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24 Sep 2008

As some of you know, my bestfriend Marie a thirteen year old Blue Point Siamese had to be put to sleep this past Saturday on the 20th. My heart is aching for her right now.
I went through some pictures today and found lots of her. I always snapped random pictures of her. She was so photogenic. I even found a video I took of her being silly one day.

When ever you caught her eyes in the sunlight they were so blindingly blue.

She hated cold weather.

Whenever I would pull my suitcase out, getting ready to go somewhere, she would immediatly jump in it hoping I would take her with me. When I would leave home, it drove my mom crazy. Marie wouldn't eat and would mourn my absence the whole time.

Her famous pose. When she was really happy and feeling good she would always stretch out her front leg. I took this one day when I was cleaning my room top to bottom. I'd taken my sheets off my bed to wash and she was pretty excited over the empty bed.

Which is when I took this video of her playing. You can hear the tags on her collar jingle. That is a sound I long to hear again.

This was one of our many naps together, and how she always slept with me. It used to bug me. She would hog the blankets and want to sleep mouth to mouth sharing breath. Now I just miss it.

You know how moms are. They love Christmas pictures. Marie was always in ours.

She loved Christmas decorations and playing in the presents.

When Marie wasn't playing in presents she enjoyed seeing how small of a box she could fit into.

"Mom, don't you have enough pictures of me already?"

Making sure my shoes didn't walk off was one of her favorite things to do.

If she can't get in the box then she liked to sleep on top of them.

"I will not open my eyes for this picture."

She liked assisting me on the computer the best way she knew how.... sleeping.

She enjoyed laying in the center of the living room so that she was sure all eyes were on her.

Seeing what kind of trouble she could stir up in the laundry room.

I miss you Marie.

All of these pictures don't even begin to explain the joy, smiles, and happiness this girl brought to me through the years. They don't being to explain all the times I was four and she was a kitten wearing baby doll clothes and being pushed around in a baby stroller. They can't capture all the many hugs and kisses, snoozes and snuggles we've shared through our thirteen years of friendship. She was my reason to smile after a bad day. She was my bestfriend.
14 Sep 2008
Hi, I hardly even know where to start on this one.

My dad used to be a vet, and when I was three a woman came in the office with a little cooler full of kittens she had found underneath her house. They all had snotty noses, and were really sick. My mom nursed them all back to health. In the batch of kittens there was a Blue Point Siamese. When my mom was a kid she had a Siamese of her own, and decided my first real pet should be a Siamese cat. We kept the kitten, and named her Marie. Ten years later I had been bestfriends with a girl named Chelsea, when she suddenly went into cardiac arrest and died. I wouldn't have been able to get through it without Marie. She never left my side. She was always there. We've always been inseperable, attached at the hip. If I would leave home for a few nights she would be miserable.

Now, I'm sixteen and Marie is thirteen. Two weeks ago I came home and found her laid out on her side in my bathroom, I could see that her stomache was pumping really hard and she was having trouble breathing. I told my mom and we took her to the vet. I was giving her CPR as my mom was going 80 miles an hour. We got her to the vet and he said it was probably and asthma attack. I was curious as to how that could be, since she had never had any problems like this before. In fact she has always had perfect health. She stayed there for the night, and Saturday morning we went and picked her up. She seemed fine, breathing was just a little bit irregular all afternoon. But then she started sucking air again. So once more we raced to the vet. By the time we got there she was gaging and foaming at the mouth. She couldn't breath at all. She stayed at the vet for three days untill Tuesday. We brought her home and she was doing a little bit better. By the afternoons she would normally start breathing hard again so I would just put her in my with the air conditioner blasting on her to help her breath. That seemed to be working well. So we both just slept in the car that whole week. On Sunday I had a horse show and we just took her with us. When she was a kitten she used to travel between two houses all the time, so she is an excellent travler. She seem perfectly fine at the show. She slept the whole time. She hadn't been eating very well though.
On Monday my aunt needed to put down her old Lab. So, my mom and I went into help her lift him in and out of her car. We took Marie with us. She was breathing hard at my aunts house, and it just got worse and worse. By now, we couldn't leave as we had to help my aunt. But, Marie was clearly in distress. My mom has friends at the local Humane Society so we called over there and they said they would give her some oxygen. I stayed over there with her while my mom dealt with my aunts dog situation. Marie still wasnt' doing well, at all. From my aunts house we're about 40 minutes from the vet. I was pretty sure we weren't going to get there in time.
Once we got her there, she was still breathing but just barely. She stayed there all week. I went to check on her Thursday. She seemed to be doing a little bit better. Still hadn't eaten at all. Then, Saturday morning I went to check on her, as soon as I saw her I just sobed. She is so skinny now, she won't eat, shes dehydrated so her skin is just hanging on her, she still can hardly breath, yet when she saw me she purred the best she could in between gasps for breathes. She broke my heart. I'll be surprised if she makes it through the weekend.
I hardly even know what to do with out Marie with me constantly. It sounds lame, but this cat has been my bestfriend. She sleeps with me every night, when I'm doing my hair or makeup she sits on my dresser and assists me, she always loves on me and licks my face every morning to try and talk me into getting out of bed to feed her. It's my Marie. I don't get why she had to be the one to be dying. We have plenty of stupid and mean cats, not to mention really old cats that should be the ones to die. I don't think it's very fair. She has just always been there. She's watched me grow up. I can't imagine not having her to come home to at nights and telling her all about my day. All of my friends don't understand. They just keep telling me it's just a cat. You'll get over it. But, she's not just a cat, she has never been just a cat. She has been my companion and trusted friend when I had no one else. I can't remember a time when I didn't have Marie.

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