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> Welcome To Our New Members!, Post your introductions here....
post May 2 2005, 11:11 PM
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Hi Levona:

I am sorry over the loss of your precious furbaby, Blackie.

If you would like, I could move your whole post over to the "Death and Dying" site, as Audrey suggested.

It is the most "alive" part of Lightning-Strike, and there you will receive much comfort and support.....

Please, let me know by PM'ing me or E-mailing me.
I'll be happy to do it right away...

God Bless!


Our Beloved Girl, Ernestine (AKA) "Ernie-Bird"
April, 1984 - February 7, 2004
Forever, you will ALWAYS live on in our hearts!


"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." Immanuel Kant

"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight" Albert Schweitzer
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Rosebud's Mom
post May 21 2005, 08:12 AM
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Hello, my name is Karen and I've only just found this site this morning. One of my cats, Rosebud, is dying and reading all your posts has made me feel a bit better. I've been down this road three times before, with other wonderful cats I've shared my life with over the years, and can truly understand. Thanks for this great site.

Sweet Little Rosebud's Mom in New Jersey.
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post Jun 13 2005, 05:07 AM
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From: England
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I'm new to LS and like everyone else, so very, very grateful to you for its existence. This is helping me through my darkest hours in a way that nothing else can and as my 'friends' don't seem to want to talk about my grief and loss I am so very glad to have found a forum to share my thoughts with kindred spirits, and what lovely kindred spirits they all seem to be. I am so sad that the thing that unites us all is our profound loss!
Anyway, I will get around to introducing myself properly in due course and to putting a proper and fitting tribute to my beautiful little Ryddley-girl on LS. but as you are so used to people unburdeing themselves with their loss and grief I just wanted to say thank you and a very big congratulations on your happy news: your wedding. Hope little Tribble was watching as you exchanged your vows! I wish you everything of the best in your new life together and I wish you happy house-hunting. You provide such a valuable service to the animal-loving community and I just want you to know, (although surely you do) that we are all very grateful and wish you so much happiness in your new love and life. You deserve every happiness and joy.
Thanks again

Ryd, my torty-pusscat, crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on 06 June 2005 at 18h40 leaving a hole in my life and my heart. She was everything to me and the sweetest, most loyal friend. Love you and miss you so much, RyddleyPid.

I created this as a tribute to Ryd: http://www.in-memory-of-pets.com/personalt...te.asp?ID=50435
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post Jun 20 2005, 07:56 PM
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Hi MD,

I am glad I stumbled across your site. I have read so many things and looked at so many sites, but none set up as well as this one. And easy to use! I am also glad to read so many varying posts and that everyone is supportive and never tacky.

My name is Crystal. I am 33 years old. I am a police officer. No husband or kids. I have one dog living, Barney, a stray chihuahua, that wandered up to my dad's place about 4 years ago. I had to put Opie to sleep one week and one day ago. He was a 13 year old ##er-poodle mix. I picked him at the local shelter 11 years ago when I went dog-shopping because he was so dirty and messy that I was afraid no one else would choose him and he would be euthanized. I am so glad I did! He has been such a friend to me. We have played in the sprinkler, gone jogging, watched TV, grilled out, slept in on Sundays. All sorts of fun! He watched over me every night while I slept and barked at every noise he heard, just to let me know he was keeping an eye out. I cried into his fur when my Memaw died a few years ago. I cried into his fur when I didn't pass my first physical test for the police department. I ran a boyfriend off when he got mad at Opie for shedding on his nice black shirt (thus forever earning himself the nickname "Opie-hater-guy" from my friends and I). Opie was always at the gate or the door watching for me when I got home from work and school. He took care of Barney like a mother hen, always grooming him and snuggling with him. Opie was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and cancer in the same visit to the vet a few weeks ago. The vet gave me medicines for him. He refused to eat. I tried everything. I eventually alternated grilling hamburger meat, chicken, and steak just to get him to nibble a few bites. I tried not to give him human food often, but the vet advised at this point, give him anything he will eat. He went down hill so quickly. Two weeks was all it took to loose my buddy. It was just one month ago I laughed at the kitchen window watching him and Barney chase squirrels around the tree.

