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Full Version: Pet Food Ingredients Revealed
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Furkidlets' Mom
For anyone wishing to educate themselves about making healthy food choices for their furbabies, here's one good start, among many others. This list is a cooperative effort between pet food formulator Dr. Lisa Newman, N.D., Ph.D. (, Mike Adams ( and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( It covers 448 popular pet food products sold in the U.S., with comments about each from Dr. Newman.
Pet Food Ingredients Revealed
Hi Furkidlet's Mom!

Thank you for telling us about this new "must have" book smile.gif! I'll be placing my order today.

Peace & Love to you and yours,

Furkidlets' Mom
I was just thinking about this today, and can't remember now if I'd ever posted a topic and link to the groundbreaking book that began the better part of consumer re-education on pet foods, so.....

Here's a link to Ann Martin's third edition of her now-famous book, Food Pets Die For - Shocking facts about pet food. It's another must-have. An excerpt from the run-down on the contents is:

In this new, third edition of Ann N. Martin's groundbreaking book, Food Pets Die For, the author provides the latest information on the state of the commercial pet food industry following the massive 2007 pet food recall. Ann Martin also gives her recommendations for the healthiest alternative pet foods on the market, along with numerous recipes for home-cooked meals for your cats and dogs. and much more......
Furkidlets' Mom
Sorry I hadn't replied here - never got a notification of a reply to this thread for some reason.

Yes, Hills.....don't get me started! ohmy.gif They were one of the first companies I'd heard about, waaaaay back, who'd used road-kill, all the slough from the slaughterhouse floors, the chaff from the grain, Ethoxyquin as a preservative (a cancer-causing chemical), and more gruesome stuff as their ingredients for pet food....VETERINARY-APPROVED, of course!! rolleyes.gif mad.gif And Proctor & of the single, WORST animal-testing companies in the world. The link isn't too surprising, is it?

"Oh, but we CARE about your pets!" Give me a break. You, Hills and P&G parent company, care about nothing but money, period. The poor animals are nothing but expendable, disposable means to your greedy end.

I always said, if even ONE person changes the course of their babies' lives for the better because of something I've done, I could die a happy soul, knowing I did make a difference in being here. So, Joanne, thanks for giving my soul a reason for being and doing a "happy dance"! wub.gif

And now I'm off to post yet another article link! biggrin.gif
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