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9 Sep 2009
Its not fair, its just not fair. I never wanted to have to come back here again, but here i am again, but this time, he is not gone yet. If you read my last post about my buddy havok, then you already know who i am. If you remember, i talked briefly of my cats jade and davey (for some reason spellcheck put "facet" instead of jade) and davey is now going down the exact same path as havok. I would post his picture, but im on my ipod. The poor thing, i noticed yesterday he had the same sort of smell, i was hopeful, thinking it would pass, nope. I come home today around 8:00pm and he has the same drool and smell. I cant believe it, im so P.Oed right now. This has to be intentionall, or there is antifreeze lying around somewhere. It hasnt even been a full week since havoks death. Now, if we find out who it is, we are pressing charges, and i really dont care if they go bankrupt, they will be paying out the rear for this. But no amount of money can bring my buddys back. I will be there this time, their us no doubt in my mind that he will have to be euthanized. I will be there this time. We found davey and jade at a vets. Twin black cats, how cute and irresistible. Mom suprised us when she brought them home. But they are hardly two years old, if even that. But i feel bad for jade the most, she is about to lose her twin brother. I dont think they were ever super close, so she will survive, but still, shes coming back inside the house. I had abother one of those senses the night before. So last night, i took my sisters new camera and filled it with puctures of davey and jade. I will post the best three, it was very difficult getting davey and jade together for a picture, but i did it. My words cannot express my anger and sadness. I really wish we had never put them outside, but then again, we all want to turn back time to fix our mistakes.
6 Sep 2009
Well, my name is Jacob, I'm fifteen years old. My best buddy was my cat, I didn't tell too many people, as we all know highschool is cruel, so I only told my closests friends that I loved my cat. No matter what, I would get home and he would find me and do the thing where he brushes up against my face. He always did that, even when I would come down in the middle of the night to use the bathroom he would come up to me in the pitch darkness. His name was havoc, he was about 3 years old. Earlier this year, we got a set of twin cats, one a boy, one a girl, we named one facet, and the other jade. All was good, they got along well. Of course their was a little hissing and fighting, but not much. But the cats would not stop pooping and peeing inside the house, especially the couch ( and no, they did not have UTI's) so we put them outside around June this year. They got used to it, and all was well. Until about a week ago. My buddy havoc started to drool a little, and it smelt bad. I just thought he was drooling a lot, or was cleaning himself too much, but it got worse. On Tuesday he was drooling more, and smelt terrible, I was afraid he had rabies. My friends told me not to touch him, but I wasn't listening. He Was obviously sick. So I picked him up, made his bed inside the kennel, and took him inside. He wouldn't eat, or drink, if only I had know, I would have spent the whole night with him, smell or no smell. I would have skipped school the next day even though I had 3 tests. I walked home that day, and here is the mistake I will always regret. I had just reached the top of my subdivision, their is hardly ever any traffic, so I stood in the middle of the road, taking in how pretty it was that day, everything was green (we have LOTS if greenery) and it was pretty cool that day. I walked a little more, and here comes my moms car, I wonder what's happening. She is taking havoc to the vet. hospital. She asked me if I wanted to go. I had an essay due the next day, I hadn't started (by this point, I thought he just had the flu). So I stood for a minute, then said no. I will never forget it. The part that makes me mad, is that I went home and played games! My mom came home, crying, they had to put him down. I was in shock, so no tears yet, apparently, some idiot in my neighbourhood left antifreeze out for my cat to get into. My poor buddy, didn't know. And he dosent wander far, so I've narrowed it down. When I figure out which neighboor did it, Im going to get the worst case of verbal diarrea. They will hear me say things I have never ever said to anyone, and I will never forgive myself, ever, for leaving my buddy to die with my mom. She cries everytime we bring it up. She said, she just laid with him, and kissed him on his head, saying "it's okay now, it's alright, you'll feel better" she was laying with him and he gave her the "what's going on" look. She laid with him as they injected him, as they took the stethoscope and said "he's gone". I should have been there with him, I should have kissed him good-bye,I should have been the one to close his eyes. and I'm mad, there has to be 20 stray cats in this neighboor hood, why mine? Everyone else has these 15 year old cats, and mine was only 3. On Friday, they sent us a ceramic mold if his pawprint, with a card saying on the front "as you say goodbye" with many cats on the front. It didn't help, I burst out in tears, I called my friend and cried with them for two hours. Why my little buddy? most boys have a dog, I had a cat. I hope he wasn't looking for me, my poor buddy. The smell, was the smell of death. The antifreeze was killing his insides. But I sensed something was wrong the day before. So I sang to him, I gave him a pre-mature goodbye. And he will always, be my buddy.
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