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Although some may consider their pets "just animals" I believe that they are so much more..at least in my life. My dogs are my companions, my best friends and very much like children to me. They are here for me unconditionally and it's my duty to give them the best life possible.
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24 Nov 2008
Just an update for those who read my postings on my 20 mths old Butkus being diagnosed with cancer and then having him put down shortly afterward. I contacted the breeders of Butkus to let them know about the cancer just in case any of the other litter mates should be diagnosed with it. Even though I bought Butkus from the original owner the breeders were so sad to hear about his passing that they offered me a new pup if I paid the shipping costs. On November 7 I picked up 11 wk old Brandy the Bullmastiff from the airport. She has quickly become the princess of the household! Taz the Rottie adores her. They have become great friends and each family member has fallen in love with her. She is definitely not Butkus but she is precious in her own right. We feel truly blessed at our good fortune. These breeders are truly remarkable people. Just want you all to know there is light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak! Thank you all for your kind words during our grieving process.

Big Dog Mom
15 Sep 2008
Recently I wrote in about my dear 20 month old BullMastiff Butkus being diagnosed with TCell Lymphoma. We tried prednisone but the cancer was roaring through his body at an astonishing rate. We watched a loving and happy-go-lucky doggy friend drastically slow down, become very sick but still he remained stoic. Finally this afternoon after watching him having painful eliminations I decided he was suffering and so took him to the vet. She said it was my decision but she thought he was suffering also. Once I gave the go-ahead she left to get the shot. He thought it was time to leave and went to the door. It was heartbreaking and made me wonder if he was not ready to go to Dog Heaven yet. He was given the relaxant but even then he fought it. Finally he lay down asleep but his heart just wouldn't stop! It took several more shots with the vet apologizing profusely. The Tech said even as sick as he was he still had an incredibly strong heart! Finally he went to eternal sleep. I know deep down I did the best thing for him but I will forever wonder if he was asking me to give him more time. The guilt is overwhelming and my heart is broken. My other dog is searching high and low for his friend and does not understand. I've faced this type of pain many times before but the guilt seems to be so deep this time. I'm not sure I will ever forgive myself for not giving him just a little more time.
I love my Angel Baby Butkus and will forever hold him in my heart. Dear Butkus, please forgive me and know I love you forever.

Thank you all for giving me a place to air my grief. Bless you all.
Big Dog Mom
5 Sep 2008
Last week our 20 month bullmastiff Butkus was diagnosed with High Grade T Cell Lymphoma and Hypercalcemia. We have had him less than 6 mths. He has been such a joy to our family and our 4 yr. old rottie. We can't imagine not having him in our lives much longer. We have weighed our options and gotten a few professional opinions. We have opted for Prednisone only. Butkus is eating once again (his main symptom of illness was not eating and vomiting) and seems to be holding his own but we sure see a slowdown in his activities. We are giving him lots of love and attention and are trying to enjoy every minute we can with the sweet guy. I'm wondering how to prepare our Rottie for life without Butkus. They are best friends. Also I wonder if I should contact the breeder and let them know that there could be a flaw in the gene pool. I understand that things just happen sometimes but in case they have had other puppies suc%%b to this disease I feel I should let them know. My heart goes out to all of you dealing with pet illness and death. I know my heart is surely breaking over this.
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8 Oct 2008 - 12:08

TYVM Sunrize. Thanks to yours and others support I'm dealing with the loss a bit better now. It's tough with Taz being so depressed too! I am thinking of getting another pup soon to ease the pain. Take care and ty again!
10 Oct 2008 - 10:24
I ran ot of room. Just wanted to say it takes time 2 or 4 legs. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sunrize
8 Oct 2008 - 12:26
BDM, I read you post about Butkus being ill in early Sept. I just saw your post where he has passed and wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I hope you are feeling better now and Taz is adjuusting to life without his friend. My rottichow, TBone, is starting to adjust without his sister,Athena. She passed July25 of this yr. And he went thru a really hard time too and I was so worried about him. It ta
8 Oct 2008 - 12:22

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