I appreciate you giving me someone to share my memories, good and bad, with. I appreciate that I can ramble on and on about how hard this is and that it falls on understanding ears (well, technically, eyes). I hope to share something that will make someone in pain smile or feel just a little better as some of your posts and stories have done for me.
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post Jul 22 2005, 01:10 AM
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hi my name is sheri my sons cat six died the other day. we dont know how it happened, he snuck out of the house and so did my other cat ducktape i think ducktape saw what happened because she seens depressed. on tuesday morning my son called me and oke me up and said my cat is dead. i didnt belive him at first then he said go out side and look so i did and it was true six was lying in the noigbors driveway i think he ate some posion grass or something. all i know is it is devastating he was only 1 yr i think i am taking it harder than my son who is 18. i just need some support. i also have a question ducktape hissed at six all the time but i know she loved him do think she is sad about what happened? sad.gif

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post Jul 23 2005, 10:23 AM
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Hey Sheri; Oh honey, I am so sorry about your loss! I have no doubt at all that you are feeling terribly sad. I wanted you to know that I am also certain that yes, Ducktape (great name by the way) is absolutely grieving in her own way. Sure, there was hissing is the past....don't all siblings have disagreements sometimes? Our family had to release our dear 17 year old corgi/border collie cross Stumpy, from his infirmities and pain just a week ago. For a few days before the end, one of our cats, Kaylen, who has always been Stumpy's pal, began licking Stumpy's face and ears, cleaning and/or kissing him. Taking care of his sick friend in his way really. The morning after Stumpy's death K-Cat (as we usually call him) went directly over to Stumpy's favourite spot and threw up. Gross I know, but I told myself then, and believe it still, K-Cat was just sick over his own loss. He's just now, 8 days later, beginning to come around to being his old self; less apathetic, less grumpy. Gosh Sheri, I hope this helps a little.
Don't let yourself start feeling guilty over Six's death either. Six was well aware that you loved him, and would never have been responsible for what occured.
What is helping me immensely in my grief journey is the following thought: Stumpy was right there for me all those years when I cried or just felt down. He worked hard to cheer me, never letting up until I did feel better. He's doing the same thing now from Heaven. Am I going to let him work so hard in vain? Nope. I WILL get beyond the pain and smile rather than cry when I recall his life.
God bless you.
Lauree, Stumpy's Mamma
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post Jul 31 2005, 02:57 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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I know I'm a bit late here, but here goes...

My name is Keely, and I'm 17, living in the US.
I love acting and dancing and singing in Broadway shows, and I love going to Operas, Ballets, and Musicals.
I also try to model, with a new job coming up ( its very local...) But I don't care for the lifestyle. I'd reather sit and home with my kitties and my doggie.
I'm 90% Irish and the rest is Dutch and German and I love animals. My pets are my life to me, so Midnight is a real heartbreak.
I love studying and teaching myself languages. Right now I speak fluent nationality, a splatter of German, and some Italian, French and Spanish.
I have a twin sister ( Midnight's girl) And we're fraternal twins. We look nothing alike.
We'll both be seniors at our Catholic high school this fall.

I have 3 Kitties- Dinah (10 years), my baby, she's fluffy and black and white with a pink nose ( she's getting chubby!) My sister got her at.. a garage sale!!!! She's my Garage sale baby!
Midnight (12 years) - a black, beautiful, good tempered gentle short haired cat with eyes of gold and a heart to match I found her at the animal shelter when I was 5 while we were looking for our other cat who died from poisoning about a few days later... she was my special miracle. She's currently dying or liver cancer
Trixie(1)- Our new kitten. She's blackm small, fluffy, and chubby with huge round auburn eyes and a playfullness about her - we just got her from Middy's shelter. She's such a character, but a blessing nontheless
Nikki(13)- The nicest old Golden Retreiver ever... she's the most loyal caring dog since my old dog Poco....Got her from some people who abused her..we put a stop to that!

That was my intro. I hope this helped people learn a little about me.
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post Oct 2 2005, 04:05 PM
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Hi everyone. My name is Shari and I'm 18 years old. I lost my beautiful cat Chester just three days ago...

