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> Welcome To Our New Members!, Post your introductions here....
post Sep 21 2008, 02:54 PM
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To New Members:

It is wonderful when you come here to introduce yourself. But to get answers from the many members here who are always listening and want to reply to you..

please start a topic just for your baby in whatever Section of the Forum seems to apply....unfortunately the most active section is Death and Dying but that is where responses are (in the Special Sections). If a pet is sick..there is a special Section or if he is missing...of course, that Section is where to go.

I see new members post here and then come back...I assume to see if there are any replies.
We all get discouraged if we see no replies...

This section here is very good just to introduce yourself if you wish to..but if you need a conversation about your special one...please start a topic for your baby so it can be replied to.

Hope this helps explains the best way to start a conversation all your own and get replies.

Hugs to all who post. We are always listening. We understand your pain and want to help.

LITTLE GUY - May 28, 1991 - Sept 10, 2007 - Always in my Heart.
His story: Section D&D: How do I stop crying? and also... My Boy is Gone Forever.

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post Jul 21 2009, 06:14 PM
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hi everyone. my name is gail. i live near cleveland, ohio. i'm 50, so i've had alot of losses in my life by now. anyways... i've lost 3 schnauzers and yesterday, we put our beloved beagle, miss lucy, to sleep (cancer/gallbladder disease).

i've been a grief facilitator for many years (for people losses), and i've found that grief is grief. doesn't matter if it's for a person, or a pet. it matters how CLOSE we are to the person or pet that determines our grief. for many, that would be their beloved pet.

anyways... i plan to pop in now and then and see if i can help anyone, or maybe share some of my own thoughts. i know talking helps alot, and also writing about our emotions.

i'm truly sorry for everyone's loss. i have loved each and every one of my dogs TONS, so i know how it is to lose one.

god bless.
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post Aug 4 2009, 11:04 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Lancaster, UK
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Hi there,
I'm Katy and I'm 21 years old.
I live in a small, rural city in the north west of England. I'm currently working at a store and going to college doing an access course to university where I'm hoping to study Psychology in Education.
I'm an addicted photographer and do the occasional shoot. I'm always carrying a camera with me.

I've always been an animal lover. Actually, I love most living things - humans the least. I'll try to save any living thing if I can and I am one of those people who get really annoyed if someone kills a bug.

I got my first cat as a gift when my father left when I was 4 years old so I put a lot of my emotion into caring for her and making sure she was happy. I had her for 17 years until I came home from my party on my 21st birthday and found her dead on the drive. She had an aggressive form of cancer that had spread pretty quickly but the vet said she actually died of a heart attack. Heartbroken.
We've had a lot of cats in between that we've lost but I realised it was just a way of life. Their deaths didn't hit me as hard as hers though.

Now we have Miss Tilly... the strangest cat I've ever come across. She's still very young but twice the size of any tom cat. She never stops meowing. She responds to anything you say to her and she has to climb into any hole she finds.

I'm extremely grateful for this site and will continue to be. Thank you.
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post Aug 4 2009, 06:40 PM
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From: Sydney Australia
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I responded to another post of yours & forgot to mention that our "Miss Tilli" is very strange too, maybe it's the name, hehehe!!!!
glad to hear you gr8 news.
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post Nov 20 2009, 09:27 PM
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Hello my name is Paul, and on Wednesday Nov 18th we lost our 5 yr. old Mastiff to complications to surgery. He was diagnosed with Cancer in his forearm and after some long thinking and talking to the vets we got his leg amputated and planned to do chemotherapy. The vet said we probably bought him anywhere to 9 -14 + months. He came home 2 days after his surgery and we noticed he was leaking from his stitches. We took him back to see the vet who performed the amputation. He had a staph infection and had 2 surgeries to to try and clean the infection up. He went thru 1 blood transfusion and all sorts of antibiotics but his red blood cells levels just couldnt come back. He had some up and down days, and when we thought he would be coming home another problem arose, whether the infection came back or his blood pressure or protein levels dropped. We visited him on this past Wednesday, exactly 2 weeks he was admitted in the hospital for the staph infection and he was so weak he could not get up and walk around and he developed another infection and the decision was made to have him laid to rest.
He was way too young and we were told after the amputation he was such a young strong dog he would get thru the fight against cancer but this wa snot the case. It was a very tough decision to get the amputation and now we second guess if it was the right decision now since we lost him.
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post Dec 1 2009, 08:24 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Chesaning, MI
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Hi Paul, I'm so sorry you lost your furkid...it's so hard...especially with yours being so young. I too had to put my aging lab down just a couple weeks ago...and I wonder about my decision at times. There are lots of people here who can help you with your grief, we all know exactly what you're going through. I'm just not sure anyone comes much to this section of the forum. You should post maybe on the "death and dying support section", that's where most of the responses are. Please do post as I'm not as good as comforting as some of the others here...my pain is still too fresh.

Hugs to you,
Brutus' Mom


In loving memory of my soulmate, Brutus...never forgotten, always missed.

