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7 Oct 2008
I lost my baby boy Bentley almost six weeks ago. He was a mini Dachshund and he was my life, my best friend, my first son. He was only four years old and suffered from a herniated disk in his lower back. The vet overdosed him and he died in my arms the next morning. To make matters worse it happened 3 hours before my daughter's first birthday party. To top it all off my beautiful big boy cat Frankie, an indoor cat, escaped out the screen door late at night 2 weeks later. Two of my babies in one month. I'm devastated. I feel anger and guilt and pain and I don't know how I'm going to live without him. I'm still hopeful about Frankie coming back partly because I don't think I can process the loss of him too.

Bentley was my joy. I know all of you understand how much love you can have for your furbabies. Bentley slept under the covers in my legs every night. I took him everywhere. He understood not only what I was saying but I swear he knew what I was thinking. He was perfect too. Never chewed, never went potty in my house or anyone elses, could be off leash and stay close. I walked him ever single day. I even went for a walk the day I delivered my daughter because walks meant so much to him. Looking back I see that they were the most important part of our relationship. He would run ahead but never too far, looking back at me every once in a while to see where I was.....

Late June Bentley started shivering and his back and stomach was tight. I was nursing a double ear and a sinus infection so my husband took him to the vet. The vet said it was his back. Doxie's are prone to back problems just by design. She gave him muscle relaxers and he was to rest for a few weeks. Bentley stayed home, rested, and quickly recovered. After two weeks it was like he was as good as new. The beginning of August we went on vacation and he stayed with my parents. They have two dogs who are his best friends and we knew he would have fun. When we returned from our trip he was acting strange. At first I thought it was because he was depressed we left him for the first time. After a couple of days I knew something else was wrong. A neighbor told me about her vet and how much she liked him. We took him there and after an exam she said it wasn't his back it was an infection in a tooth that was causing him pain. She did pre-op blood tests and said other than that he was fine and gave us some antibiotics. Well, after the course of antibiotics he wasn't doing any better. moping around, shivering in pain. On the wed. before he died he was shifting and moving around in bed like he couldn't get comfortable moving around every couple of seconds. Then the next morning he peed in the house for the first time ever. The next night Thurs was the same and this time he pooped on the floor and on himself. Completely unlike him. This is a dog who would hold it for 6-8 hours if he had to. I knew he was hurting. I told my husband "Its not his tooth, its his back. Im taking him to the vet today." I called our other vet and made an emergency appointment for 9 in the morning. I had a lot of running around to do to prepare for my daughter's birthday party but I didn't want Bentley to be in pain all weekend and not enjoy himself.
At the vet she gave him all kinds of exams and took X-rays. I had never met this vet because I had not realized the practice was just sold. She said he had two herniated disks in his lower back and that was why he was so uncomfortable. I suspected this. i knew about Doxies' backs and was prepared for surgery, heck I was even telling myself that if he became paralyzed i would buy him one of those little wheelchairs. I would do anything. I never thought death. never in a million years would I have thought he would die. She said she was going to give him an IV of steroids, an injection of muscle relaxers, and an injection of an anti-inflammatory. They also took blood, urine, and feces to send out to a lab for tests. I left him there while I went shopping for food, flowers, and balloons. When I picked him up at 3 the vet said he will feel so much better because of the steroids. "He'll be running and jumping. He'll be very hungry and thirsty". She told me to keep him in a confined space though so he can rest. She said she would call me first thing in the morning with the results of his tests. That night in between all the preparations I would check on him and he was acting weird. i brought him some chicken and put it by his mouth and he turned his head away as if to say ''eww get that away." He was breathing heavy and pacing around. I brought my mom up to see him and she said "Wouldn't you be acting weird if you had all those shots?" That night was the first time in his life that he was in the house but not in my bed. We put him in the bathroom with his blanket. At 3 in the morning I woke up because my neighbors were having a loud party and went to check on him. He was just lying there breathing really heavy and didn't acknowledge me coming in the door. First I went online to check the side effects of the drugs he was given and then I went downstairs and called the ER vet. She told me to check his gums. They were pink. She said that was a good sign. I asked if I should bring him in. She said I could or just talk to the vet in the morning. I wish I could turn back time, why can't we turn back time? But I had my baby sleeping upstairs and it was 3 in the morning and I just thought well, he was at the vet all day. Again NEVER thinking death.
At 7 in the morning I woke up to Bentley making a loud kind of exhaling noise. I ran to the bathroom and opened the door and he was laying there on the cold floor covered in his own pee. I scooped him up and he was like a rag doll. I screamed for my husband and my baby started to scream too. I was saying to him "Dont die Bubbs, Dont die Bubbs" over and over I called the ER and said we were on our way and my husband said his heart is still beating. Then it stopped. he started doing CPR. He left to go to the vet. I had to stay home w/ the baby and he said he was going 100 mph racing to the vet and doing CPR while he was driving. He called me at 8 and said He's dead.

Right now Im crying so hard I can barely see the keyboard. The wound is still so open and painful
I feel guilt that I took him to a new vet I didn't know, I should have taken him at 3 in the morning. Why did I let them give him so many drugs? Why didn't I just take him to that animal chiropractor I researched? Did he suffer all night without me? Was he in pain wondering where I was and why I wasn't there for him?
I'm so sorry Bentley. i wish I would have taken you to the better place down the street.
Im still pissed. I had a healthy dog with a bad back one day and a dead dog the next.

i left many messages at the vet. She never called me that morning. She didn't call me until Mon morning to tell me she doesn't know what happened, his tests all came back normal, and "If you try to reverse the charges on your credit card Ill take you to court" goodbye. I have no answers. i don't know how he died. It was the weekend so I couldnt find a place to do a necropsy until mon and then could not find one. My baby was there in a refrigerator until Wed when we decided to have him cremated.

He was only four. I never thought I would lose him so soon. I pictured myself with him old and gray in ten years. My daughter will never know him. the day I brought her home from the hospital I put her down next to him and he licked her face. I feel robbed. Im pissed at the insensitivity of the vet. Im a total basket case and am fetal position hysterical 4 or 5 times a day still. It was just so sudden and brutal. We decided to have her birthday party to have a distraction. My mom said if we didn't we would just sit around looking at all these flowers and cry all day. So what was supposed to be one of the happiest, most memorable days of my life turned out to be the worst.

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