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LS Support
I do want to emphasize that the site will go on as long as I do, with or without is just too important of a resource for people like us (hopefully i can pass it along to one of my children one day)

With that said, all funds received beyond the site hosting and domain renewal fees (via member donation and through affiliate rewards) will go to one or more shelters in the form of funds or supplies. This way, can help both pet-lovers in need as well as the animals they love.

To donate, visit our pet loss donations page.

Current Donations (as of 2019-09-04) affiliate funds:


Member donations received:


Next Host Billing Date:
09-04-21 $347
Hi MD:

I just want to say that I have been very, very blessed by your wonderful "Lightning Strike"..... biggrin.gif

I am soooooooo happy that this site was available during the very early morning hours of 2/8/2004...... I didn't know
what to do and I didn't know where to go.
After having our beautiful girl put to sleep on 2/7/2004, yes, I had the very loving arms of Ben to fall into, and he, into my arms...........

But, when it was early in the morning, and I was left alone with my was just too difficult & painful.
I missed my girl soooooooooo very much!!!! sad.gif

But, upon finding LS, and reading everyone's posts, I quickly realized that "I was not alone in my pain or my grief"....
That, "others understood"....

I believe that the payment to keep LS running is all set for 2004....

It might be a nice idea if everyone (who could), donate $1.00, so that the funds will be taken care of for 2005.

I don't's just a thought....a suggestion....

Lightning Strike has meant the world to me, (of course, it still does), and I am very sure that this site means so very much to lots of other people........ wub.gif

I was very, very happy to read that "any extra monies" will go to one or more shelters; whether it be in the form of funds or supplies!!!!! biggrin.gif God knows that they do a wonderful service, and require so much needed help!!

Another idea, might be to send along a portion of "extra monies" to the "Animal Poison Control Center".... I don't know;
it's just a thought............ They were absolutely wonderful when I needed expert (and quick) advice after Ms. Lucy was recently poisoned.

That's all.........just wanted to let you know my thoughts!!!

LS Support
the site has received a paypal donation of $US5.oo today, thank you to the anonymous sender. these funds are important to the upkeep of the site and any overage goes towards our local no-kill shelter.

if you find this site of value and would like to give a donation, please visit the donations page. thank you.
Thank you for bringing this thread up. Somehow I didn't see it before. I don't have a lot, but I don't know what I would have done without this site so I made a small paypal donation. Thank you for being there.
LS Support
thank you for the donation, there is nothing considered too small (i just finished my taxes for the year so i should know happy.gif )
Moose Mom
I too thank you for bringing this post up. I know these things cost, but just didn't think about it here. DUH Guess my mind has been on other things.

Thank you so much for being here. My donation wasn't huge, I hope it helps.

Thanks again
LS Support
it does help, everything always helps. wub.gif

thanks to everyone for this flurry of donations. i never want to make anyone feel like they need to donate, but it helps come November when the site fees come due.
Simba's Daddy
I hope my million dollar donation helps... just kidding wink.gif
I did my taxes today and did ok so I can spare a few bucks.
Keep up the great work!
LS Support
another donation, thanks Simba's Daddy...all you guys are great happy.gif
LS Support
thanks to the anonymous donor who offered up a gift to L-S of $5.00 today.

your story should be shared with everyone here, i hope you choose to do so smile.gif
This donation is made in loving memory of my best buddy, Little Man, (Zoey) on his three year anniversary at the bridge.

This website was certainly a lifeline for me in my time of need and I hope our donatons will continue to help keep it available for all grieving pet lovers.

Thanks MD for continuing to provide a much needed service.

LS Support
thank you Jim and Zoey! good timing, the site goes up for renewal early next month. much appreciated smile.gif
Kim R.
I never saw this thread before now, and I, like Moose mom, never thought about any costs that came along with running such a site. I made a donation today in memory of my precious girl and I hope that this site can continue to help myself and others for a long time to come....
LS Support
thanks Kim, was a nice surprise to wake up and see your donation in my inbox. much appreciated, the site comes up for renewal in a week! so great timing wub.gif
Hi There,

Since I once had a dreadful experience w/paypal (from what I understand, I'm the only one in the world who ever has). Suspicious sort that I am, I was wondering if there is a p.o box or such to send a check.

Please advise (or maybe I'll use my husbands credit card ohmy.gif ).

