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30 May 2013
I am so heartbroken and cannot write too much right now, but Pixie has joined my Angels . She was fine one day and gone the next, with heart failure. We rescued her just over 3 years ago when she was about 1 year old. She has been the most wonderful, loyal and beautiful friend that anyone could wish for.
Darling Pixie I love you always and forever. I'm sure darling Tasha and Noushka will be looking after you now.
God bless my darlings.

Mummy ******x
3 Jun 2010
The chat room is really easy to use and it would be an instant way for people to get help and support. I have checked in many times, even when I know that it's daylight hours or evening in the US, but I am always the only one there. I have chatted with 'Madi' (who is in Australia), who also found 'chat' easy. It's a shame that this wonderful facility is not used more often. Maybe I just keep missing the busy times, being in a different time zone (UK) . If you haven't tried it , I suggest that you do so, if you see that 'friends' happen to be signed into the forum. Tonight (today for all in US) I think it could have helped many people who are worried about pets who are very sick. Sometimes when you are distraught it's hard to compose a full 'post' so instant chat could be very beneficial. Please keep posting though, I don't for one second think that 'chat' should replace the forum postings, but used alongside the forums for instant help, advice and companionship.
Jan x
24 Feb 2010
Hi everyone,

Well it will soon be 6 months since our darling Noushka left us. I have felt so lost and empty without her. The acute pain has been diminishing gradually, but the tears still flow, not as often now, and the 'Happy' memories seem to be more frequent than the 'sad' ones these days. Thanks to everyone who helped me and supported me on this site. I have made some very good friends. Our 'Angels' have brought us together.

Now for my news. I'm sure that if you have been reading my post for Noushka and Tasha you will have seen the mention of a certain 'Pixie'.

I had started thinking that maybe it was time for us to bring a new fur baby into our pet-less home. I had very mixed feelings, I knew I could never replace my Angels but I just felt that I had room in my heart for another. While I was searching for Samoyed puppies, I saw this little face looking at me from the screen. Not a puppy but a Samoyed cross, or maybe even a German Eurasier(not quite sure), but with biscuit ears, just like Noushka. She was within days of being euthanased when she was saved by a wonderful couple who have started up a 'no kill' rescue centre on their farm.
They had called her Pixie, she came with no history, no microchip, no tag, nothing, just a very sweet nature. We went up to see her on Saturday and she has been home with us ever since.
When we first saw her we couldn't believe how 'tall' she was. She is probably only around 1 year old. She still has the energy and playfullness of a puppy at times, but is house trained and also very well behaved - most of the time. Just have to try and calm her when certain, (not all tho'), 'new' people enter the house as she loves to play-bite, arms, shoes, butts, anything she can get hold of. No aggression, just playfulness, but she has very big teeth ! Just seems to be exuberence, she is so pleased to greet people. She didn't do it at all with young grandson and was extremely well behaved around him. My poor dad seems to be her favourite for these boisterous greetings. If anyone has experience of the this 'play biting' and has any answers as to how we can 'nip' this behaviour in the bud, I would be grateful to hear any advice. I don't want to 'crate' her, or keep her restrained for too long as she is so well behaved apart from this and does listen and obey most commands.
The other strange thing is when we are out on our long country walks, not the urban walks when she is on a short lead and very well behaved with no problems. During our country park walk yesterday, we kept her on an extendable lead as not sure we can trust her off lead yet. Everytime a lead-less dog approached (twice actually) she would look at them on their approach and then lie right down on her front. If they came too near she would then get up and try to pull to get to them. Not baring teeth or showing aggression, but as she is so big it was hard to keep hold of her. Luckily the two owners with these dogs put them on their leads and held them back so there was no major incident. I've never had a dog do this before. Any ideas please.
She is such a love and we want to try and give her a wonderful home, she so deserves it.
Well I wanted to share my news with you and hopefully you may be able to help me once again, with all the wealth of experience on this site.
Thinking of you all and hoping that for the older postees, you are finding peace and your days are improving all the time, that those Happy memories are taking over from the sad. For the new people, I must say, that if you are like I was you will feel that you will never feel 'happy' again. That the sadness is just too much to bear. I can honestly now say , that things will get better for you, but it takes time to heal from the pain of losing our darlings. Talking to other like minded people on here is such a help, and hopefully you too will be helping someone else through their pain. I send my love and prayers to you, that you can get through this dreadful time of grieving. Our darlings would hate to see us so sad.

I'll try and post a photo of Pixie soon.

Jan and Pixie, and my Angels.
Love to my Darling Angel girls Tasha and Noushka, and Dear Angels Sooty, Vikki, Frosti, Binky, Charlie and Bailey- who are forever in my Heart and soul, God bless them all.
28 Dec 2009
Worried that Dottie our dear friend hasn't posted for a few days now. Hopefully just PC problems. I know she left her phone number and e-mail address on someones posting and said that she didn't mind it being there for us all to see. Please if you have these details could you either contact Dottie, to make sure she is ok, or let us know her details so that we can get in touch with her.
Love Jan x
14 Nov 2009
Hello to you all. I know if you're reading this you've also suffered great loss and will be feeling heartbroken too.
Over the weeks since Noushka left us to become another of my 'Angel Dogs' I have looked on this site many times and found some comfort from knowing that I am not alone. The messages, poems, stories written on here about beloved pets are so beautiful and they have kept me going.
I am finding things very hard at the moment . It's now about 10 weeks since I said goodbye to Noushka and almost 4 years since Tasha. They are now both in the garden they loved to play in. We planted two white flowering shrubs and lots of snowdrops around them. They 're Samoyeds and loved to play in the snow. I will miss them so much this Christmas and I'm dreading the first snowfall.
I try to keep thinking of all the happy times and how much love we shared but I feel so lost and empty without them. Losing Noushka has brought back the pain of losing Tasha. I just try to think that now they are together again. I do believe that they are with me in spirit and know that as in life they will always be by my side.
Thanks for reading this and if anyone can help me I would love to hear from them.
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Hi Jan:
Thank you, your Angels and Pixie VERY much for wishing me a Happy Birthday : ) !
I can't explain how much your birthday greeting meant to me, I truly appreciated it.
Wishing you & yours much peace, love and happiness,
Denise xo
27 Nov 2010 - 20:19


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