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Cats, gemcutting, Cats, retired Materials Scientist (Healthcare/Biomed Industry), Cats.
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29 Dec 2014
As sweet old Sam was fading, we got a cat who looked like her to keep her company. She was happy to have someone to curl up with and keep her warm.
When it was time for her to go, Zacchary was at large, and befriended Iggy. The start was rocky, but they became Best Buddies after "probation" was over.


No. This can't be happening.


15 Mar 2014
Hello, Friends!
March 20 will be the anniversary of my loss of Miles, "Mrs.Goodcat", my Cat-wife. But there is enough sadness here without me adding to it unless I also share the joy of my nutty, goofy, brilliant, sometimes moody best friend Iggy.
Who knows where the time goes?

Six years ago into my shattered life came this little guy, who hopped out of the kitten basket, chose me, ran up my leg, over my shoulder and into my shirt pocket.
Today was warm enough so we could start taking our patrols together..he is leash trained, remember? it was finally sunny after a bitter Winter, and we visited some of his favourite places. "Grass-Eating Place#1" by the big oak, the warmth of its ancient bole usually promising a sickening cleansing snack.
Then, a patrol to inspect the big rock, where he found a small garter snake years ago-he NEVER forgets. (It was just a baby..hadn't even started Law School.) He THOUGHT about climbing a tree, but decided it was a bit early for that.

He is now just under sixteen pounds.

I named a product of mine after him; It is used in gem polishing, and most people like the product and think his picture is hilarious..he is SO expressive!

My age is starting to get up there, so I think I have timed things quite well, for Iggy and I to be truly "Friends For Life".
24 Mar 2012
I started logging on here, but spent my time posting to other people because I could not bring myself to write this.

Nearly fourteen years ago, two abandoned kittens were found one cold raniy afternoon. They were huddled under a car in an apartment parking lot.
The Animal Control officer took the male, and a neighbor alerted us to the female, which we took in. When Sam was a kitten, she had hardly any fur, and was almost pink.
At the time, my wife was recovering from surgery, and was confined to bed.
So poor cold abandoned Sam suddenly found herself is a heated waterbed with a doting mother. She and my wife strongly bonded at once.
She has had astma for years, and in the last few months has been experiencing respiratory distress. I had dug the grave months ago, because we were afraid she would go in Winter when the ground was frozen.
It is the weekend now, and I have left messages for some local travelling vets, hoping one will help her out. She has now lost control of her hind legs. Though not in obvious pain, she is very unhappy. Failing a vet visit, I shall bring her early Monday when they open. Yes, I hate that, yes, I hate being the Angel of Death in this house. But each additional day now is morally wrong and selfish.

So close were she and my wife, that when my wife left once a week to teach her Art Classes, Sam would come running to me, howling, warning me that my wife was missing. For so many years, she was a frisky, loving trickster, that seeing her come to this state is particularly sad. She was loved by the relatives and nieces. A couple of weeks ago, one niece came to say Goodbye..Sam brightened, her ears perked up, and she did her best to be entertaining.
Today my sister-in-law came to say goodbye to her. She was heartbroken to see her going.

She and Iggy became friends quickly. She resented Zacchary, though. He's too young and obnoxious for her.

If we left for a weekend, she tried every device to stop us from going.

This leaves us with only Iggy and Zach now.

We are content that we gave Sam an exceptionally spoiled and pampered life, and spared no expense keeping her healthy and happy.

But now there is only one thing left to do. I have a large white quartz stone for her memorial.
16 Mar 2012
Ignatius The Great begins the fourth year of His Reign today!

Last year we had a health scare which costs thousands. When we brought Zacchary home, he brought a kennel-cough like thing home.
But even after clearing that up, Iggy had digestive issues, running in terror with diarreah.
At one point, the Vet said, "They HATE this..I had better get the Tech to help: I have to give him a rectal exam."
Poor Iggy was howling and roaring like a lion..And he is usually such a sweet cat!
So I said to him, "Son, This is why I always tell you to stay out of prison!"
The Vet and the tech broke up in helpless laughter. The laughter shocked Iggy so much he shut up.

AFTER all this, and the $$$, we solved the issue. Iggy was secretly breaking into, and gorging himself on the bag of Iam's Hairball food we had for the longhair cats! It contained BEET PULP and mineral oil, and was a kind of Nuclear Grade Laxative in the amounts he was stealing.

He now weighs fifteen pounds, and we continue to grow closer as friends. My wife is convinced Iggy considers me his pet. He STARES at me and makes me do things. Some time ago, I had said, " I wish I could talk to Iggy, just for an hour, so we could understand each other better."
But that was silly. We communicate perfectly, as long as I remeber who is the boss.

The only tension we have is for regular shots and checkups. "You AIN'T BRINGING ME TO THAT PREVERT AGAIN, ARE YOU???"

This new beginning has been four years long, now. But with an animal friend, it is ALWAYS a new beginning, isn't it? They have minds, they change and grow. They abandon some tricks and games, and make up new ones.
20 Mar 2011
Ignatius The Great has his third birthday March 16.
The year has been strange. When Zacchary came home, all got along after a while, and it is good to see Iggy with a playmate. But Sam and Iggy got sick with a URI from Zacchary's breeder or the cat show.
Then, Iggy developed an intolerance to gluten. No more Fancy Feast with gravy. It gave him diahhrea and alternating constipation, and made him afraid of litterboxes for awhile.
All is well now, with the addition of Metamucil to his food. With the URI and this problem, it was about $2000 at the Vet for him and Sam.
The snow is gone, and now it's Father and Son Leash walks. He patrols "his" territory, and is so happy he often climbs a tree up to my face level so we can rub heads and kiss.
He remembers EVERY chipmunk hole from last Fall, and continues to return to the place he encountered the baby garter snake last year. I never let him DO anything to the animals he catches, and of course rescued the baby snake. I mean, the poor thing had not even started Law School yet!




It really was not that great. The toad played possum till Iggy left, then hopped away, gloating that he had peed in Iggy's mouth and disgusted him.

Here he is in his role as Office Manager:

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