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25 May 2011
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This is Blar. He died of complications due to heartworm treatment yesterday.my fiancee and I watched him die tied to an IV, Ice on his body and convulsing due to a fever of 107. It was so horrible. He had the most amazing and gentle heart in the whole world and brought so much joy to everyone who met him. We love you fatty ding dongs. mommy and daddy miss you so much!
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22 Mar 2007
My little Dinah is about 12 years old and shes starting to feel a little bonier than usual. She eats and drinks normally and uses the litter box as usual.

could it just be her older age? Am I worrying over nothing?

Shes my baby and she follows me all over the house. We've raised her since she was a little kitten! I can't live without my baby <3 I just want to make sure shes healthy going into her older age...even though shes still a baby to me!

also- she never ever goes outside! Shes too scared...so I know its not a parasite or anything...

I think Im just being paranoid...
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20 Oct 2006
My dear brown eyed girl left us October 18th, at 4 pm.

the night before she couldnt walk and my Dad had to carry her into her yard. She stayed in the same spot the whole next day with no food or water near, and flies circling her. I went into the backyard and I couldnt beleive what I saw. She was completely bone. You could see every bone in her body and her legs were limp next to her. I ran to her and put her water bowl under her chin and she drank some water, while I shooed the flies away. I sat out with her in her yard and petted her untill my dad came home to take her to the vet. I had to go to work at Abercrombie and Fitch ( my new job) so I was not able to go with them... but I know shes in a much better place

I just didnt realize how much I loved her untill she was gone.

Im so sad...

I miss my snuppy puppy. It doesnt even seem like shes gone... I went out to let her in today and when I couldnt find her I just started bawling and was unconsolable...

she was my best friend... I loved her so much. I used to run outside during tornados to let her in... I used to let her sleep in my room and I played fetch with her untill her eyesight failed and she could no longer run

I miss her... it hurts so much....

She was the most beautiful Golden Retreiver ever....even at the grand old age of 15.
25 Aug 2006
So after months of watching Nikki my golden retreiver of 14 years deteriorate, I think it's time to finally let her go. She's in so much pain, and you can see every bone in her entire body. I'm really sad... but I feel TERRIBLE because I'm not really really upset like I was when we lost Midnight. I think its because I've been expecting it. We've had her for so long. I dont want to think of what it would be like without her. She's always been my precious puppy. I'm sad... but I think it's really her time. Shes so old and shes so far gone.

*edit* Okay NOW I'm really upset. I dont know why but It just now hit me and I can't stop sobbing. I cant imagine life without my "Brown Eyed Girl"

I don't know what to do. I don't really want to let go yet. And It's only been a year since Middy died....

30 Jun 2006
My parents keep telling me that our dog of 13 years needs to be put down soon. She's a happy loving Golden Retreiver and the only thing wrong is that her hips aren't so great and she can't see as well as she used to. But she is still eating and drinking just fine!

Why are they telling me this only a year after we lost Midnight?! I can't handle losing two pets in one year! It's not fair! It makes me wonder how long my precious baby Dinah has and she's a healthy young 10 year old cat! I hate thinking this way! All day I was scared since Gracie was getting declawed and all I could think is "What if she dies from the anasthesia?"

I'm still mouring my Middy and what if I lose my doggy too?

I dont know what to think. My parents are making this so dramatic and a big deal, and I hate it! They aren't thinking of how I still feel after midnight dying so unexpectedly, they're just making me more depressed.

I'm sorry if I seem angry but it's really hurtful and rediculous losing 2 pets in a year. I'm supposed to be starting college and starting a new life, how can I enjoy my new life when Im worried about losing another baby?
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