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20 Apr 2008
Four years since you've been gone. I can hardly believe it my little Hannah girl. I never thought I'd make it without you, nor did I want to for such a long time. Mommy has been busy, but I know you know that because I have sent other little souls to you. I promised I would honor you with the things that I do and I've tried my best. Just lost a little tiny bird today. He wanted to live so, but he was too little. For his courage and strength and determination, I named him Mighy Mouse. You were a mighty mouse too. I buried Mighty Mouse this evening and kissed him and looked to heaven and told him you would be there waiting for him. I love you little girl. I always will. My girl.

I'm awfully tired tonight or I would post in the other forum. I hope it's okay that I am putting this here, but I hope to give some hope for the other grieving moms and dads. I rescued a pregnant mommy two weeks ago and we have 10! puppies, almost two weeks old. They are doing great. I just have to find homes for mom and babes. I have two little love birds that a friend gave me and have 3 little chicks that are doing great. They kicked Mighty Mouse out of the nest several days ago and I hand fed and tried to help him live, but he died today. It broke my heart, but I rocked him in the rocking chair outside and let him feel the warm sunshine and held him in my hands. I kissed his little face and loved him for awhile and even though it hurts so, I loved him for awhile. That is what is important. Love again and keep the love in your heart -- show it to others and let the love live on.

I love you Hannah Boo. God bless all my old friends and all of you. My heart aches for you, but you will learn to love again and to share your love with those who need you so. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but you will.

19 Apr 2006
Two years ago today my little Hannah girl -- I remember that day the doctor gave you the shot to put you to sleep – I wanted to get the shot too. I remember putting your tiny little body into the ground -- I wanted to crawl in there with you.

There will never, ever be another you, Hannah – nobody will ever take your place. I still miss you with all my heart, and I think about you all the time. You are still the best part of me, and in my heart, my mind and my soul, you are with me always. One day, we will see each other again. I cannot wait to see you again, my little Hannie Annie O, my child. I love you, my little girl.

23 Dec 2005
My second Christmas without you, my little sweet Angel Hannah! I miss you so much still! I love you little tiny girl, my precious, precious little girl. There will never ever be another you, not ever, my one Hannah girl.

This is our last dance together,
Tonight soon will be long ago;
And in our moment of parting,
This is all I want you to know;

There will be many other nights like this,
And I’ll be standing here with someone new;
There will be other songs to sing,
Another fall, another spring,
But there will never be another you . . .

Yes, I may dream a million dreams,
But how can they come true?
If there will never be another you.

Lyrics by Mack Gordon
19 Aug 2005
My sweet most beautiful little girl Hannah, I miss you so very much. I love you little one girl.

And It Always Will Be
By Willie Nelson
Sometimes I think
That love is somewhere
Livin on an island all alone
I can see it in the darkness
I can feel it in the distance
And then its gone

And then I know that it is time
For me to go and find my favorite girl
Cause when I look into her eyes I see
All the love there is in all the world

And it always will be
And it always will be
And it always will be
It always will be

There are some things I think about
And every time I do it breaks my heart
And there is nothing I can do
About this lonliness I feel when we're apart
I stop and curse the darkness and the distance
And then your face I see
And when I look into your eyes I see
All the love there is inside of me

And it always will be
And it always will be
And it always will be
It always will be

And it always will be
And it always will be
And it always will be
It always will be
20 Jul 2005
July 22, 1988 - April 19, 2005
My beautiful little girl has been gone for fifteen long months now. I miss you my little bright-eyed beauty queen. Your 17th birthday would have been in two days -- July 22. Oh, how I wish you were still here with me! Sometimes I think about it, and I can't believe you're really gone. Nothing will ever be as good without you. There's always the underlying knowledge and sadness that you aren't here with me, so there will always be something missing in my life, nothing will ever be really right again because you aren't here. I love, love, love you, my best little girl in the world, and I miss you SO VERY MUCH.
(This is a picture of a very young Miss Hannah)
When you left, everyone said that time would heal the wound.
But time is a two-edged sword.
When you had been gone for a second, I was wild
And I held you to me trying to stop the clock.
If I could only make time stand still
Then you would yet be with me.

But I am not that powerful.
There are so many things I cannot control...
Your leaving, my grieving, time....

So time is my enemy.
Every second that goes by removes you even more.
You become farther away from me.
How am I to remember your breath, your touch?
How am I to remember your love?

With time’s heartless passage, though, the sting eases.
I am not sure that everyone is right,
That time heals the wound.
But time helps the edges to smooth a bit
And perhaps draw closer together.
My grief is not so raw any more.

So time is my friend.
Every second that goes by soothes my pain a little.
The shock moves farther away from me.
But, oh, how I miss your breath, your touch.
I still love you, and I want you back.

And though I am not powerful at all,
Though it seems I cannot control anything,
I slowly become aware of the truth about time.
It is neither enemy nor friend.
I cannot fight it or woo it.
It simply is. It passes, and it takes me along with it.

I touch what I can and remember what was.
Tears of loss flow, and they cross the smiles of memory.
Together, the tears and the smiles recall you.
And together, they tell me that you still love me, too.
I know now that time means nothing in the scheme of things.

Meaning comes only from the love we shared,
The bond we forged,
And though you are gone, the love and the bond are not.

So, even though time tries to rule me,
It fails.
I love you still, as you love me, and nothing can change that.
Not even time.
©Barbara Allen 2004
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