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Dusty Moonrise
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12 Mar 2012
Two unlikely sisters;
One sweet, loveable, and oh so sneaky! She loves her mom, her sister and her SQUEAKY... SQUeaky...squeaky!
One short, ferocious, and oh so cheeky! She loves her dad, her sister, but not that sueaky...SQUeaky...SQUEAKY!

Peanut in my lap, helping me play Rummy. My wife's Teeny, looking over my shoulder, telling my wife what cards I am holding?

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25 Apr 2011
I am beginning to hate the month of April. On the 29th of April two years ago, I had to let my precious Bitsy go. Last year on the 29th, a tornado ripped up my community. This April, I lost my little Jack Russell, Fancy, just two years shy of getting her. I think she was stolen, but can't prove it. I also lost my father in April 18 years ago. April has become a month of remembered and present loss for me!
2 Dec 2010
I finally figured out what made Bitsy special to me, more dear to my heart than any other creature I have ever known. Bitsy TALKED to me! Wait, before you send for the men in white coats with the overlarge butterfly nets, let me explain!

Bitsy couldn't "speak" a single word of English, but she had a language all her own, a language that I learned to interpret very early on! When she wanted attention, she would spread her front legs flat out, stick her little butt up into the air as far as she could, wiggling furiously, and "rrrrrrooooof!" . The longer you pretended to ignore her, the louder she got!

When she wanted up on the bed, that was the only time she would bark! When she wanted off the bed, she would give a very low growl. If the bedroom door was shut, she would growl at a slightly higher pitch!

When she was tired, she would lean up against me, and let out a slow moan, followed by a very pronounced sigh, as if to say, "Daddy, aren't we going to bed yet?".

When a "stranger" was at the door, she would "Yip, Yip, Yip!". Always three short yips. Let the "stranger" come in, and the yips would increase in volume, speed up in tempo, and rise in pitch directly proportional to the proximity of said stranger! Heaven forbid that a "stranger" should attempt to pick her up! I think that her yips registered on a scale that only other dogs could hear! And, by "stranger", she meant any living creature that was not a part of her family, which did not include nephews, beagles, cats, mailmen, and especially toads...she absolutely loathed anything amphibian!

I said that she didn't speak English. But, boy, I think she understood my language far more than my boys did! She would be sound asleep in my lap, and all I had to say was, "Bitsy, let me up". She would immediately jump up out of my lap. "Bitsy, are you ready to go to bed?" would be followed by a mad dash to the bedroom, where she would dance frantically at the side of the bed until I would pick her up and put her beside me. "Go find your baby" meant a frantic search for her at the time favorite stuffed toy. There are far too many other things that she understood and would act upon for me to list here, but there are a couple of things I must share. If she was sound asleep in my lap, as she so often was, my wife could call me from the other room, and Bitsy would immediately vacate my lap! She knew I had to go see what "The Boss" wanted. Also, if the phone rang while my wife was home, Bitsy would not even wake up or budge out of my lap, but if I was home by myself and the phone rang, she would get out of my lap quickly.

I don't have time to describe the "nonverbal" language that we shared, where I could lock eyes with hers, and sense what she was wanting, or trying to "tell" me!
19 Aug 2010
Had to share with all how well Twister is doing...hard to believe that I found him just last April, as he is well over 50 lbs. and growing! Finally had to put in a new pet door. May have been better to have just hinged the bottom half of the door, eh? Haven,t found a new bed large enough yet, just spread a blanket out next to my bed. (Yeah, right, Dad, like I'm gonna sleep on that!). Most of the times, he sleeps draped over my legs! You can get the feeling back in your feet after awhile! Sorry I haven't commented on others' posts, just haven't had time for much besides work lately! Thanks to ALL who have shared stories and pics of their "newbies"!


"Jus too big for my bed!"
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19 Aug 2010
Sometimes it hits me all over again, although it has been 14 months since I had to let her go. I was putting in a new pet door yesterday because my 6 month old mixed breed dog Twister, although only approximately 6 months old, is well past 50 lbs. As I was installing the new door, I remembered how tiny Bitsy was, how she looked so small coming in the smallest door we could find (see pic). Also, whenever I put in a new door, or took one down to clean it well, Bitsy would be so scared of it, crying and shivering before she would get up the nerve to come through it! I think that her eyesight had gotten dim, and the new or cleaned doors just didn't smell right. I had to stop and find her photo, and share it on this forum. Sorry for the quality, I had to really enlarge it to show her, and enhanced it the best I could.

Miss you, my little girl!

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