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30 Oct 2012
Hi all,
It's been a while since I was here last. Thank you again for all your support when my Kayla passed. Unfortunately, I'm back. My Tyler cat passed away yesterday. I will post more when my internet and power come back on. We have been hit pretty hard by hurricane Sandy. I just needed to reach out to the only people I know who truly understand.
5 Sep 2011
Hi baby girl,

It's been nearly 4 months since I held you last and I still miss you fiercely. I was listening to some songs the other day and this one spoke to me. Remember how Daddy used to snatch you up and sing to you? Well, this one is from both of us.

"I thought you'd be out of my mind
And I'd finally found a way to live without you
I thought it was just a matter of time
'Til I had a hundred reasons not to think about you
But it's just not so
And after all this time
I still can't let go
I've still got your face
Painted on my heart
Scrawled upon my soul
Etched upon my memory, baby....
I was trying everything I can
To get my heart to forget you
But I just can't seem to
I guess it's just no use
In every part of me
Is still a part of you..."
-The Cult
"Painted on my Heart"

I love you princess girl!

26 Jul 2011
Hi all,

After reading through some of your posts I decided to be a bit of a copycat. This thread is going to introduce you to my baby boy, Tyler Michael.

In May 1999, I was packing lunches for my hubby and myself. Hubby walks up and asks me to put a baggie of cat food in his lunch bag. In my typical smart*** way I replied that we weren't that broke yet and he could have a sandwich. He then confessed that he and a co worker were feeding a stray cat on the loading dock in hopes of catching it, they were afraid she'd be hit by a tractor trailer.

Fast forward to June. The co worker had caught the cat and took her home. Turns out she was blind and pregnant. We discussed taking one of the kittens. I was apprehensive of Kayla's reaction and all of the remaining kittens were Orange male tabbies. As my Kissy had just died 4years previously I didn't want a cat that would look like him. But we went to the co workers house with our carrier and set it down in the room with the kittens. They were precious but again, I did NOT want an Orange male tabby. We decided to just head home empty handed.

When we picked up the carrier to leave, there was a kitten curled up sound asleep. We took him home.

To be continued...
6 Jun 2011
My beautiful Kayla,

Where do I begin? It's been 4 weeks since I helped you on your journey to God's garden. Not a day passes that I don't miss your small warm body on my lap, your inquisitive meows as if to say "whatcha doin mommy?", or your rumbling purr. You had such a big purr for a little girl.

December 30, 1995. That's the day you adopted me. I was at the shelter looking for a new baby to love. Your angel brother Bailey had died in October, and your angel brother Kissy had died on Christmas Eve. My heart was shattered. But you came and took it over and made it whole again. Thank you.

We had 15.5 years together filled with ups and downs. You were beside me every step of the way. I married your Daddy when you were 2 years old. When you were 4 we adopted your baby brother, Tyler. I think he misses you almost as much as I do. Your human brother came along when you were 8. I don't think you and Ty were too happy when my lap disappeared! But the lap came back and I believe you eventually came to love your brother without fur.

Sweetheart, I hope you know how much I love you.

12 May 2011
Good morning all,

As I sit here this morning as I do every morning enjoying a few moments of peace before the day begins, I find myself with an empty lap. That's where my baby girl would curl up every chance she got, savoring this time with me and me with her. This is the second morning since she's been gone....My other furbaby, Tyler is behind m head sprawled in HIS usual spot, but I can't help missing my 5lb bundle of purr.*sigh*

Peggy, thank you so much for your kind words last night. I wish I was half as articulate as you are. You must have a very kind and compassionate heart to be able to reach out to people as you do.

Thank you all for being here.

Shelby, aka kaylasmom
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I sure understand the need to scream. part of my problem is I'm kind of a private person, I'm usually the care-er, not the care-ee. Ty's doing better, thanks for asking. Virtual hug coming your way.
16 May 2011 - 17:58
I just looked at your profile and hope your tyler is going ok, and i'm sure your son will miss kayla, i hope you can grieve like you need to, i've been hiding in the back of the garage where my girl used to sit cos noone can see me howl, i wished i could scream yesterday, my heart goes out to you reading your story
15 May 2011 - 6:16


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