A radio interview with Dr. Trout from Boston's famous Angell Animal Medical Center. Here's part of the write-up from Fresh Air - WHYY's interview:

"The British-born, Cambridge-educated Trout is staff surgeon at Boston's Angell Animal Medical Center, a 185,000-square-foot facility treating 50,000 animals each year. He's performed CAT scans on rats and at least one ultrasound on a frog and he says that in his two and a half decades of practice, he's seen the relationship between pets and people change dramatically."

Dr. Trout has also written a book, called "Tell Me Where It Hurts", which you will also find on this radio page.

I LOVE this man and his views and ethics about certain surgeries, as well as his obviously-huge heart. I think many of you will really enjoy this, particularly the last, small part of the interview where he speaks about the bond and dedication some people have to their animal companions.

Nick Trout: Animal Medicine from a Vet's-Eye View