Jingles make things less empty around here.


Yes WeeBee has won the lottery. But more importantly, so have we.

Last year just before our annual trip a little kitty stowed away in a small utility trailer my husband pulled behind his work truck. It took me a day to get him inside & he was skinny, loaded with earmites & pretty scruffy looking but I knew he'd be a beautiful cat. My husband is not the cat lover in the family........ so what did this cat do?????????? Jumped on his lap & purred his heart out!!!! He named him Smarty for being smart enough to know who he had to win over.

Took him to the vet for shots, tests & medication. Our long time vet said "Well, Smarty, you have hit the jackpot". He knew the care he would get if we kept him. We gave him to a good friend who had lost 2 older cats and not gotten a replacement. He is as spoiled there as he would have been at our house. The understanding is he will come back to us if it becomes necessary.

Attaching pictures form day one for scared little Smarty and 4 months later in his happy home. We visit him and take care of him when his Dad goes out of town. He is still a very shy cat with anyone but his Dad or us.

Wow what a great transformation. Smarty sure turned into a handsome cat. He is just gorgeous!!!

Sounds like you all have won the jackpot.

Hugs to You!!!!!!
Thanks for the heartwarming stories , its so nice to read about a happy ending. I loved seeing the pictures of the beautiful Weebee and Smarty. I bet they both are loving their new lives. That is what life is all about. Thanks Barbara
Thanks so much for the more pictures and stories. And the story of Smarty. Your husband was right on thinking of that name.

Your stories and pictures made me smile today. Thank you for that. We all need to do that as much as possible.

You mentioned Weebee and Mr. Jingles making things less empty (but still missing Flossie).

That's why I got my shelter cat, Lucky, last December....When Little Guy had to leave, our home was empty. I needed the distraction of another special one to hug and it really helped and yes, for me too, Lucky made things less empty. I know exactly what you mean.

We do whatever makes us feel better because the pain we feel from our loss never really goes away because it is the pain of missing them and that can never go away because we will never forget them. But we can go on and forge new memories with these new sweethearts who truly need a home and us and...we also need them.

Hugs and I am so glad you found Weebee (and Smarty). Two souls who now have a good home. These babies always deserve that.


What wonderful people you are! I can't help but read your posts with a tear in my eye. WeeBee is PRECIOUS!! What a sweet little girl!! I can't believe the difference in Smarty's pictures. Looks like you turned an old cat into a beautiful 1 year old! It's amazing what a little love and attention can do. Of course lets not forget our wonderful vets.

It's so hard picking out the next baby after a tramatic loss. I know I couldn't even think about it, nor was I ready to a year after losing Nickels. If Frankee wouldn't have picked us out, he was a throwaway, I don't know if I would have another even today. It's so much easier when they pick you out. That's when you know it is perfect.

May you have many many happy years with WeeBee! She has the most amazing eyes! If what they say is true, that the windows of the souls are the eyes, you guys have hit the jackpot.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. We'll all look forward to more WeeBee stories and photos! Do you have any Holiday outfits picked out for her yet LOL?

Flossie's Mom

WeeBee is a Tomboy so not too fond of outfits.......... so a Christmas outfit would be a big waste of my $$$$$. I bought her a little jeans skirt outfit & that was off in no time. Also tried a vest for the snowy days......... walked out of that in short order.

We're guessing at her age since we found her. She hadd 2 baby eye teeth that were right behind the new ones when we got her. She came into heat within a week or so & did not appear to have had puppies previously so guessing she was 9-12 months old.

She amazes us every day. We cannot get over how she minds, sticks right close by, walks perfect on a leash. Rides perfect in the car & waits for us to return just watching out the window. Makes us wonder if she had a good home at one time and just got lost or if whoever had her did not appreciate what they had or if she this way from being on her own so gained street smarts. In any event she came to us and has enriched our lives beyond belief.

I'd had such a long close relationship with our Flossie as well as many years of extra care for her that I did not want another dog. For sure not for a while. I wanted a break after all the sleepless nights, medicine, worrying, vet visits. The last few years were like having a newborn again. At my age, I really was worn out from getting up to take her out and the last few months I was setting the alarm just to be sure I checked on her every 3 hours.