Brutus Midnight Gunsmoke
Black Lab and best friend
11-22-96 to 11-16-09
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post Dec 16 2009, 05:28 PM
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QUOTE (LS Support @ Jun 29 2003, 03:35 PM) *
hi there, glad you could make it happy.gif i am happy to provide this new forum for members of
the L-S old forums ( http://lightning-strike.com/forums/ )as well. as those working their way from our battle-torn alt.support.grief.pet-loss
newsgroup on USENET. perhaps we all can use this as a troll-free resource as i will be ruthless
on off-topic postings and finally have the tools to squash any problems cool.gif

this would be a great forum to introduce yourselves, if you want. i will kick it off for y'all.

my name is marcdavid, people call me MD (i am not a doctor or vet, a rumour that has
been around ever since my pet-loss work has). i started the lightning-strike site back in '96
as a tribute to my very dear friend Tribble, who passed quickly from a thrombotic clot. it was
a nightmarish scene at the end, my wife (now ex) was a new vet and we tried to save him
but he died in my arms. i have not had a pet since, not my own...we did have 7 cats when i was
married though. to be truthful, i am kinda burnt out on cats and hope to get a dog one day,
a jack russell terrier is my hopeful. oh, right now we do have fish. and a snail. and cuz i left
the window open, about 100 flies dry.gif

im a 40yo freelance writer in columbus ohio and have 2 great kids ages 6 and 3. they keep me
on the run constantly. so although i will visit here several times a day, i may not post as much
as the rest of you but rest assured i will be reading and wishing you well during these hard times
in your life.

over the summer, i hope to completely redesign lightning-strike.com. i also have a very nice
chat room up and running now if anyone has the interest to participate. it has not been released
publicly yet, so let me know and i can get it readied.

welcome again, i hope you find the support you need here smile.gif

Hi everyone,

My name is Kathy and I have just discovered this Forum. I have been lying around for the the past five days trying to think of a way to console myself. So, I said to myself, "self, get up and go over to that computer and find a support group for help. So here I am.

Let me introduce myself:
I am a 56 yr old disabeled Gulf War Veteran (female). I left the military in 1998; had a somewhat empty marriage at the time; needed something to fill the void. Two years later was when I decided to go to my local walmart to past some time. I noticed someone selling puppies (cute little babies called "Poms").
4 boys and one girl. The little girl was laying back in the corner "chillin'", while her brothers ran a muck unsure.gif She looked up at me very sassy-like (hence the name "Sassy") with her little paws crossed as if to say, "please, take me away from those loud brothers of mine!" So I did, and the rest is...

Sassy left her wonderfully spoiled life five days ago, suddenly and unexspectedly from what i believe may have been a new medication prescription. She was my baby still at 9 yrs old, 4 months before her 10th birthday. It was just she and I in our home, since I was divorced three years ago. I am hurting so bad because i miss her so. She was my shadow. When I moved, she moved. No one could touch me unless she approved. Anyway, I will be posting more about my beloved "Sass". I am just happy to know, just by reading some of the posts, that it is okay to grieve for my baby girl. She was my comfort, my joy, and lived each day to walk with her mom, listen to her mom talk baby-talk, and sing the "Barney" theme song to her ("I LOVE YOU<YOU LOVE ME<THAT"S THE WAY IT"S SUPPOSE TO BE!!"") wub.gif She loved it and that was the last thing she heard from me before she took her last breath.

Anyway, this is getting extremely difficult to continue. However, I will be posting more soon. Looking forward to it !

[font="Comic Sans MS"][/font][/color] [color="#FF00FF"]In Loving memory of my true best friend, companion and confidant
April 2000-December 11, 2009
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post Mar 9 2012, 04:03 PM
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Hello everyone.
I'm Nicola 34 from Ashford. Kent.
I love cats and had to have my 11 year old cat Lucy putto sleep on 11th jan due to cancer.
We now have a 14 week old kitten sophie.
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post Oct 23 2012, 09:12 AM
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From: Maryland
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Hi everyone. My name is Laura, 45 years old, who just lost her female shepherd mix, Zena, to liver cancer this past Saturday, the 20th of October. She was 11 years old. In July, I had to put down my other dog Zeus, an Alaskan Malamute/Belgian Shepherd mix who was 12 years old, because he had been getting seizures that were becoming days apart. The cause of them were unknown, but we took blood tests, so we know it wasnít anything systemic. This has been a hard season, and especially a hard week, because Zena was my little baby girl and Iíve been feeling torn apart from her passing. Zeus was a sweetheart too, and it was so hard to see him suffer, but I donít regret all of the effort I put forth in taking care of the both of them during their last days. You can see them both in my avatar, although that picture was taken years ago when Zena was still a puppy. Itís been helpful to read other peopleís posts and to know that what Iím going through is perfectly normal. My time is limited, but I hope to stick around and to post more and to get to know everyone.
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post Aug 13 2014, 09:29 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Joliet iL
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Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Mayra, and I just joined this website tonight so I'm still confuse on how this website works and how to post my original post tonight. But hopefully someone is able to help me in pointing me in the right direction so I'm able to post things in the right place. I'm 33 years old and I currently live in Joliet Illinois with my husband and my 4 beautiful children. The reason that I enjoy this website is because I recently lost my calico baby kitten name princess. She was only (6months old) when I lost her. She was hit by a car right in front of my house I'm still hurt and so devastated right now that nothing seems to help me heal. I just need my baby back I can't seem to be without her. I decided to find any support online to see if it will help me with my grief process because apparently none of my family understands what I'm going through and all they say is get over it she was just a cat buy another one. I'm actually hurting alone with no one to hear me or talk to I feel so sad right now. I just that I'm able to tell my whole story of what happen to my princess. I just feel the need to let it out our I will go crazy. I hope I'm able to meet new people here and be in touch. sad.gif
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