I found these quite helpful during some of my previous losses and just happened upon them again today. I especially always appreciate the wisdom of the first one, after a loss:

"If I were doing well with my grief, I would be over in the corner curled up in a fetal position crying, not standing here acting like no one has died."
~Doug Manning in "The Gift of Significance: Walking People Through a Loss".

We are doing well with our grief when we are grieving. Somehow we have it backwards. We think people are doing well when they aren't crying. Grief is a process of walking through some painful periods toward learning to cope again. We do not walk this path without pain and tears. When we are in the most pain, we are making the most progress. When the pain is less, we are coasting and resting up for the next steps. People need to grieve. Grief is not an enemy to be avoided; it is a healing path to be walked.
~ from HOPE Line Newsletter, Aug. 2002; website: www.hopeforbereaved.com

This one is authorless in the copy I have, so I can't properly credit it, and although it's written for human loss, there is still plenty that applies to us here, though I don't personally agree with all of it:

Grief Is...

Grief is putting on your makeup
And then crying it all off.
Grief is the isolation of feeling alone
In a world full of people.
Grief is seeing your loved one
In a passing car or a crowded mall.
Grief is hearing their voice on an answering machine
And calling back to hear it again.
Grief is wondering how the world keeps spinning
And the sun keeps shining.
Grief is wanting to tell everyone you meet
That your heart is breaking.
Grief is going into a dark theater
And crying - even when it's funny.
Grief is realizing that your world
Will never be the same again.
Grief is cleaning out drawers
But holding onto memories.
Grief is living your life
With one piece missing.
Grief is playing the radio
Just to drown out your thoughts.
Grief is staring at a picture
So you'll never forget the face.
Grief is knowing that unless you've been there-
There's no way to explain.
Grief is when it hurts to breathe
And once in awhile - you don't.
Grief is a pain in your heart
And an emptiness in your soul.
Grief is a road that must be travelled -
But a path that is never chosen.
Grief is tears and fears
And endless nights of wailing.
Grief is raw and noisy -
But sometimes so silent.
Grief brings us to our knees
And forces us to pray.
Grief is a friend
Disguised as an enemy.
Grief is a teacher
Whose lessons are hard.
Grief kills us slowly
Before it heals us.