So WeeBee was not in my plan. Fortunately she attached herself to my husband so goes everywhere with him. She does expect her food from me and for some reason comes to me to go out........... other than that I am sort of chopped liver.

Will attach her Tomboy antics. Climbing the ladder because my hubby was on the roof fixing it & she just went right up before he saw her coming.... went down as easily as she went up. From then on we had to take the ladder away to keep her from going up, no matter how high the building was, or stand guard when my hubby was on the roof.

I really don't believe we could have ever picked a better dog to fit our family. So she must be a very smart girl to have picked us out. We couldn't be happier... well, of course unless our Flossie was healthy and still with us.
Ken Albin
I'm jealous. WeeBee climbs a ladder better than I do! What a cutie! Congratulations on both of you finding each other.

Ken Albin
Weebee sounds so perfect (and smart)....that reading what you wrote...the thought kept going through my mind that...Flossie MUST have guided Weebee to you and your husband.

Our Angels with their unconditional love really always want us to be happy..and I think sometimes.. they find a way to see that we find a new condition to help us out, knowing we will love our Angels always and miss them forever.

I know what you mean about resting from vets and being at an age...we just like everyone to relax like we like to but these babies are just feeling so good..they can't help but move around a lot.
That makes us smile. And it is good to watch them.

Climbing that ladder up AND sweethearts are determined, aren't they?

Hugs to all of you,
Flossie's Mom

WeeBee climbs a ladder better than I do too.............


Surely Flossie did have something to do with us having WeeBee. She had pretty much accepted her and that was out of the ordinary for Flossie. We'd never had another dog at the same time with her. She was not social with other dogs at all. Or most people for that matter. People were ok as long as they did not try to make the first move with her. It needed to be on her terms. She'd been home alone a lot since we both worked. and after all the vetting that had to be done she was not tolerant of being touched. Guess she was afraid more needles or surgery was coming her way.

WeeBee is the opposite of that as she loves people and is very social. Maybe another reason Flossie led her to us huh?

you said:

WeeBee is the opposite of that as she loves people and is very social. Maybe another reason Flossie led her to us huh?

I would say: Oh, yes..........definitely! smile.gif Flossie was part of it all. ...definitely!

Weebee is soooo CUTE!...Wishing you many happy years together..Climbing the ladder is good, just don't walk under it!..Ann
Flossie's Mom
Not too sure WeeBee will be able to climb that ladder this summer as she is getting to be a pretty healthy girl ohmy.gif

She has gained 5 lb since we found her last May and the picture will explain why.......... does she look pitiful or what? Like she never gets fed. She'll go get her dish & bring it into the living room. During this session she licked the ENTIRE bowl.... indise, outside, edges, bottom.
She goes and gets her dish and brings it into the living room and looks like that????

That is a.... can't resist to give you a treat face..if I ever saw one!

Pictures truly say so very much.

Hugs to you and your babies...they are really precious.

How could anyone resist that face? Beyond adorable... wub.gif wub.gif
Flossie's Mom
Our WeeBee has developed a bad limp so we go in again tomorrow to get X-Rays. She started out with just a slight limp on the leg so being an alarmist I insisted on taking her in for a check-up. She was to rest...... ha, ha, ha..... and given pain med. She is now hopping more than using that leg so when the vet called to ask I made an appointment for her.

I've had two dogs with back issues that were not good so I am really concerned. She is short and overweight and active (REALLY active) so is prone to this type injury I am sure. We usually take her along but last week it was too hot to leave her in the car and we were gone longer than usual so I'm afraid she hurt herself as she does not do well when left alone..... Jingles does not count when we leave the house!

I think since she was a stray she has a real fear of being abandonded and has separation anxiety. Being retired we can usually take her and she waits in the car fine.

Prayers that she does not need surgery or has something seriously wrong would be appreciated. A cast we can live with if she needs one to keep her off the leg. Flossie had excellent care at the NC State Vet Clinic and that care is not available where we are now. It would break my heart and since she is really my hubbys dog........ he will be lost without her should our outcome not be good. He would not opt for back surgery like I did for my Flossie!!!!!!!!!