He loved the outdoors, so we frequently let him out. He loved rolling around on the grass outside. Only one night, Chester didn't come back in. The next morning we saw that he had somehow made it around the corner of our block and was hit by a car. This loss has been so unbelievably hard to deal with. Chester was my first pet and everyone in my home grew to love him. (Even my sister who is NOT an animal person at all.)

I can't seem to get him off of my mind. When I come home I still expect him to run to me and brush against my legs. I find it strange to actually sleep without Chester waking me in the middle of the night. I don't understand why this had to happen... I miss him so much! I'm glad this site is here. It's comforting to know that there are others who loved their pets as much as we loved Chester.
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post Jan 24 2006, 12:22 AM
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I'm Shauna, 25, and a nursing student. I first found this website in 2000 when my 2 year old siamese cat was hit by a car. In 2005 my second cat, also siamese was struck by a car at 14 months of age. I tried to keep my second cat inside, having learned the heartbreaking consequences from my first cat, yet family members were non-compliant. And so, I reunited with lightning strike after tradgedy struck again. Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks to MD and Tribble for starting this website. It's nice to have pet-grief validated and find shoulders to lean on. Thanks, Again!
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LS Support
post Jan 24 2006, 12:01 PM
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Forum Administrator

Group: Admin
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From: Midwest USA
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your welcome. happy you found the site, sad you had to find it.


click map

Visit Our Website

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While all people here help each other, there are
times where an advanced degree of help may be needed.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed or consumed
by grief, it is always best to seek professional help.
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post Jan 28 2006, 01:31 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Hi all
Thank you everyone for your support, your honesty and objectivity. I lost Suzie this week and have been devistated, I feel responsible and I am sick with greif. Your support has been a lifesaver.
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post Feb 6 2006, 12:39 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 1,377

I lost my cat, Soshi about a week and a half ago, and have found this site to be such a comfort. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I have found comfort in offering some words of support to others, too.
I got Soshi from a friend when she was 11. I'd known her for several years already, though.
She had feline diabetes, which we managed for her remaining 5 years.
She was a special girl, very talkative and social.
She loved to sit in your lap and purr.
She died of lymphoma, which came as a surprise. She was only ill for a few days, thank goodness. She was a very strong cat.
I'm going to try to get a photo to attach b/c she was a beautiful abyssinian, and I'd like to attach a face to her name.
She was named Soshi because she was such a social butterfly.
Anyway, I am a teacher, have been married for a year and a half, and just started working on my masters degree this year. Really, the last thing I've cared about lately is studying (don't tell my professors that, though!).
It does get better.
Thanks for the chance to share my thoughts and feelings.
I also like the smilies.
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post Mar 8 2006, 04:37 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Right here
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Hi everyone!

I accidentaly found this site while doing a search for LifeGems and I'm thinking that I'm really glad I did! This might be exactaly what I need.

I'm 26 years old, I live in southern Minnesota. I have a lot of family in Ohio, so it's pretty neat for me to see people from there! They're all in Barberton and Akron. cool.gif

Anyhow, I'm a really gut-spilling sort of chick, so...yeah. Be prepared, lol!

Well I've lost several pets in the last few years, but this last one is honestly starting to kill me. My beautiful black lab, Nadir, was only six (people) years old when he died on December third, 2005. He was murdered and I'm quickly discovering that coping is impossible.

In the begining of 2005, I had to leave my job because my daughter (not even one year old at the time) had heart problems and we wanted one of us to stay with her all the time. Because I left my job, we had to move into an apartment that doesn't let us have dogs, so my Nadir lived with my mom. My mom is a huge animal lover and she said several times that Nadir was her best friend and was the only thing that helped her get through work. wub.gif

Well I'd been in Ohio for my dad's funeral. The morning after I got back, my mom called me super early, I was half asleep, and she was saying something about an autposy and for the longest time, I thought she was talking about my dad. It took FOREVER before I finally asked her what she was talking about and who was getting an autopsy and when she said my dog's name, I actually got so sick that I threw up.

She said that he'd been acting a little sick the night before and that she'd made an early AM appointment with the vet. She let him outside before the appointment and he didn't come when she called him. When she went out on the deck, he was laying on the stairs trying so hard to climb up to her.

So my mom and her boyfriend carried him into the house and wrapped him in his favorite blanket and held him and 20 minutes later, he died.