Thanks, Sharon
LS Support
i have heard more than several people who have had issues with paypal. they have worked hard over the years to become better, i think they have done a good job but you never know!

i can't post my address information, but will send it to anyone who wants it via private message on this site. check your inbox, and thanks for helping out wub.gif
LS Support
thank you to Twitchit's mom Kim for her generous $100 donation to the website; that will surely go a long way to helping me out and i appreciate it greatly! wub.gif
LS Support
much appreciation for everybody's help, the site has been paid for another year!

i will be donating the remainder, $56.00, in food and supplies to the local no-kill shelter here, in great part due to your animal compassion wub.gif

tribble and i thank you smile.gif
LS Support
a Big Tribble Thank You goes out to John for his donation of $20 to the website. i have updated the tally above to reflect the donations to date.

those of you who are using to shop for the holidays, we are an affiliate. a percentage of what you spend goes towards the website (i have no idea who is buying what, so no fear to your privacy there).

you can 'automagically' help pay the annual costs for by clicking here. have a happy holidays!
LS Support
another huge thank you goes out to Linda for her donation of $20 to the website. i have updated the tally above to reflect the donations to date. thanks again for helping out to pay for the costs of this website wub.gif
LS Support
thank you to Eva for her generous donation to the site. it had been a pleasant surprise because it helped erase the many issues we had today when our semi-paralyzed lab-beagle went missing. turns out he was picked up by someone driving through the neighborhood who did not live here, so it was a great moment when they called after coming back to the neighborhood and seeing the posters my wife had posted. both are true testaments to the strength that our pet communities have to offer. thanks again for your support!
LS Support
i've been updating the tally above, but have not been posting my usual thank you's since earlier this year. so, with great apologies:

thanks to Eva (again) for her donation back in April wub.gif

thanks also to Ron S. for his donation, also in April smile.gif

and to catch up to today, thank you to Jon R. for his donation last week happy.gif

(apologies again, i know people better by their site names so am going off of the records at paypal for the names)

as always, i will pay what it takes to keep this site online, but i appreciate the support. and so does our local shelter.

LS Support
thank you Goliath/Beth for your generous donation today, i apologize for the effort you needed to go through to get it here wub.gif
Ok Mark....................Just now I tried sending our donation again after we had tried so hard this morning. (crossing fingers you got it this time) Thanks for keeping in touch with me about getting this donation completed. Sorry it took so long to get to you with all the confusion.

LS is the link to my lifeline and I appreciate all you do for all of us so very much.

Much love to you and yours, wub.gif
LS Support
as i've said for the past 12 years....sorry to see people here, but glad they found the site. thanks again.
QUOTE (LS Support @ May 30 2008, 09:52 PM) *
as i've said for the past 12 years....sorry to see people here, but glad they found the site. thanks again.

My pleasure Mark. THANK YOU too!!! biggrin.gif
LS Support
just a quick note that i paid the annual server fee for the site today. huge thanks to the people who helped me keep the site going for yet another year (13 in january!) wub.gif

i look forward to continuing to provide a "safe haven" for anyone who comes to this website to get the support they need. in fact, i intend to pass this site down to my daughter one day so have a feeling lighting strike pet loss support is going to be around for quite some time.

i am so glad you found this website, but am sad because you needed to. god bless your loved ones.
LS Support
a big hug to Eva for sending me a birthday video of ave maria (my bday is oct 11 smile.gif and a very generous site donation for next year's hosting fees. i cannot express my appreciation for her support in any other way but....

Click to view attachment

danke! wub.gif
LS Support
big hugs go out to Furkidlets' Mom for her recent donation to the site wub.gif i have added it to the tally above and it will go towards site fees and donations to the local shelter here.
LS Support
added $11.21 to the site funds tally from purchases people have made using our link july-sept. this holiday season, if you enjoy shopping at, click our affiliate link first. you can shop as you usually do and help out at the same time. click the 'donations' link below to get started.

happy thanksgiving from my family to yours.
LS Support
big hugs go out to Ann for her donation in the name of her beloved Arthur. wub.gif

I am glad L-S is able to help people in their time of sorrow over the loss of their furkids...the kind words i receive makes all the time spent getting the website and forum together all the more worthwhile and rewarding. we'll be online for as long as i'm alive, and i hope my 12yo daughter will one day get involved. our members are the greatest...their help is even more valuable than i can provide.