Thanks ahead for thoughts, prayers and of course hugs for WeeBee.

will most certainly send prayers upstairs for sweet weebee and for your family. lucy and i send weebee big hugs as well. please keep us posted!

My prayers are with you both & Weebee @ this time.
Flossie's Mom
Prayers & thoughts have worked................ WeeBee has a torn tendon and fluid on the knee. Rest for 2-3 weeks and hopefully it will heal itself. No wayof being sure if it is holding by a thread or not that severe. Scar tissue forming evidently will help repair itself. If not then surgery will be required. So pain meds & leash only walks.

Rest for 2-3 weeks for a dog who loves to go for a run every evening for 3-4 miles beside my hubby and his scooter will be a challange. She does seem to be content to lay around a bit more right now but once she feels better I can just see what will happen. She gets pretty lively when it is their usual time to run and if he ignores her she will come get me to tell him it is time for their run! Plus she is used to being free to roam 20 acres near the house or any of the other 140 acres if she chose to.

Now mind you she is overweight already so skipping an evening run will no doubt add to that. We already call her Chunky Monkey...... our daughter says more like a Butterball Turkey as she is pretty round with a small head and short, thin legs.

So..... for now at least, no surgery.

Thanks for the thoughts & prayers for our WeeBee. rolleyes.gif

you cannot know how happy i am to hear that. that just made my friday. yeah weebee!!!! smile.gif
i will continue to pray for your speedy recovery. you will be back running those fields in no time!
lucy and patricia
Flossie's Mom
Thanks Patricia.............

I spent all of last summer pretty tied up with my Flossie so here I am again with this stinker having to lay low for a few weeks. Flossie only weighed 10 lb so I could carry her a lot easier than this little butterball. At least WeeBee can walk on the floor and grass so I only need to carry her up & down the outside stairs or lift her when she decides she wants on the couch (if I can get her before she jumps up!) Flossie had so much trouble on some types of grass, pebbles or small rocks and wood/vinyl floors she was more care for me. On top of special diet for kidney and meds she was not always thrilled to take!

So far WeeBee is trying to be a good patient. She does want to be off the leash outside but is adapting better than I expected. She's always been good on the leash but is used to having free range at home.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers for her.

This dog is absolutly beautiful. I love the photos. I am glad that she is doing well. smile.gif
ive just had to add my own little lucy to my prayer list (sigh). shes in a situation similar to weebee. friday took her to the dog park and her little knee came out of the socket (sigh) spent saturday at the drs. and she too will be in absolute bed rest for the next two weeks, my sweetheart. hopefully will not need surgery. it was especially painful for her but happy to report her spirits are back up so i think the swelling and pain have lessened. i know what you mean flossies mom. lucy is so rambunctious that it kills me and her not to go for her daily walks and especially to the dog park. but whatever it takes to make them better right? i too have to pick her up and take her everywhere. shes only allowed down to take care of business and if im not home, must be crated (otherwise she jumps on kitchen counters, tables, everything) and at 12 pounds, not easy. shes pretty heavy...
so im praying for our little ones especially hard cuz i know they love to run.... so were both in the same boat…

thinking of you and weebee and sending little two-pawed hugs from lucy!
Flossie's Mom

I'll be sure to say prayers for Lucy and you. Yours seemed to help us so I hope I can return the favor.

I think WeeBee hurt herself from getting on the table when we left her for quite a while one day. She is not used to being alone EVER. Yep, I know the lively one feeling. And WeeBee is a real porker (18 lb now) so getting onto the table to see out was probably her downfall wub.gif

She has done better the last 3 days than she did for the first week. She has a non steriod pain pill and I keep a close watch on her. On the leash outside all the time.

Thank heacen I am home all the time to keep an eye on her. When Flossie became paralized & had surgery I was working and that was a difficult time. Six weeks of confinment, carrying & taking turns to come home at lunch to take her out. I had a pantry in the hall so put up two babygates, cleaned out everything on the floor in the pantry and she had her own little area under the bottom shelf and the narrow hall that she could walk just a bit and not feel so confined as a crate. She slept under the shelf but could come out to see us as we came in the front door. All carpeted so no worry about slipping.