Nothing in my life has ever hurt that badly.

The autopsy showed rat poison. Either in one enormous dose or in little bits over the course of about 5 weeks, they weren't able to tell for sure.

My mom lives in a "good" neighborhood and her yard is totally fenced-in and Nadir never left the property without one of us with him, so someone was poisoning him over her fence!

It's been just over three months and not one day has gone by without me sobbing for at least an hour.

I went through an awful bit (I'm not proud of this) of racism over it because we know who did it (yeah...try PROVING it though...that's another story altogether) and the family who killed him is Hispanic, so I was a total witch for awhile. I'm over that, though, I totally forgot that my tattoo guy is from Mexico and he helped talk me out of my rages. cool.gif

I've been struggling with more emotional issues than I have the time to explain. My marriage, or what's left of it, is completely shattered, it's all but over and I think a lot of that has to do with my mourning.

Well...that's my story. If anyone actually read all of this, lol, I'm impressed. cool.gif

"The soul does not give itself up to despair until it has exhausted all illusions."
-Victor Hugo
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post Mar 18 2006, 03:08 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 1,477

Maureen, I read all of your post. tongue.gif

Hello. I'm brand new here and to be honest I really wish I had no reason to find this site at all. Just two days ago I lost the furry love of my life, my baby Pushkin Boots, aka Baby Smoosh, or Smooshie.

I've had pets in the past and in general I love animals very much, but I had never bonded with a pet the way I had with Pushkin. He really was my best friend.
Losing him feels worse than some human deaths I've had to deal with. I have tremendous feelings of guilt because of that, and because he died in an accident I had dreaded. We live on the 12th floor and have a balcony and Pushkin as well as our other kitty Catface refused to obey the no balcony rule no matter what we did. If the balcony door or window was open even a crack they would find a way to open it more and get on there. I had premonitions of something bad happening so if ever they were out there I was there with them studying every move to make sure they didn't so much as look up let alone jump up. Well one moment of not paying attention has brought a tragic end to the biggest love affair of my life other than my husband. I am stunned and I can't figure out how I can possibly ever get over this. It seems so cruel that god would take my little baby, and so cruel that he would end Pushie's life, when Pushkin was the kindest soul I'd ever come across.

I'm 28 and I live in Vancouver Canada. I've been married for a little over six months. My husband is the most wonderful human being who is also completely devastated at the loss of our best friend and baby. He's being really great, but I feel like I don't want to show all of my grief in front of him because I know how painful it is for him. I know he grieves for Pushkin and grieves for my pain. So I'm so thankful to have found this site. It makes me feel so much better to know that contrary to what I've heard from some people (althought not very many at all) over the last few days, our pets are not "just an animal" and we can't "just get over" their death.

It honestly doesn't feel possible that I will ever be able to be happy again. Intellectually I know I will deal with this in time. Right now it just feels like the worst thing in the world. Nothing is right, nothing is important except missing my baby boy. Reading the stories of other people on this board is helping me in this terrible time so I just wanted to thank you for creating this place.

I hope that I'm able to comfort others here as well as get some skills on how to cope with this, with the loss of my very best friend.

Here he is in his full silly and lovely glory, our dearest baby Smooshie whom I will always, always miss and never ever forget:

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post Mar 20 2006, 01:53 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: Right here
Member No.: 1,462

Your awful tragedy made me cry, hon, I'm so sorry for such a dramatic loss! I feel sick over things like this. Your baby looked SO happy! wub.gif What a complete angel. wub.gif

"The soul does not give itself up to despair until it has exhausted all illusions."
-Victor Hugo
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post Mar 20 2006, 04:08 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
Posts: 45
Joined: 18-March 06
Member No.: 1,477

Thank you so much! He really was an absolute gem and a perfect little boy. I don't think I'll ever be able to find another little one like him.

