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19 Jun 2013
One year ago today, we had to say goodbye to you, Zusha. You were the best, sweetest, most loving dog. Since you came into my life as a puppy, you gave Mommy so much love every day for 14 years.....you welcomed EVERYONE into your home and your heart......4 kitties over the years with their own unique personalities(!), the gas meter reader guy, relatives, neighbors (most nice, some not so).......I could go on and on........but most importantly, you welcomed my new husband and our adopted son and opened your heart to them from day one. Our home has not been the same without you, sweetheart. But please know, we know you are still here. Our boy will not go to bed at night without looking at the picture of you he has on his dresser and say, "goodnight Zusha, I love you and miss you". Our cats seem to still be wondering why things have been so quiet around here too..........especially Carol, who misses her best buddy so much!

You were truly the best. My sweet Sammy girl.

Until we meet again, my baby Zush. We love you and miss you.

***OOO Mommy
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19 Jun 2012
Hi everyone,

This afternoon, I had to put my sweet dog Zusha to sleep. She was a beautiful, huge-hearted 14 year old Samoyed who loved life immensely, even with her arthritic old-girl pains. Other than that, she had been feeling good and was happy (she passed her senior wellness exam with flying colors just last month), but something happened to her overnight last Wednesday. Her illness came on very suddenly. It wasn't until this morning that I realized that there was nothing more we could do for Zusha without causing her to suffer. It was just so hard, because she was so alert & happy to see us this afternoon and I wavered. My vet (who is the most compassionate vet I have ever met) asked me to think about the last memories Zusha would have of us, and us of her. She didn't want us to regret prolonging Zusha's life if it would cause her pain. She assured us that they had exhausted all the resources they had to help Zusha without causing her additional discomfort. I could not bear to put her through any more. My husband and 13 year old son are sick about our loss. I'm heartbroken. I wish I had seen this coming but either she didn't tell us or we missed the warning signs.

I've been an LS member since 2006 but have not visited recently until now. Please take care everyone, my prayers are with all of you.
12 Apr 2008
My little Peach.

I can't believe it's been a year since we had to say goodbye.

Do you remember how you & Mommy found each other? Two feral "wild" cats decided to have their litter in my friend's backyard, and you were one of the 4 beautiful, identical members of that litter. She couldn't take any more cats into her home, and found homes for 3 of them through Pennysaver ads. You, however, were special----she saw way back then what I have always known, and she couldn't give you away to a stranger. You were supposed to go to another friend of hers, but at the last minute the man's wife decided she didn't want a kitten with a new baby in their home. So my friend called me in tears, knowing my at-the-time-live-in boyfriend would not be on board but she needed to find a good home for this sweet creature, couldn't I please talk him into taking this kitten??? Well, things worked out and all of a sudden I met my lifelong furlove. wub.gif

You were beyond adorable. You were beauty inside & out, wrapped up in a fluffy little package. You would come up to Mommy & cry to be picked up......I could put you over my shoulder, cradle you like a baby, you weren't particular. But I couldn't put you down!!! When I set you down you would yell & complain, and I would pick you up again, and tell you I had things to do, don't you know I can't hold you all day? Oh, my sweetheart, what I wouldn't do to have you in my arms now.

Over the thirteen years we shared, we bonded like I have with no other pet, ever. You even loved my shoes! I would kick my shoes off after work, and you would purr & rub up against them like they were some kind of treasure. Believe me, you were the only one who thought my sweaty shoes were awesome! And how I miss your little leaps & turns......my pretty little dancer girl.

After you started getting sick & slowing down, I knew in my heart it was a matter of time before you would be leaving me. Everything I saw or heard made me think of you. I even have a "Peaches song"......one Sunday afternoon when I was listening to the 70's station while cleaning the house, "Do It or Die" by the Atlanta Rhythm Section came on & I had to stop and listen to the lyrics and beautiful melody. It made me think of you, my strong little girl. As the song was playing, you wandered into the room & sat beside me, looking at me. I had to buy the CD so I could hear the "Peaches song" anytime I wanted to. I still listen to it often, and think of you each & every time.

There's a "Peaches star", too! Last spring, after we lost you, your Dad & I would spend the evenings watching the sunset sitting on our deck.....there was one star that shone so bright in our sky, and was so beautiful, I thought of you everytime I saw it. Daddy & I would sit there on the deck, and I would say, "Look honey, there's the Peaches star!" and he would smile & nod, most likely thinking, "Yup, I've married a lunatic", but I couldn't help thinking of you when I saw it. Spring went and summer came, and the star moved on, but never, ever my love for you.

Two sweet little stray kitties have moved into Mommy & Daddy's house since you left. I know you know that, as I am sure you have never really left. Zusha likes them & gets along well with them, and they like her too. Carol & Higgins now have a very good life, and are so happy. I think you left a happy "kitty-vibe" here in this house that they have clearly picked up on.

My Peaches, I miss you so much. You will always be a huge part of my heart. I love you forever and know that we will be together again someday.

Love forever,

30 Mar 2008
On 3/30/07, a Friday afternoon, I had to say goodbye to the best cat & furry companion I could ever hope to share 13 wonderful years with. Peaches was my love. We had such a bond from the very beginning that just grew stronger as we both got older. I remember every moment of that day as if it were yesterday. She was so sick and couldn't go on anymore. She had intestinal lymphoma which we decided to treat with chemotherapy. I had hoped and prayed so hard for better results but it wasn't meant to be. She told me when it was time, one year ago today. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. My heart is still so full of her. I think of her everyday & can't imagine a day that I wouldn't.

I will always love her with all my heart. My sorrow goes out to all of you good people who know my pain. I wish you all peace.
14 Jul 2007
Well, I went out today & bought a brand new litter box & litter, a few kitty toys, and a food bowl.......sounds like I'm ready, huh? My husband & I have been talking about this for the last few weeks & we really feel that our home is sadly missing a cat. I really, really want this but I am a bit scared because my heart is still not healed from my loss of Peaches. I know that there is no other that will ever replace her, that is impossible. But in my experience I've found that they all have their different, sweet little ways & am hoping I will fall in love again. I have been looking online at rescue shelters in my area & I am shocked at how many cats need homes. It's heartbreaking. I wish I could take more than one, but right now I don't think I can, with both of us working. We're looking for a full-grown cat who likes to cuddle and (here's the hard part) likes DOGS!!! Especially mine.....Ugh...... this won't be easy. He/she will need to deal with Zusha's often overbearing affection, this works fine for us, but I imagine Zusha will be a bit of an acquired taste for a kitty. It took some time for Peaches to warm up to her. But when it happened, what a beautiful thing it was! Zusha looked after her & worried about her during her illness, and I think Peaches actually appreciated that. I'm going to try to attach a photo of the 2 of them taken in my kitchen shortly before we lost her (check out the St. Patrick's day bib on Zusha!)

Wish us luck, we are taking a few days off later this week to find our new fur-love. I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks for everything.
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