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51 years old
Chesaning, MI
Born Sep-13-1969
I love to be outdoors, boating, camping, fishing...which I always did with my beloved lab, Brutus. I miss him so much it's hard to breathe. I miss you my sweet boy!

I also enjoy bow hunting, snow skiing, bowling, tying flies. I love all animals and have two other rescue dogs, Radar (beagle/spaniel mix) and Tanga (rat terrier).

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3 Dec 2009
I thought this thread might be fun. Tell about yourself..whatever you feel comfortable posting on the web.

I am 29..11 years in a row now...no need for a calculator..lol. I am an Air Traffic Controller, my husband is as well but we are at different airports about 70 miles apart. I've been doing this job for 11 years now..only 9 1/2 until retirement! I've been married for 14 1/2 years and we met in college..hubbies name is Doug. We have no children of the human kind. We tried but I couldn't carry, I think that's one reason we are so close to our animals..they are my life. We love to be outdoors...camping, boating, fishing, bow hunting, snow skiing. I also like to tie flies, bowl, read, play piano (which I am not good at).

We have a weekend house that we go to on our days off...we are lucky we have basically the same schedule..it is near a lake..in the summer thats where we are as much as possible.

I am from Pittsburgh, PA..we moved to MI about 12 years ago. All my family is in PA and NC...so just me and the hubby up here.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. If you go to my profile there is a pic of me and Doug..It's nice to put a face with the name.

Anyhow I'd love to hear about you...and see a pic too if you've got one!
26 Nov 2009
Do you? Or something of the like? Say a new pet you've gotten reminds you of a pet that has went to the bridge? Like maybe a reincarnation or something? Or maybe you've seen your pet in a glimpse somewhere, like maybe they are still there in your home?

Another forum I belong to (a miniature horse forum, I used to have mini horses) had a topic about this just a couple weeks ago...it was more along the lines of a reincarnation thread, but some posted about "seeing" their pets who have passed...like a glimpse in the hallway or something.

I have prayed for that you know, as I'm sure lots of you have. Just a sign...a glimpse...something.

Something happened a couple days after Brutus left us, and until today I really didn't make the connection...or maybe I'm just crazy..or hoping.

My husband is a deer hunter and he has one of those deer cams set up by his stand that takes pictures when something of motion walks in front of it. It is only like 50 yards from our house...we live in the boonies...But anyway, I think I saw Brutus on it...I mean it was a black dog...appeared to be a lab and it was walking away from the camera...it was just his bum, not his face. Brutus would always try to follow Doug's scent back there, he loved to go behind the barn....

We had Brutus euthanized on Monday, the 16th of this month...immediately after, we came home and got our other two dogs, Radar and Tanga and we went up to our other house we bought about a month ago, it is about 80 miles from our home. It is our weekend home and near a lake that we...especially Brutus...loved. Anyways, we got our other two boys and went "up north"...we spent the next two and half days in a daze...so sad and crying for Brutus...we came home on Thursday afternoon, we went to work, which was just awful. The next morning, my husband Doug, went out to see the pics on his deer cam...he brought the photo card in the house and loaded it on his computer. Low and behold, sometime on Thursday evening/night (can't remember the exact time)...there was a dog on it...it was a black lab I swear and it was walking away from the camera. I stared at that photo for a long time and thought...just coincidence (sp?)...but today, I've come to the conclusion that maybe it wasn't...maybe it was my pooh-man telling me he is ok and and he waited for us to come home before he actually left...making sure we were Ok? We don't have any close neighbors and we never see dogs out here..so just maybe???? It's possible isn't it?

I've never seen a spirit, human form but that doesn't mean it doesn't exsist...I mean I believe in God and I don't see him/her either, so it's certainly possible, right? That is if you believe in that kind of stuff. Why wouldn't a dog soul be as strong, if not stronger than a humans? It's possible. Would a dog soul be captured on camera??? I certainly don't know any of the answers to these questions...but right now I'm thinking that was my pooh-man, my soul dog Brutus.