What a horrible thing to go through this is. I'm glad we can all at least talk here about our little ones. I've been crying off an on reading other people's posts, but even though they're sad it's helpful to know we're all going through somewhat similar experiences. One of the worst things about all of this to me has been how immediately separate from everyone else around me it made me feel. Other people walk around happy, and I'm shrouded in sadness. Here at least there is no one getting mad at me for not getting on yet and it doesn't seem like any of us have to hide what we are thinking and feeling. It helps.
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post Mar 30 2006, 02:55 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
Posts: 18
Joined: 29-March 06
From: here...
Member No.: 1,509

I lost my best friend a week ago today...right around this time I signed the paper to end her dear life. She was so weak, I don't think she made it past the tranquilizer injection. It was harder to sign this than my divorce, because I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, the cat loved me to the end (not so for the spouse, who didn't even love me at the beginning)...she was my faithful friend & companion for 20 years. I am so grateful for this place to share what I am going through.

People look at you funny. They either Understand...or they don't. I'm 47, I have other pets, a job, all that good stuff. I look normal, I act normal, I am normal I guess. It was just a cat, right?

Wrong. This was The Queen of Hearts. My heart, anyway.

It is safe here to say an animal was my best friend. These are hard days. I am putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you so much dear MD, for opening a door for so many wounded souls to support each other. Your Avatar is really amazing also...it looks alive...love the eyes...thank you...
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Ken Albin
post Mar 30 2006, 10:23 PM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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From: St. Augustine, Florida
Member No.: 854

Hi everyone. My name is Ken and I am an 'old' newbie. I've actually been around for a year now but through the rough months after Daddy Cat died I never introduced myself. I am a high school Biology/Anatomy teacher in St. Augustine, Florida. I'm married and we have no children except for our 8 indoor cats, 1 indoor bunny, and a ##atiel. The cats and bunny are all rescues and we volunteer each weekend with a local cat rescue and adoption group. It's been a wonderful way to give back some of the love we have received from our furkids.

My wife Karen is the city chemist. We've been in St. Augustine for 26 years, transplanted from Chattanooga, Tennessee where we grew up and met in college.

We both are members of an internet group called PetBunny, 500 people who have indoor bunnies. Our bun Sir Francis was recently featured on the Ellen Degeneres show in a photo with his bonded buddy Tommy Cat in a segment called "Unlikely Couples".

Thanks for providing this excellent website. It is the best one around for those who need a place to heal. wub.gif


Daddy Cat left this world at the age of 17. His tribute page is at Daddy Cat's Tribute Page
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post Aug 30 2006, 10:27 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
Posts: 2
Joined: 30-August 06
Member No.: 2,023

Hello, my name is Emily, I'm 21 and two weeks ago I lost my cavy Hazel. He was a little sweetiepie, I'll miss him alot. Almost a year ago, I lost my beautiful cat Tucson Arizona to FIV complications. Tucson was the love of my life and I still love him and grieve for him. Last Summer we had to put another kitty down .... She was going down hill fast and her quality of life wasn't too good. So that was two cats in one summer. I guess no matter how long they're gone it does feel good to cry sometimes. I have a lot of betta fish too, and I love each one of them. When one dies I give them a little eulogy and bury them under "The Betta Tree" in my yard.

Anyway, onto happier thoughts! Now I have a bouncing ball of fluff named Quill. He's a mackrel tabby/white 1.5y/o Siberian cat rescue and the *new* love of my life. I adopted him six months ago, he's a sweet, sweet little guy. I love animals. I seriously don't think I could live without at least one furry/scaly/feathery kid in my life. They bring so much joy and happiness and beauty to everyone. wub.gif

Hope to see you around. smile.gif
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post Sep 21 2008, 12:59 AM
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Group: Pet Lovers
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Member No.: 4,969

Hi!!!! My name is Marisol. I am new to the site and found it seeking support after the lost of my baby Titan my handsome 10 yr old dsh cat. Everything was so confusing he was diagnosed with diabetes and hepatic lipidosis a couple of months ago, after so many trips to the vet and treatment my baby was loosing the battle. My vet recomended euth him, he was not getting better and started with kidney failure. I couldn't believed my baby is dying. That night I took him home and was at his side telling him how much I love him. Next morning I fed him tuna and a piece of sausage (his favorite!!) then I took him to the vets office where I requested euth. That day was the worst of my life.... before he crossed the rainbow bridge he looked at me like he didn't want go..... I am dealing with the pain , the emptyness, and the sadness not to have my bay titanito with me anymore.. Thank you for being here
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