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15 Jul 2017

This Article helped me understand some things about my baby girl's death and I hope it will help you too. I go back and read it every time I feel myself slipping back into the dark parts of my mind.

Without Words (a song about pet loss)

Carrie Underwood - See You Again

I miss you so much baby girl
R.I.P Myrtle The Turtle With The Girdle
Janurary 15th, 2003 - June 19th, 2017
10 Jul 2017
I miss Myrtle so much and now some of my other fur babies are having problems. Smoky (her sister who I love with all my might) is breathing abnormally. Her gums and tongue are perfectly pink and her heartbeat is normal, but I am still terrified out of my mind and wondering if it's just her allergies causing it from us not cleaning for almost 2 weeks or if it's something else causing it. Her daughter Loupe has an infected teat from scratching it on the top of a mattress that we had standing up when we were moving furniture around in our bedroom, it has a bump underneath it and also one by the teat above it. We are going to get them in tomorrow and I hope we get some good news. I don't want to hear any more bad news right now. I am so scared and now I am not only just grieving, but I am also having to worry about Smoky and Loupe. I am trying really hard to stay calm, but I can't help wanting to just cry and cry nonstop.
9 Jul 2017
We had her cremated individually and had a paw print done, but since we don't have all the money to pay the full bill for all her treatments we can't get her or the paw print back until we do and it is breaking my heart that we can't bring her home yet. We tried so hard to save her only to have lost her and now the vet is holding her ashes hostage because they don't trust us to pay them even though we have been their clients for years and never once failed to pay them. They let us do a payment plan because we had already maxed out the care credit and used all of the cash we had to pay for all the vet visits trying to help her. I can't move forward until we get her back. I want her home so I can create a memorial, she deserves that and so much more.
30 Jun 2017
Her name was Myrtle. She was 14 years old and a major part of our lives. 3 weeks ago she was healthy and running around and then she suddenly started losing weight and became weaker. She was diagnosed with renal failure, a 3 cm mass in her abdomen, and on the day she died anemia. My family and I were fighting for her with all our might. We had gotten her kidney values down after 3 days of fluid treatments and antibiotics and appetite stimulants in a hospital. We were given sub Q fluids to give to her at home. She seemed to be feeling better, but then on the day she died she started walking even worse then before going sideways and bumping into the walls and bed. So we took her to see another vet who told us that we should take her in for another 24 hours of fluid treatment and antibiotics to bring her values down more and set up for a ultrasound for the next day, but that wasn't meant to be. Her becoming anemic is what killed her. We had taken her into the vet the day she passed away for the other 24 hours of fluid and antibiotics. We had so much hope for her making it through this. We gave her loves and kisses and told her we would be back for her. We were on our way home when we got the call. They had been getting her ready for the I.V fluids when all of a sudden she started gasping and then went into cardiac arrest. They rushed her back to the operation room and put an oxygen mask on her and tried to resuscitate her, but they couldn't and she left this world with a bunch of technicians and vets petting her and loving on her. My family and I did not get to say good bye. It hurts so much. I miss her so much. I feel so guilty for not being there and for not being able to save her, for not noticing her pain sooner.
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