The photo is on my husbands laptap and he is at work right now...I'm hoping he didn't delete it (I just sent him a text to not delete any of those photos)...if he didn't I will post the picture when he comes home tonight.

Do you have any stories to share...sightings, anything? Please share, I would love to hear them. It gives me hope, hope for what I don't know...but it's hope.

Hugs to all,
Brutus' Mom,

23 Nov 2009
Let me start by saying, this is not like me to post my feelings on the web, but I know you will all understand what I am going through.

My name is Sonya and I was Brutus' Mom. Brutus passed last Monday by euthanasia, he would of being 13 yesterday. Brutus was a beautiful, huge (hence his name) black lab we've had since he was 3 months old. I've had just about any and every type of animal possible and I of course, loved them all...but Brutus was special in my heart. Brutus was what I hear alot refer to as your 'heart' dog...to me he was that and so much more, he was my 'soul' dog.

We had been through so much together..illnesses, sadness, troubled times and of course, tons of wonderful fun times. I knew this was coming, he was just so tired, and I thought I was prepared, but are you really ever prepared to lose a part of yourself? That's just what he was...a part of me...I feel empty, missing, and lost.

My husband had a very rough first couple days too, but he is improving...I however, feel like I'm getting worse. I know it's only been a week and time heels, but I miss him so much it is literally hard to breathe. I can't sleep, I barely eat, and I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life.

I hope in the next few days, I can tell you more about Brutus and all our times together, but I just can't right now. I did however write a poem...my first poem ever since probably grade school...it is on the memorial/tribute section if you would like to read it...I really poured my heart into it and it felt good to write it..and it feels good to share it.

I know you all know how I'm feeling or you wouldn't be here. Please forgive me if I don't post on anyone's topics right now, I just can't bear to. Hugs to all who are hurting.

I feel so lonely with out my Brutus, gosh I miss him so much. I don't know if I want to move forward or reverse time...all I know is I want my soulmate back.
23 Nov 2009
I lost my 13yr old black lab, Brutus, a week ago today. I am having a very difficult time with it. I've had many animals throughout my life that range from dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds..you name it I've had it. But never have I had an animal like Brutus. We had a very special connection. I wrote a poem the past couple days and finished it yesterday on his birthday. I am not an artsy type person, but it felt good to write it. I am no literary genius, just your average person who misses her dog so much it's hard to breathe. Anyhow I hope you like it, I framed it and it is on his shelf with his urn, pictures, 2nd fav toy (his fav went with him), his collar, and a candle. I will try to add a picture later. God I miss him so much.

Brutus Midnight Gunsmoke
11-22-96 to 11-16-09

My Soul Dog Brutus

There will never be another like you,
My Soul Dog that is true.

We could read each others mind, you and I,
What an honor to have you by my side.

I wish you didnít have to go away,
I wish you at my feet, where you would always lay.

There isnít a time I donít remember you there,
I miss you so much itís hard to bear.

Almost thirteen years ago we started our family,
Itís been a wonderful, full-filling journey.

Remember camping and canoeing in the backwoods?
I wish thatís something again we still could do.

You brought me back when I got us lost up north,
And how about that time at Muskegon fort?

Remember in Grayling, we all got stranded in the dunes?
Itís just not fair you have to leave us so soon.

Charity Island we did explore,
I wish we had time to do so much more.

Remember the Great Lakes and the U.P.?
God we had fun and lots we did see.

How about all those times at Hardy Dam?
We spent lazy days fishing and then we swam.

I will always remember these times so dear,
In my heart you will always be near.

You were my shadow, my rock, and my best friend,
You were loyal and loving to the very end.

We had a connection, you and I,
Iím sure one again I will never find.

I will never forget you, my Soul Dog Brutus, my dear friend,
I try to remember itís not really the end.

We will see each other again of that Iím sure,
When my time is done and I am no more.

ďBrutusĒ, I will call and I know you will come,
Together we can begin the journeys never done.
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