to those members in the US, have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.
LS Support
i would like to thank phoebekitty's mom for her support for this website, you donation is much appreciated. have a good new year!
LS Support
more big thanks for site support, this time from Jon730 and his world-famous kitty Ignatius. i am thankful for your presence in this forum, you've brought support and advice (and a few smiles) to many people. much appreciation to both of you, i have fixed the tally above to reflect your donation.
LS Support
a word of thanks to Lynda for her donation yesterday of $10 to support the site wub.gif
LS Support
another quick note of thanks to Lynda D. for her $10 support for this website smile.gif
LS Support
thank You Joni for your kind contribution to the website, the site renewal comes due in a couple weeks and it will help!
LS Support
just a quick thanks to everybody at the site, past and present, for your support of this site wub.gif

in part due to your kind donations, i paid for another year of the site today and will be donating the remaining funds ($27) to our local no-kill shelter. all of you are so very special and the animals in our lives and around the globe appreciate it!
LS Support
thanks and hugs to the anonymous supporter for donating to the Lightning Strike pet loss cause wub.gif

for more info on supporting the site via paypal or any purchases you make this holiday season, visit the Donations Page. to see the tallies to date, scroll to the first post in this message thread.

as always, i am happy you found this site but sad that you needed to.
LS Support
in memory of Goliath, whose 2nd anniversary passing from earth to rainbow bridge is Friday Nov 6th, the site has received a generous donation from Goliath's mom, Beth. thanks for the kind words in your note, i am glad that L-S has helped you and your support will help make sure this support site remains online for years and years to come.
LS Support
oops, sorry. Goliath's mom 's name is Beth, not Judy. who is my cousin. (i need to stop multi-tasking smile.gif its been fixed above. sorry Beth!
Hey Marc,

No problem! rolleyes.gif Sorry this has taken me so long to reply to, but for some reason my computer at home will not show this particular thread in it's entirety. Every other thread opens just fine but this one. Anyway Marc, it's my pleasure to help you keep the lights on for as long as possible. This site sent me on a journey back to happiness and sanity and also sent me to explore other avenues I never dreamed I would take on. I'm truly grateful that LS was here when I needed it. My prayer is that LS will be here for a very long time for those who will no doubt need a safe place to go where people honestly understand the joys we have with our loved furries as well as the deep anguish and heartbreak of losing them. It is here we all walk together through this journey of healing.......... picking up the broken pieces of our hearts along the way. smile.gif

Thanks so much Marc!

Huggers, Beth
LS Support
thanks for the kind words. i so love that this site helps so many people, i've been spreading the word for so many years now that we're hard to miss happy.gif as long as i live, this site will live too. maybe longer.

festive holidays
LS Support
a big tribble thanks to Kim for her recent gift of support for this website, i am glad people find the forums important enough to want to help out. thanks again!
LS Support
a giant kitty hug to Eva from Austria for her support donation in the memory of her special cat Jim, who passed across the bridge recently.

in fact i will quote her words to me in a recent email since they fit bestl:

this is my support for 2010 for LS in loving memory of my beloved Jimmy Klinger. If you want to say thank you, this is my thank you to all those LS members who helped me through my loss. still missing Jim sooo much. love Eva
LS Support
a big cyber-hug goes out to moon_beam for her recent donation to the website fund. for a dedication, read what she wrote in her own words....

Hi, MD, if possible, I would like to dedicate this donation to the wonderful Lightning Strike website.

Thank you so much for your dedication in offering this source of comfort.

Peace and blessings,

thanks so much moon_beam, so glad to hear that has helped you! smile.gif
Hi, does $48.25 represent the amount in the "donation account" as of today?
LS Support
yes, i paid the site fees earlier this year and donated the remainder to shelters here in Ohio. the $48.25 is from the latest donation, minus paypal fees.

hope that helps!
LS Support
a giant tribble hug goes out to Cryss who sent the site a generous donation in memorium of her pup Sassy

in Cryss's own words from an email yesterday:

It would be lovely for you to mention Sassy.

I’m oscillating between extreme sadness and grief stricken numbness and the site and the other forum members are my salvation.

glad you were able to find the help you need here, we're all here 24/7! god bless.
LS Support
the website received a kind donation of $25 today. anything over that of the site costs is donated to one or more of the no kill shelters here in ohio. i have updated the tally at the beginning of this post. thank you thank you! wub.gif
LS Support
The website has made a payment of $240.00 USD for annual domain hosting, which leaves us with a loss (-$52). You can view the current donations tallies here.

All funds received beyond the site hosting fee (via member donation and through amazon books affiliate payments) go to one or more shelters in the form of funds or supplies. Unlike similar websites, we do not sell anything or charge a fee to make a profit. the site is member-supported and is here for only one reason: to provide help with loss and the grief it brings, and to remember the animals we love so much.

please consider supporting the website ....even without member support, will remain online as long as i am around to keep it running.

As always, glad that you found us. sad that you had to.
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