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Denise 999

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30 Jan 2014
Here I go....emotionally dumping to in a public forum to strangers. smile.gif

I am devastated. My sweet, 15-year-old Sonny developed what appeared to be symptoms of kidney failure a few months ago. Then, suddenly, on Christmas Eve her back legs collapsed. After research, I surmised it must have been because she was on a K/D diet only, and was suffering from protein starvation. So, I started cooking her home meals designed for dogs in kidney failure. She recovered immediately and did great...she was her old self. Two weeks or so later, she started to regurgitate her food and water, followed by what appeared to be an unrelated she had a grand mal seizure in the middle of the night that sent us racing to the ER. She recovered the same night from the seizure and ate well the next day, but the regurgitation started again and she kept losing weight. She had been slowly losing weight over about two-three months, which we attributed to kidney failure.

On Monday, the vet said that he did not think her GI issues were related to the kidney issues and recommended an ultrasound. The results were tragic. She had an unextremely rare condition for a dog: blood clots, one of which had formed an aortic thrombosis and was blocking off all blood supply to her intestines. This is why she could not eat. This condition also appeared to have caused the hind end collapse and kidney failure. The vet said if I needed to get comfortable with the diagnosis and/or take her to a specialist I should, but I chose to euthanize her. There is practically no treatment for this condition, and the treatments that do exist all have a "guarded" prognosis. With a seizure on the record, now a diagnosed clot in her aorta and others in her body, nodules on her liver (we did not biopsy to see if they were cancerous), the potential for heart attack, and her shocking weight loss (from 40 pounds to 25 pounds), I was too scared to bring her home to what could be a painful death. She was either going to die from a hearrt failure, seizure, or starvation.

Of course, I am torturing myself that I did not bring her home and take her to a specialist to pursue more treatment at all costs. After all, she has recovered from so many health conditions and was a strong girl....shouldn't I have given her another chance? Surely I could have cured her?

She didn't particularly enjoy going to the vet and always stood by the door wanting to leave. On Monday, she did the same and I agonize because I did not take her outside in the grass one more time, that she wanted to come home but I denied her that.

I miss her terribly.

The best description I have of her is what I posted on Facebook, which I will share here.

Thank you for listening.

- Denise

Denise Adams

27 January

My sweet Sonny girl,

You were found as a puppy by the neighbors, stranded and scared in the middle of a huge Wal-Mart parking lot on a sweltering summer day 15 years ago.The neighbors brought you to their house and you immediately broke free and trotted over to ours. I was hopelessly smitten and adopted you on the spot.

You were with me for fifteen loyal years: through a painful marriage, bad boyfriends, personal loss, extreme poverty, grief, and suffering, but also shared with me the joy and happiness of having finally overcome those hurdles.

You loyally sat by my desk through late night studying during graduate school and was under my desk at my feet constantly for the past two years of working at home, so much so that we gave you the moniker "office dog". I could not leave a room without you following me. You were bound to me as tightly as roots to a tree.

I had to let you go tonight. I can still feel you in my arms and smell your fur. My body aches from no longer being able to hold you, my fingers crave to stroke your fur. Our morning walks with Taavi will not be the same without you.

Even though my heart is broken and my soul is wrenched with grief, I know I did the right thing for your suffering would only have increased and death would have come within days. There is no recovery from an aortic embolism.

I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful companion in my life, my sweet Sonny girl. I don't know why I was given the honor of caring for such a magnificent soul, but am forever grateful for having been given the gift of you. You are in my heart forever, my pretty girl. I will see you again one day.

I love you.

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