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30 years old
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Born June-13-1991
My pets, i have four dogs and 2 cats..I am a HUGE animal lover! My dogs and cats come before everybody else. they r the most important things in my life because they are always there for me to cry to and lean on. I plan on finding a career working with animals once i graduate!
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23 Aug 2008
this morning has been the worst by far! my older cat bud has been sleeping w/ me at night ever since we lost buttons because he is lonely. well as i woke up this morning he was sleeping right in my face like he usually does but he was awake b4 me and was just looking at me. well the way the sun was shining is my room it was shining right on his head. well i could have swore that he looked like buttons (i was still half asleep when i opened my eyes) so i closed my eyes again and opened them real fast to make sure i wasn't seeing things and then i realized that it was bud laying there. and the second i realized it my heart sank straight down to my feet! i feel like im crazy! because she had a certain meow that neither bud nor Delilah could make and i can be sitting on the computer or just doing something around the house and i can hear her meow for me.I miss my baby soo much. :[

here is a pic of my older cat bud.....
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you can tell that he looks
nothing like buttons but i still saw her face this morn
when i woke up :[
21 Aug 2008
Button Uttons

Attached Image

I'll be seeing you
In every lovely summer's day;
In every thing that's light and gay.
I'll always think of you that way.

I'll find you
In the morning sun
And when the night is new.
I'll be looking at the moon,
But I'll be seeing you.

You were my precious little baby and i will love you forever and always! You are greatly missed and never will b forgotten!
I miss everything about you! They way you would follow me around every where i went. They way you would get into everything, it just
feels so weird w/o having to look for everything because now that you are gone everything is exactly where i left it. I miss going into the
laundry room and having you sitting on top of the food box meowing at me to feed you! I love You buttons and i cant wait to be able to see
your beautiful face again!

R.I.P Buttons

*May 1, 2006 - August 20, 2008*
21 Aug 2008
yesterday morning was one of the hardest morning i have ever had to go through. i lost my 2 year old cat buttons to a freak accident. over night while we were sleeping she was playing with her ball on the island in our kitchen. on the island is an attached box like thing where we put our plastic bags. well she had dropped her ball into it and had stuck her head in the hole to get it out. she had done this many times and was able to get her head out of it. but for some reason she couldn't this time she struggle for a lil bit (the only reason we know this is because there are claw marks all on the side of the box) and then her paw slipped and she fell with her head still stuck in the box im guessing her neck broke and she died instantly or at least thats what i hope. its hard for me because i cant get the image of what probably happened outta my head. i keep thinking of her struggling and no one coming to help her. i keep thinking of holding her in my arms and balling my eyes out! i miss her like crazy im use to having her every morning rubbing on my legs when i get up and get ready for school and work. i miss hearing her meow and everything. i dont know what to do because i have no one to talk to. most people just say "its just a cat you will be fine" but she was more than just a cat to me she was like my baby! and we had to get a new kitten last night because of our older cat bud, or else he would grieve himself to death. but for some reason i cant even bring myself to touch the new cat because all i can think about is how much i dont want it all i want is my buttons back! and i feel terrible for thinkings this but i cant help it. i just miss her like crazy i dont know what to do i cant stop crying and everyone around me is thinking im stupid for being this upset.

i just cant stand not having her w/ me :'[

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