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1 May 2016
I don't know how to embed a video on this forum, please view this link:


It's not meant to be sad, it's supposed to be a message of hope but I'm not sure if I conveyed the message well.
13 Feb 2016

My dear friend has passed away last night. Please let me tell you about it, I need to talk to people who understand.

His name was Haruka and he was almost 17. He had several health issues but he still managed. But on wednesday he wouldn't eat anymore and was very lethargic. I fed him with a syringe, hoping to turn him around cause that had worked in the past. But not this time. He didn't move, was wobbly when he walked and would pee himself while lying down. So on Friday I contacted a house vet to come over to euthanize him on Saturday.

On Friday night I tried to force feed him one last time, and he gave this sad agonizing meow so I stopped. I brought him to sleep in my bed with me. He kept tossing and moving so I couldn't sleep. Eventually when I did fall asleep, I heard a boom and he had fallen off the bed and wouldn't move. I picked him up and brought him back. His legs were kicking like he had a spasm and he almost fell off the bed again. He gave two rasp breaths and he was gone. I put my ear to his chest and I thought I could still hear his heart, but it was my own heart I was hearing.

It's so hard to believe because he was just fine at the beginning of the week. Did I wait too long? Did I make it worse by force-feeding him? Did he suffer because of me? He was so weak he couldn't stand up. Did he know I loved him or did he die thinking of me as the bad person who forced food down his throat? I loved him so much. I just want him to know.
2 Jun 2011
Hi. I haven't been here in a while, but I needed to come back as another friend has left, so suddenly too. Less than a year after my beloved cat passed away, I had my newly adopted rabbit die on me yesterday.

I'm really sad. Something terrible happened. I adopted a second rabbit less than 2 weeks ago and yesterday she passed away. I didn't have her for very long and yet I can't stop crying. Mostly because I think it was my fault.
I think she died from a heat stroke that could've been avoided. While she got used to my other rabbit, she was living away from him in the kitchen. But it has been really hot this week, today was really hot and humid and my house really gets hot easily. Her water bowl was full this morning when I left for work and it was completely empty when I came home. That's what makes me believe it was a heat stroke. There was nothing around that could've been harmful. I should've put her in a cooler place..There was too much light in the kitchen. Rabbits are very prone to heat strokes. My other bunny was in a different room which was cooler and darker. That`s why I`m pretty sure it's the heat...

When I came home I saw she hadn't eaten much and wouldn't touch her carrots which she adored. I could see she wasn't well. I left to go to the store to buy her nice herbs to help her eat more, but when I came back she was lying on her side, all stiff and I knew it was too late. If I had recognized the signs earlier, I could've tried to save her.

I feel so terrible! She was alive and hopping around just a few days ago. This didn't have to happen. It's my fault she died. She was so sweet and well behaved. I feel so bad. I knew it was hot, but I didn't think it would be this bad.I should've known better. She wasn't even a year old! I didn't even have time to make friends with her properly. I had been looking forward to getting a second rabbit for a long time...I had been watching her at the shelter for a while. It makes me very sad to think she'd still be alive if I hadn't brought her home. This wasn't supposed to happen. She was supposed to make friends with my other rabbit and be with us for a long time. She didn't deserve that. She had been at the SPCA all her life, and when she finally got a home she died. The adoption lady told me it's not my fault, that these things happen because rabbits are so fragile but I still feel responsible. I put her through this and she must have been in much pain when she died.

Here's a picture. Her name was Felicia
3 Aug 2010
So yes, it's almost been a month. Will be 4 weeks this Friday since my cat Majestée passed away. Today, August 3rd is her birthday. She would've been 16. I'm sad that she's not here for her birthday.

Is any one of you joining the Monday Candle Ceremony on the Pet Loss website? I went for the second time and cried more than I thought. But it is comforting.
I received my cat's ashes last week. The cremation company was really nice and sent me a card and the Rainbow Bridge poem and a certificate of authenticity. They also included a lock of fur. It made me cry a lot. I had Haruka, my remaining cat, sniff it and he licked it. He licked the urn too. I wonder if he knows. I displayed the urn in my living room, not sure where to place it. Today I bought flowers and placed them beside it.

It makes me happy to have her near me, but at the same time it makes me feel so sad to think that my friend from so long is now a pile of dust. She was there just 3 weeks ago. It seems like she's just away for a while, that any second now I'm going to see her turn the corner to my room. But she's not coming back. Sometimes I imagine seeing her, but it's just a cushion, or a shadow...
I know this is all part of life, but it's still just so painful.

I was always told that animals do not go to Heaven because they don't have a soul. But I was reading Cold noses and the Pearly Gates by Gary Kurz and I realized this can't be true. There is much evidence proving they do go to Heaven! I'm still worried though. Cats are still cats. When cats have to move houses, they are scared and confused and stressed. If my cat is suddenly in Heaven, is she thinking: where am I? I'm scared. I don't know anyone here. Where is my mom?
But this is Heaven, so I'm hoping that even animals are free from any fear.

Please wish Majestée a happy birthday today.
13 Jul 2010
These were not made by me, they are made by a japanes person. The song is in Japanes but there are subtitles.
These will make you cry, however they are incredibly beautiful. All of us can relate to the author's feelings.


This one is the dog's answer to the song.


I hope you enjoy.
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