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I'm Irene and these are the animals I've lost over the years. Mandy our cross breed dog passed in Septmber 1996 aged 15, Zebedee, a beautiful bouncy GSD passed April 2006 aged 10. Dylan, a gorgeous cat passed in August 2008 aged 14 after long struggles swith illness.

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5 Jun 2010
For the first time in my entire life I haven't got any pets and it's horrible. My three year old GSD died in March and my 18 year old cat died last week. I've got to say I feel a huge, massive void at the moment. My cat was called Frank, and while his death was sudden, it really wasn't an easy passing. The vet nurse thought he may have suffered a brain hemorrhage when I described his symptoms to her, and apparently this isn't uncommon in old cats.

My dog Foxy was struck down with osteosarcoma, and we had her put to sleep when she stopped eating. Again this was a massive shock to us, as she was so young. Anyway, the last few days I have realy felt the need to get another dog, the only problem is, my DH thinks that it's too early and maybe we should wait a year or so when our two young children are a little older. I just feel like there is something missing from our house, and my DD who's two and a half misses Foxy and Frank just as much as I do. Just today we bumped into a friend of ours who was walking his GSD, and my DD ran up to the dog and hugged him tight and said, "I miss our doggy mummy". It really broke my heart.

So how do you know when it's time to get another? I'm not looking to replace what I've lost, I could never do that. I just that we could offer a dog a really good home.
24 May 2010
My 18 year old cat Frank died today. Despite his age it was a huge shock because apart from being a little thin and scruffy looking he was fine. It all happened very quickly, but it wasn't easy for him I won't go into details. One minute he was in kitchen with me scavenging bits of chicken as I was cooking the dinner, and the next minute he was gone. It hasn't hit me at all yet, I still feel numb. I've had Frank since I was 15 years old and he has outlived 3 dogs and another cat, I never really thought this day would come.

I feel guilty because I've not been able to cry yet, I feel like he's just outside and he'll be in any minute. So for the first in my life I've got no pets. It feels horrible.

Thanks for listening.

17 Mar 2010
mad.gif We live in a small cul de sac, we keep ourselves to ourselves, but some of our neighbours are just nosey! When we had Foxy, either myself or my DH would walk her twice daily, so I suppose we were a familiar sight to our curtain twitching neighbours.

Anyway, DH bumped in to our next door neighbour yesterday, who remarked that he hadn't seen Foxy for a while. So DH told him the sad news, and then my neighbour said,

"oh, a few of us thought you'd had her rehomed because of your children." What? A few of us!!! I'm first of all angry that they'd been speaking behind our backs, and secondly they thought we'd just had her rehomed just like that. Our children are very young, one is two and the other is just 6 months, but Foxy was the most gentle dog you'd ever seen. He then said,

"she didn't look ill". She was on crate rest for the last 5 weeks of her life, does he not believe us?

Some people just don't have a shred of sympathy in their bodies. Sorry I just needed to get that off my chest, I know you'll all understand how much his comments have got to me.

15 Mar 2010
Thank you all so much for the support that you've shown me over the last few weeks, during Foxy's sudden illness and her passing. I'm still grieving and miss her terribly but it's starting to get a little easier. Now the I'm feeling stonger I would like to share some pictures of my beautiful girl.

Attached Image
This is when she was a puppy.

Attached Image
This was Foxy and my DD when DD was a baby, she followed my DD everywhere.

Attached Image
This is just after she started to limp.

Attached Image
This is how I remember her, playing and chasing birds and squirrels.
6 Mar 2010
This is the first time I've been alone in the house since Foxy passed last Monday. My DH has taken our children to his mother's like he does every Saturday, but I usually have Foxy following me around keeping me company. I really didn't want to go and see my MIL because she's not an animal person so she doesn't get it at all, but I feel so alone in this house without my girl. I can definitely feel her presence but it's not the same.
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