Sending prayers and two paw hugs back at you and Lucy!


thank you ginger!!!! we will take all the prayers and two-pawed hugs we can get. im so glad to hear weebee's doing better. and thanks for the laugh. when i read Weebee's a real porker, i had to laugh out loud. shes so cute!!! knowing that weebee is doing better gives me hope that lucy will pull thru as well. she too is on non steriod pain meds and outside shes down for about five minutes and then back in mommas arms. wow! i so understand how stressfull these things can be. how hard it must have been after flossies surgery. sweet little one. not being home to take care of them, scheduling becomes supremely important because we dont want them to be alone in times that they need us the most. (because when we are down, they never leave our side...). weebee is one lucky little girl to have you there all the time looking after her. although i cant be with lucy right now, my mom is with her. although she is not strong at 83 but she sits next to her crate and talks to her so that lucy knows shes not alone. im so lucky to have both of them.
thank you again for your prayers and hugs! and please keep me posted on weebee's progress...
just wondering how weebees doing? lucy got the greenlight this past saturday. she can begin walking for short amounts of time and gradually increase. but it seems she wont be needing surgery, although se did say that eventually lucy will develop arthritis in that leg (sigh) didnt want to hear that but at least its not happening now. for now lucy is smiling from ear to ear as she prances thru the neighborhood. if she could be outdoors all day, well, need i say more. for t he moment she will not be able to go to the dog park. im considering not taking her back at all but i know that will kill her. but for the next few months, only walks. i dream of owning fields that someday lucy will be able to run on but for now it will be walks along her favorite sidewalks.
thruought this time weebee has been in my prayers. saturday as i thanked our maker for healing lucy i asked her to make sure weebee was healing fast too. i know its been so hard for lucy to be stuck inside and in a crate when im not home. i can just imagine how tough its been on your sweet one. i hope hes doing better.

Flossie's Mom
Patricia.......... what good news about Lucy.

I posted a nice long message yesterday but it got lost in cyberspace somewhere it looks like. I probably did the preview & then signed off as loony as I am!

Anyhow, WeeBee is much better and I am sure your thoughts and prayers helped a lot. She is off leash but I have to remind my husband "NO RUNNING!" Their daily routine has been for her to run alongside him or out front of the little scooter he has for 3-4 miles in the evenings. She starts campaigning at about 4:30 each day. So now she rides on his lap. She likes to chase the pheasants out of the ditches and fields.

Jingles was sick suddenly & I rushed him to the vet. Temperature of almost 104 and dehydrated badly. But an IV and some meds sent him back out the door by the next day............ had to make him come inside as I knew he should be resting. This just after I'd spent 4 days in bed with the flu. So this is why I did not even read your good news till yesterday.

These guys just don't seem to understand english when it comes to restrictions do they? Funny how they understand go, out, toys, treats, ready and those words but are not really anxious to rest when we know it is best for them.

Again, thanks for your prayers and I am so glad Lucy is healing on schedule.


no worries! im just glad to hear weebees doing better. how sweet she is to ride on your husbands lap. what a little sweetheart! but i was sorry to hear about yourself and jingles. nothing worse than getting the flu during the summer. ugh! i hate it. hopefully youre doing better! and jingles is he ok now? what a scare you must have had!

youre absolutely right about them not understanding english. lucy even understands the refridgerator door opening but certainly not anything thats good for her. just last nite, i took her for her final walk and to throw away the garbage and i accidentally dropped the leash. boy that little leg of hers didnt bother her one bit as she hi-tailed it across the street and out of my sight. i tell you shes my terror! 10 minutes of sheer panic, calling her name out and "come", she finally showed up again but out of reach. i had to dive and grab hold of her leash. interesting. she understands "come" when theres food involved but when its a matter of "come (you are in danger!)" forget it! well im smiling now because shes back home safely but i do know what you mean. she hated every minute of being in her crate and fought me tooth and nail. goodness gracious!

well i continue to pray for little weebee and all of you! and thank you for your kind words.
keep me posted on everyones recovery... take it easy and dont overdo it. getting over the flu isnt easy.
Flossie's Mom
What buddies these two can be at times!

After the greeting in the driveway that could have become a chase to the woods, they came the rest of the way together with Jingles just a bit out front. What a look!!!
pure love! how sweet!
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