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22 Jan 2019
This site helped me back in 2008. Here I am once again with the pain and the hurt. It has been 6 days since his unexpected passing. I rescue several cats but some just tug at your heart strings. I only had him for 4 1/2 short years, but in that time he was loved and spoiled rotten. I have his picture on my desk at work. The vet made me paw print impressions and gave me a lock of fur for his remembrance book. I have never had a pet cremated before but Oscar will be and his ashes will return home to set on the shelf. So many things I will miss. His big yellow eyes, his grouchy meow, his outstreatching paw to pat my lip telling me to wake up in the mornings. I’m sure going to miss you Oscar (aka Misker or Whisker)
Gotcha date May 2014 to January 16, 2019.
30 Nov 2008
I want to introduce RENESEMEE------Esme for short (probably what she will be called)

I have just accepted into my heart and home this gray and white ball of fluff. Is was an accident tho. I had gone to check on my daughter and they had 5 beautiful kittens. 4 gray and this one. I had seen them many times, but this time she seemed to call out to me somehow. I was drawn to her. Well needless to say she was handed to me and she is now on my couch. lol
I hope it works out ok. I have 4 fixed females already. I have wanted another baby for a while, but it just has not felt right. Sissycat maybe you sent her to me.

Anyway I am excited. I will post pictures when my daughter has time to help me. (i am not too good at adding pictures)
12 Jun 2008
Sissycat I'm sure you are watching over me, your 2 sisters, your mama, and Pheobe. It has been such a lonely week without your face waiting for me to wake up every morning to feed you. The pain is still so great. Sometimes almost unbearable. But now sometimes I can smile when I look at your pictures instead of burst into tears. It doesn't mean I love you any less. I am just able to remember all the really great times we shared. I am so glad you picked me. Out of the 3 of you born you choose me out of anyone else in my family. There were 6 of us for you to have chosen from. I didn't plan it to be this way. You took over my room and became the boss of it..haha. You bossed me around and told me when to feed you and when to let you in or out, and when you wanted petting and attention. I think I minded you pretty well. My husband says you were really spoiled. Your pictures are right beside my computer screen. Your eyes are looking right at me. Our bond was so strong I don't think there could ever be one as strong. I am trying really hard now with you sister's. Yu and Boogie. They are not as lovable as you. Maybe that is my fault. I love all my furbabies, but you were something else.
Oh Sissy I miss you so very much. Words cannot even describe it. Some people even say I'm crazy for loving a pet so much. You were not just a pet but my baby!!!
I will wright you again soon my friend Sissy.

10 Jun 2008
I am so glad I found this site. I have cried and cried over the loss of my best friend---Sissy Cat.
I had her for 2 years and 5 days. Her mother was a stray and she had a litter of 3 kittens all girls. Well I had to keep all 4 of them. All were fixed. So have had her family a while. But this one became my really good friend. How long does it take for the pain to go away. Right now it doesn't seem like it ever will. It has only been a few days. (June 5, 2008)
It doesn't help that I partially blame myself for her death. I usually let all the cats outside for a bit at 6 a.m. and let them back in before going to work. This perticular morning my husband herd a cat meowing and thought I had left one outside. I got up to look and it was a stray at my window. It was 4 a.m. and of course they thought it was time to go outside. I let them out early and they were outside for a longer time. I went out to find my precious Sissy had been hit by a car. She had made it back to my driveway and one of the other cats was setting by her side. I was devastated. All kinds of what ifs and whys and could haves and should haves still run through my head.
I miss her terribly!!!!!! She had slept in my bed everynight for almost two years. She would meow at the food bowl even if there was food in it. All she wanted was a few fresh peices droped on top and she would eat. She would only drink out of a cup on the bathroom sink. She would lick my hand when we went to bed at night to let me know she cared. She would be in my lap when it stormed because she was scared.
Maybe I get too attached to my pets. Sissy especially. I loved her so Much!!!!!! I have made pictures of her to put on my computer desk and home and at my work.
I catch myself talking to her at her grave side and sometimes when I look at her pictures. Am I crazy? Does anyone else do these things. I even went and brushed up her fur off the end of my bed and put it in a baggy. I planted purple mums on her grave today and placed a little cross with her name on it there.
I still have 4 cats, but we are not close like me and Sissy were. I am heart broken how do I heal. Will my crying ever stop? I just don't know how i will ever be right again. I can't eat very much cause my stomache stays in knots and I am not sleeping very well. Thank You for listening to my story of Sissy Cat..
SISSY I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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