It occurred to me that some people might like to know which flower essences (if you use them) are considered aids to help ease our furbabies' passage into spirit. I used these (and a couple more, specific to each situation) for Nissa's passing, as well as a slightly different blend when she became more ill before we knew it was time. I began using them 2 or 3 days before she was scheduled to be assisted out of this world. (also used appropriate, different ones for myself, to help me as well, which in turn, helped her even more).

Only up to 5 essences in a custom-blend are advised at any one time. (always dilute for cats - 2 drops or each essence chosen : 2/3oz. purified water in a sterilized dropper bottle.) Dose for Dying Animals = 2 drops of mixture from bottle on lips, or rubbed onto ears or paw pads, every hour, or more often if needed.

The brands I used were mainly F.E.S. (Flower Essence Society), plus one Bach flower essence:

Angelica (FES) ~ for feeling protection and guidance for the soul from spiritual beings, especially at threshold experiences such as birth and death. Provides strength, clarity.

Forget-Me-Not (FES) ~ Awareness of karmic connections in one's personal relationships and with those in the spiritual world; deep mindfulness of subtle realms; soul-based relationships.

Star Tulip (FES)~ Sensitive and receptive attunement; serene, inner listening to others and to higher worlds, especially in dreams and meditation.

Star of Bethlehem(Bach) ~ comforts those suffering shock or serious distress of some kind; unhappiness under adverse conditions; bereavement, deaths or departures.

Walnut (Bach)(didn't use due to others needed even more, but should use if possible) ~ assists in adjustment to transition or change of any type.

I also added Cosmos at one point (FES)(for both of us) ~ can be used for psychic communication between species.

There are many others that may be just as appropriate, usually depending on the particular animal's personality and need at the time, but during dying, a number of them (like the ones above) can be used universally. There are also other brands, such as the ones that are made specifically for animals. These are the ones I had on hand already (I'd purchased a few well in advance - they keep almost forever if stored properly). I'm positive they helped my little girl, as she never did show the signs that indicated distress (emotional or physical) during her dying process, that her vet(s) had described to me ahead of time (to be on the watch for). I hope this might help someone else's baby's transition as much as it helped my girl's.